Thursday, March 19, 2020

savior machine (live in germany 1995)

clay - movement demo (1993/1994)

clay -movement demo

E.D.L. - "every day life" (demo 1994)

this one had me excited to no end when i first heard it.

the first track '90's warfare' is still probably my fave e.d.l. track with its metal backing, rapcore delivery, use of samples and death metal vocal howls.  sadly, they didn't use much of most of these elements in their following full length albums.

'look' appeared on their debut full length cd, but in a quite different version.
'flow' seems out of place at first, a funky lo-fi hip hop number. its good to have, but easy to see why it was left off of the debut.
'hunger' ends the tape strong...distorted vocals over a steady groove.

1. 90's warfare
2. look
3. flow
4. hunger
Included as a bonus: the early and rare track from the 'noize compilation' unreleased elsewhere...
"the couch"
*requested reap

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

various - Cum On Feel The Noize Vol.1 & 2 (Brise-Cul-Records 2003-2005)


1–Spit+SmudgeNuclear Assault3:14
3–Clew Of TheseusLizzy Borden1:57
4–Foutredieu!!!Iron Maiden3:13
5–Rotten PieceJudas Priest4:01
6–Pop Culture Rape VictimEurope10:21
7–Praying GodsAnvil4:33
9–Never Presence ForeverCaustic Affliction4:13
10–Human Is FilthSiege4:15
11–Luasa RaelonVenom2:50
12–Black Sand DesertQuiet Riot5:30
15–Sounds Of HorrorNapalm Death3:02

1 –Frank & The S.E.M.M. Death Angel
2 –A Fail Association Gothic Slam
3 –Maim At War
4 –Habeeb DRI
5 –Cock E.S.P. The Rods
6 –The Rita Sodom
7 –Bacillus Anthrax
8 –Wapstan Celtic Frost
9 –Facialmess Hanoi Rocks
10 –Stimbox Motley Crue
11 –Agit8 Mortal Sin
12 –Pechuga Candlemass
13 –Oak Samhain
14 –Okha Manowar
15 –W.I.T. (2) Sod
16 –The Cherry Point Thor
17 –The Seven Arts Poison
18 –Seplophobia Corpse
19 –Xome Def Leppard
20 –Nkondi W.A.S.P.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

vomir- "maisonbruitarchive" 4xcd (Victimology Rec. ‎2011)

1-1 Inutile 13:25
1-2 Rien 03:10
1-3 Vide 17:11
1-4 Untitled 06:38
1-5 Encore 22:43
1-6 Untitled 09:01
2-1 Balzac 28:21
2-2 Silence666 01:07
2-3 Balzac (Alternate Mix) 27:40
2-4 Meurs 09:30
2-5 France Lucifer 06:04
3-1 Con Chie Culture 23:05
3-2 Untitled 08:34
3-3 Untitled 18:24
3-4 Momifié Harshwall 07:10
3-5 Momifié Blast 02:18
3-6 Momifié Harshwall 2 09:56
4-1 L'Autre Cote Du Mur 23:12
4-2 Untitled 26:17
4-3 Fillettestatic 1 10:28
4-4 Fillettestatic 2 10:31

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ghost - "Trespass" (2012 cranial vulnus)

nearly 7 years later, thanks again to GHOST for this release.  

4 great textural untitled tracks in .flac format as intended

trespass mp3

Monday, November 11, 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019

WNA compilation #3 (WNA 2012)

volume 3

To-BoBlood Session Part 416:30
AtaraxyNo Ideas10:00
Inanition (2)Rejection Comfort18:17
Sleep ColumnRape Love18:41
Raven (38)Short Fuse10:00
Thirst For ConsumptionTrue Indian Noise Wall10:10
Frustration SmileThe Girls In The Theater Under The Cocaine13:01
Nihilistic DelusionNecroholocaust10:01
Light CollapseFfs219:17
Shine LethargyProfundity Of Dreams18:32
Rectal ModeFlux11:49
Basement BurialSudden Death10:29
Tortured Screams In The WallsRotted Wall10:38
Disgorged FaecesGuillotine10:45
Demiurge UrizenWhore19:12

vomir-- claustration (at war with false noise 2007)


lycia-cold (projekt 1996)


