Sunday, September 29, 2013

fear of faith - "blind" (1995 running dog records)

fear of faith took a left turn here...but a VERY good (and VERY interesting) one.
without a proper box to put this in, let me just say, i've never heard anything like it.  another reason why FoF was one of my fave bands.

1. dying for one    4:21
2. blind                 4:57
3. withdrawn         5:26
4. i and those        3:38

from the original post:

fear of faith was so exceedingly awesome...i'm tempted to re-rip some tapes and repost...
i feel like the very lucky duck who got a copy of this particular release (thanks to andy/running dog)
far different from the early speed/death fear of faith stuff and also the later 'more conventional' industry XI stuff...this shit here is great in its own right.  one of the few cases where we find a strange juxtaposition...making for some great ends.
hard as can be...softly...#1.

here's a very old review from ballistic test zine....
"A year after knocking the socks off the metal and industrial underground crowds with their two extreme industrial-metal demos Dredge and Tension, Fear of Faith released their third demo, Blind, with a surprising change in style. Gone are the blazing guitars and hard-hitting percussion, while the harsh, distorted vocals and liberal use of voice samples remain relatively untouched. In comes mostly melodic acoustic guitars, minimal use of electric guitars, and a deliberate vocal attempt to convey a greater range of emotion, albeit still behind a guise of distortion.There are four songs here: the title track "Blind", "Withdrawn", which was featured on the Electro Shock Therapy compilation, "I and Those Who Were", and "Dying for One". The easy-listening, mellower music and the harsher vocals provide a stark contrast, but the band effectively turns them into complementary elements instead of the expected conflict or mismatch. The four songs sound rather alike with similar guitar progressions and vocals but this is hardly a problem as the melodies the guitars emanate are quite nice. The song I like best off Blind is "Dying for One", with its cool industrial underlayer of mechanical pistons and bass rumblings.
On one hand, FoF may have lost some fans of their early material with this relatively tame, metal-free release. On the other hand, their creativity and ability to progress musically beyond the confines of an industrial-speed-metal approach earn them greater respect. As it is, Blind is the most distinctive and accessible of the band's three demos.

--Richard Maaranen"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

towering Breaker/BBBlood - "collab/split" (2007 Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings)

you're gonna be surprised!
ltd.ed. of 100
1 Towering Breaker - BT Never Expected TB
2 BBBlood - Misty Path Of Needles
3 Towering Breaker & BBBlood - Bumbreaker


Saturday, September 7, 2013

new society - "evil age" (1995 Roman Recordings)

New Society's ginormous career spans decades and genres (though criminially unnoticed)...but i doubt anyone can deny that the mid-90's were a sweet spot for the band.  this----evil age--- originates from that period.  included are 2 unsolicited remixed tracks by twitch, (who was to die out just a few years later, chiefly due to a record label and deal with (un)said label)

1. repent (twitch mix)
2. murderous
3. evil age
4. g.i. joe
5. chains of hell
6. place of evil
7. joy
8. black day
9. voice of satan
10. world (intro)
11. world
12. cry
13. king of all kings
14. king of all kings (twitch remix)
15. smash
16. free will
17. rush
18. clinton shuffle
19. angel
20. abortive
21. combat 6
22. repent

Friday, September 6, 2013

new society - "children of the beast" (1992 roman recordings)

there is a notable step forward here...

Side A:
children of the beast
guilty (remix)
seeing nothing yet
seperation (rough mix)
with faith
the masses
follow the chant (reversion)
world order (world domination)
little man idea

Side B:


various artists - "OHRENSCHMALZ" (1991 Unclean Production)

Compiled & Edited By Oliver Strahl.
Limited to 999 copies.

A1 Unclean Prod. – Introduction
A2 Human Flesh – Hymn For A Dark Future
A3 Mental Destruction – Metamorphoses
A4 Sigillum S – Cancer Upon Focus
A5 Mental Measuretech – Turtle Recall
A6 Nightmare Lodge – Il Tocco Pneumatico
A7 Brighter Death Now – Death Appeal
A8 Masonna – Like A Vagina 90
B1 Controlled Bleeding – Fat Hacker Pt. 1-3
B2 Phallus Dei – Masturbation Overkill
B3 Merzbow – No 3-10 Max
B4 Genocide Organ – Und Sie Hatten Noch Die Frechheit Zu Weinen