Saturday, May 27, 2017

Merzbow - "floating eloy in stereo"

this is merzbow's half of the 'balance' cd with ladybird, this time in stereo and containing only merzbow's work. not released.

Friday, May 26, 2017

ELEVEN (fear of faith) - "frustration" (self 1996)

one of my fave bands (Fear of Faith) during a transitional period.
1. why should we?
2. never
3. inside
4. undone
5. grieve
6. this momentary affliction
Review from ballistic test zine:

This six-song tape is the fourth album for a trio of guys formely known as Fear of Faith and who now reside under the moniker of Industry Eleven. While I did enjoy the terminal velocity and ferocity of the FoF sound, Frustration finds the band searching for their own identity, whereas the former entity was somewhat of a novelty.
First, the guitars are a notch lower on the speed gauge. The chainsaw-like guitars are now razor sharp instead of just a blur of noise which makes catching the grooves and riffs a lot easier. The monstor rhythm in "Why Should We", for example, is a sound that often plays out in my head at unexpected times of the day and one I immediately associate with this band.
Second, the band attempts to integrate a degree of melody into their sound through the vocals and synths. The heavily distorted vocals seem less harsh but are certainly still quite angry and bitter. The delivery is predominately in the form of yells or screams but there are a few moments of actual singing. I find myself being able to better empathize with the extreme emotional turmoil and strife the band is venting in their lyrics. On the surface, Eleven may appear to be wrought with nothing but gloom and doom. However, the listener can find hope buried in the sand if they are willing to dig for it. The angelic imagery that appears in the insert is one bit of evidence.
Dark ambient synths and pulsating electro percussion also help to distinguish Eleven from other cookie-cutter death/thrash metal bands. For example, the ambient synths accentuate the somberness of "Grieve", while on "Never" synthetic machine-gun fire percussion accelerates the pace. It's all nicely done and makes things more interesting to listen to.
This album has quite a few things going for it. Production is solid. It comes with two interchangable cover inserts that share a common gold, white, silver, and black colour scheme. You can choose to have a stern, intimidating face staring back at you or or an ethereal angel beckoning your spirit. Three of the songs here are not available on the band's 1997 CD release which is another reason why you might want to track down this tape. Frustration is a bitter metal album with a silver electro lining.

--Richard Maaranen

fear of faith - "blind" (1995 running dog records)

fear of faith took a left turn here...but a VERY good (and VERY interesting) one.
without a proper box to put this in, let me just say, i've never heard anything like it.  another reason why FoF was one of my fave bands.

1. dying for one    4:21
2. blind                 4:57
3. withdrawn         5:26
4. i and those        3:38

from the original post:

fear of faith was so exceedingly awesome...i'm tempted to re-rip some tapes and repost...
i feel like the very lucky duck who got a copy of this particular release (thanks to andy/running dog)
far different from the early speed/death fear of faith stuff and also the later 'more conventional' industry XI stuff...this shit here is great in its own right.  one of the few cases where we find a strange juxtaposition...making for some great ends.
hard as can be...softly...#1.

here's a very old review from ballistic test zine....
"A year after knocking the socks off the metal and industrial underground crowds with their two extreme industrial-metal demos Dredge and Tension, Fear of Faith released their third demo, Blind, with a surprising change in style. Gone are the blazing guitars and hard-hitting percussion, while the harsh, distorted vocals and liberal use of voice samples remain relatively untouched. In comes mostly melodic acoustic guitars, minimal use of electric guitars, and a deliberate vocal attempt to convey a greater range of emotion, albeit still behind a guise of distortion.There are four songs here: the title track "Blind", "Withdrawn", which was featured on the Electro Shock Therapy compilation, "I and Those Who Were", and "Dying for One". The easy-listening, mellower music and the harsher vocals provide a stark contrast, but the band effectively turns them into complementary elements instead of the expected conflict or mismatch. The four songs sound rather alike with similar guitar progressions and vocals but this is hardly a problem as the melodies the guitars emanate are quite nice. The song I like best off Blind is "Dying for One", with its cool industrial underlayer of mechanical pistons and bass rumblings.
On one hand, FoF may have lost some fans of their early material with this relatively tame, metal-free release. On the other hand, their creativity and ability to progress musically beyond the confines of an industrial-speed-metal approach earn them greater respect. As it is, Blind is the most distinctive and accessible of the band's three demos.

--Richard Maaranen"

fear of faith - 'dredge' (1994 running dog)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

fear of faith - "tension" (1994 running dog)

one of my favorite bands -----ever..... too bad they never got the production values and studio time they definitely deserved...

*the band DID go on (if only for a little while)... it morphed into Eleven and then Industry XI, producing one demo and one full length pro-cd which i carried in my old distro a.i.musick.... it was all quite good i must admit, but a different animal from fear of faith...*

fear of faith- 'tension' cassette:

The Killing // Discontent // Void // Tension // Rage

Noiseman433 - "Rrose Sélavy" (2002 23 productions)

Dynamic electronics and harsh distortion manipulated to create deep layers of NOISE. Excellent release, featuring artwork by Theresa Behnen.

1 "l"
2 "h"
3 "o"
4 "o"
5 "q"
6 "!"

noiseman433 - "the US as i see it" (2003 snip-snip)

"13 Tracks for 13 Colonies"

(snip-snip #11)


noiseman433 - "tattooed headsman" (2002 I.N.K. recordings

cassette limited to 50 copies
noiseman433 needs to stage a return. kick ass harsh noise derived from unusual/unexpected sources.
noiseman433...a notch above.

A1 Tattooed Headsman 2:09
A2 Rimur 10:22
A3 Dolgthrasir 4:13
A4 Breithox 10:38

B1 "Lay Of The Dwarf I" 5:56
B2 Heiti Og Kenningar 3:33
B3 Hamfarir 6:58
B4 Brisingamen 6:07
B5 Tattooed Headsman (Collage/Remix) 5:59

Monday, May 15, 2017

various artists - "alt.noise" (1997 SWITCH)

big deep buckets of thanks to Jsn from SIGNALBLEED for sending me this cd :)


1 Incapacitants  - Oak Tree Burnt Out In The Forest Of Securities 5:03
2 K2  - Naught Nausea Of Navvy 5:41
3 Merzbow  - Morbid Angelfish 6:39
4 Exist  - Mark Of The Cane (V.2) 3:04
5 Gizz TV & Walker & Himadri  - E12st Jam 5:11
6 Namanax  - Aquanax 5:59
7 Government Alpha  - Critical Condition 4:23
8 Tropism  - Osaka Gangstas 5:39
9 Huren  - Stillbirth 6:59
10 Two Assistant Deputy Ministers  - Necromulroney Pt. 2 (The Death Of Brian) 2:04
11 Macronympha  - Sharp & Curious Cohesion 4:47
12 Cazzodio  - Uccidi Un Soldato Della Folgore 1:58
13 PFD  - Mulata 3:27
14 Deutsch Nepal  - Tender Lover 3:16
15 Orphx  - Paraphase 3:40
16 Infant Cycle - Dance Mix 3:16
17 NYB  - Vanilla Vice