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

various artists- AWAITING THE DAWN (velvet empire 1998)

this compilation, like nearly everything released on Velvet Empire, was a real quality treat.
the track selection here was overwhelmingly fantastic.
the artwork was stellar (provided by brett smith of Caul), the music was excellent as well, most tracks being exclusive to this compilation. also of note: this is one of two compilations which inspired the birth of the ambient cult of jester side project Skotoma, the author of which now recognizes this track as a Skotoma piece.
additionally, cadence(an embryonic a hymn for her) makes an appearance here with an edited track (back then cds could only hold 74 minutes) which later became A Hymn for Her. i have included the original track in its entirety here as well, in the way in which it was intended, from the only cadence release on cdr from 1997 which was limited to just 25 copies. there are plans to remix and otherwise treat those old recordings for re-release with new tracks in 2009 by a hymn for her.

AWAITING THE DAWN offers a wide array of ambient and its alternate forms.
please do enjoy.

1 Caul -Silver Shining, Brightly Gleaming (3:19)

2 EnGrave -Deep Cavern Unit (7:20)

3 Cradle->Grave -You Are Of The Broadest Skies (6:14)

4 Bonescan -Doctrine Of Vanities (4:08)

5 Firmament -Forgiven Frost (7:00)

6 Thymikon -The Mystic Mother (4:29)

7 Cadence (pre-a Hymn for Her) -...Nothing (I Am Lowly)[velvet empire edit] (6:02)

8 The Reclusive Cypher -Love Of Discoveries (3:00)

9 In A Lonely Place -This Pain (3:56)

10 Steve Scott -Nervous System (4:10)

11 True Colour Of Blood -Hovering Under The Deep (5:26)

12 Caul -The Abyss Of The Infinite Light Divine (6:04)

13 Cult Of Jester(ed finkler/Skotoma)-John Carpenter (7:37)

14 Frolic -Skin (5:00)

Monday, July 8, 2019

a hymn for her - videre in somnis (2003 alOne productions)

1. a life has passed on
2. in absence of faith
3. deceptions from the ravaged heart
4. in absence of courage
5. tot.
6. a whisper (she gives to me cold answers in the snow)
7. no one will pull the trigger for you
8. the harrowed queen
9. next time it will be different/riven
10. susurration (i am not a god)
11. my lovely, i am still falling
12. there was felt a dead breath
13. ...these frozen shards of blood

a hymn for her discography:

(as CADENCE)-"Cold expressions of Dismay" (a.i.musick-split w/twitch) CD (1997)
"life is..."(unreleased)
"the silence" (alOne 2000) CD
"noir ambiant"(2001)
"split with jorge castro"(aborted)
"for all the mechanized dolls" (video 2002)
"for jed and lennie" ltd.ed. 1 wedding gift 3" cdr
"beautiful death"(2003 alOne productions)
"videre in somnis"(2003)
"so now then (anaphylaxis) remix album"(on hold 2003)
"...when god stopped caring"(2004)
"Music for Convulsive Therapy" (2005) cdr ltd.ed. of 1(for lyndi)
"the marriage of beauty & blood" forthcoming cd (begun in 2005
"deathbed" 3"cdr (private edition 2007)
"in a fragile state" (collection of previously unreleased tracks) (forthcoming mp3 release 2012)

Compilation Appearances:

 "awaiting the dawn" (as cadence) (velvet empire/flaming fish music- 1997)
"in darkness my heart was won" (Dieiatra- 2000)
"electro static amplification" (Mannequin Oddio- 2003)
"Voices and Machines" (Mannequin Oddio Media- 2003)

me, myself & i "overstimulated" (remix ep One Man Show- 2002)
anaphylaxis- "all yours" (remix cd) aborted project -tracks later uploaded to the web

Thursday, June 27, 2019

various artists - "The Celsius Effect" (1998 Seppuku Records)

REQ reup (6/27/19)


The Celsius Effect was put together by Joseph Kopnick of Killing the Old Man with help from Flaming Fish Music and is one of the more varied compilations to be released in the underground. There are a mix of styles here: industrial, goth rock, acoustic alternative, synthpop, and even a touch of experimental. There is a mix of well-known bands and exciting brand new acts. And there is a mix of familiar tracks and previously unreleased ones.

Massivivid's popular "A Hand Brushed by Tired Eyes" is slotted in as track number one. The energetic guitars, untreated melodic vocals and electro percussion make for a tight industrial rock groove. (available on the Massivivid demo album)

Next up is easy electro listening with Pivot Clowj's "Siamese". The band's trademark soft, sullen voice blankets the steady stream of electro sequencing and light ambient synth touches. Another great track from this rising band. (previously unreleased)

Dies Domini makes its very first appearance with "Hate". The repetitive guitar rhythym drags on for most of the song is only augmented by bits of hard chord strikes. The deeper, retro vocals are different from the other goth bands I've heard and stick to a pretty narrow range. The result is a long song that is hard to sit all the way through. (previously unreleased)

After that, things shift gears again with The Way Sect Bloom's acoustic electro-pop piece "Effloresce". The reverb on the melodic vocals is pretty cool and the positive message is refreshing to hear. (available on The Way Sect Bloom -Effloresce album)

If you like acoustic guitar songs, then "Coin" by newcomer Lost is sure to please. Like the WSB track, "Lost" treats the melodic, easy singing with echoing distortion. Fans of Mike Knott and other acousitc alternative acts should enjoy this fine song. (available on Lost - Deathscapes and Breakdowns album)

Track number six is Tempestuous All's "Clarion". No the 30 seconds is not a manufacturing defect (I asked) but rather a tease. The real "Clarion" is found playing backwards as track number 18. You can load the song into your computer and reverse it to hear it the way it was intended. (previously unreleased)

Killing the Old Man's "Chance and Change" starts off a string of hits on the compilation. It's experimental with dark whispers and strange guitar noises yet has enough structure keep you interested. A creative song from a talented band. (available on the Killing the Old Man - Dementia 13 album)

Cybershadow's "Social Conditioning" undergoes yet another remix, this time being described as onlysocialinthedarkmix. The result is an awesome dance electro track mixed with dark ambient that sounds very different from the original except for the vocals, which are pushed through the second half of this lengthy nine minute track. (previously unreleased)

Rusted Pig wins the "best new band" award with their impressive "Control". No this is not a cover of the popular Abstain debut song, but rather some killer dark electro noise. Pounding bass beats, mechanical percussion, a distorted synth line and whispered vocals blend seamlessly together. The second half of the song plays around with the tempo of these elements and the vocal delivery. (previously unreleased)

If that's not enough to satisfy your industrial cravings, then the double whammy of globalwavesystem's hit "Smog" and Autovoice's incredible "The Perfect Solution" may be enough to knock you off your feet. Two great dark electro tracks from two of the hottest industrial bands in the scene today. (the gws song is available on the Full Frontal Lobotomy compilation and the Autovoice song is from the A Living Death album)

Internal Empty likes to make a nuissance of himself on compilations and tries it again with "El Abba". More experimental mechanical rumblings from this purveyor of noise, but this one's bearable and a bit like Human Knot Farm. (exclusive to this compilation)

And that's not all there is to the compilation. Track 22 is a cool hidden bonus track, but when I asked around who was behind it peoples lip's were sealed. I thought it was obvious who it is but I was wrong.

Overall, this is a pretty good compilation with more variety than most other compilations being marketed towards industrial/goth fans. There are no flops though there certainly are some tracks I will be listening to more frequently than others, namely the KtOM, Cybershadow, Rusted Pig, globalwavesystem and Autovoice string of hits. Now If I could just figure out how to record the Tempestuous All track in my computer so I can reverse it I'd be even more pleased with this fine compilation.
(ed: i did this and included it in this dl)
--Richard Maaranen