Sunday, June 30, 2013

militia/con-dom - "scorched earth policy" split (2002 old europa cafe)

originally released in 1995, on the same label, as a cassette.
1Con-DomAll Is Fair In Love And War (6:20)
2Con-DomPower Is Nothing Without Control (1:51)
3Con-DomTotally Devoid Of Faith (5:06)
4Con-DomPurge II (Victory To The Goddess) (5:11)
5Con-DomUtterly Devoid Of Faith (2:38)
6Con-DomButchers Call To Arms (6:24)
7Militia Volkslied (2:00)
8Militia Zege Hymne (11:04)
9Militia Omoucinu (5:21)
10Militia Dresden (3:10)
11Militia Reveille (5:38)
12Militia Glockenspiel (Live Version) (6:46)
13Militia Necronomicon (Live Version) (4:35)


Friday, June 21, 2013

orbital confluence (neurec 2000)

Recorded: 1981 - 2000
This CD was published in conjunction with a benefit concert
supporting people who suffered from the Hanshin Awaji earthquake in 1995.
Quite the beautiful 3-way indeed.

1. Aube - Sonority Area (sound source=glass) 25:30
2. Nagisa Nite - The True Sun 15:33
3. Nagisa Nite - The True World 8:37
4. Naoki Zushi - 1999: Albedo 16:14
5. Naoki Zushi - Kobito 4:16


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

various artists - "ballistic test error" (1997 flaming fish music/ballistic test productions)

considering that the tape tore from the spool & i had to open the plastic casing, cut & reassemble the cassette & then rip, i sincerely hope someone appreciates my effort.  Even more i would love for someone else who has this tape to make their own (alternate) rip. i'd be thrilled to post it here. 

old (and quite naive) review from btzine:

track listing:
Bonescan - Out of the Grave // Signal Bleed - Unidentified: Specimen 1 // Fester - Leashed // White Trash Inc. - Gun Rack for My Pick-Up (Live) // Weltwasher - Bart's Nightmare // Powerlab - Jerusalem 2000 // Anaphylaxis - Furnace (A Well-Oiled Machine) // Twitch - Blame (Frail Pre-Mix) // Dendrography - Kinderscopic Transfiguration
Out on the fringes of the musical universe there is an industrial subgenre known as experimental/noise. Consisting mostly of samples of various machinery, unusual electronic effects, and minimal, heavily distorted vocals, this is industrial music in its purest, most literal form.On this installment of the Ballistic Test series, the listener is treated to a sampling of eight up-and-coming experimental/noise bands. While not as diverse as genre big guns Blackhouse or Mental Destruction, the bands here are impressive nonetheless. Personal favorites include Bonescan's ethereal "Out of the Grave," "Gun Rack For My Pick-up", a live recording by White Trash Inc., and Powerlab's "Jerusalem 2000," which features some interesting chanting. Other notable tracks include Weltwasher's "Bart's Nightmare," which features dance beats and samples from "The Simpsons" TV show, and "Furnace (A Well-Oiled Machine)" by Ananphylaxis, which sounds just like its title.
While this strange sound may not be for everyone, the bands on Ballistic Test Error provide a good starting point for those interested in the experimental/noise sound.

--James McGinnis

stimbox - "between eugene and victoria" (2006 L. White Records)

excellent harsh noise from american pedal king STIMBOX.

Monday, June 17, 2013

TEF/GOAT - "SPLIT" (2006 dadadrummingphilosopyshop)


A. Goat – Psalm 58        5:01
B. t.e.f.– Untitled           3:39

Limited to 300 copies

Various ‎– "Masters Of The Scene: The Definitive ABBA Tribute" (2003 Nihilist)

while i suspect the motives behind this creation tended towards a dubious motive and indeed perhaps many of the contributions were examples of the spirit of irony...i assure you, i post this with nothing but a genuine love for all things ABBA and their timeless music.    that being said, this compilation is supremely awesome because of the skill, talent, insight, ingenuity, inventiveness and experimental spirit brought to it by all artists involved, of course.
its a wonderfully diverse ride.

1. Canned Hamm – Does Your Mother Know
        Featuring – Hamster Hamm 2:47
2. Sockeye – Take A Chance On Me 2:33
3. Kazumoto Endo – Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) 4:50
4. Vertonen – The Name Of The Game 2:38
5. Evil Moisture – One Night In Bankok 0:53
6. Ungrateful Deadbeats – SOS 4:07
7. Ski-Mask & The Bucketmen – My Mama Said 3:13
8. Absorb – Super Trooper 3:56
9. Guilty Connector – Rock Me 2:31
10. I & Makoto – Eagle 3:17
11. irr. app. (ext.) – Knowing Me Knowing You 6:41
12. Wäldchengarten – Thank You For The Music 0:43
13. Brain Transplant – Under Attack 1:16
14. Foamula – Chiquitita 4:35
15. Spider Compass Good Crime Band – S.O.S 3:51
16. Body Tong – Many Many Many 4:10
17. The Rib – Lay All Your Love On Me 4:23
18. Wounded Head – Abbacadabba 2:13
19. Plastic Crimewave Sound – Watch Out 4:32
20. Sudden Infant – Voulez Vouz 2:53
21. Gunshop – ---...--- 3:30
22. Viki – Do You Really Know Me? 2:27
23. Julia Sets – Waterloo 2:33
24. Methypnox – Soldiers 3:23


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cornucopia Interprets Mystery Hearsay ‎– "Mezcla Cuerpos Misterios y Rumores" (2003 Zeromoon)

mini cdr limited to lnly 50 copies. later released as free mp3 by the label.

this one finds Cornucopia experimenting nearer the beginning of the second era, that is to say, it isn't the one man harsh noise assault it started off as, but something rather different completely.  not quite to the ambient places they would go, this is some intriguing noise that will keep you listening, not out of its sheer brutality, but wondering just what story is being told, how it unfolds, and how it will masterfully shape-shift next.  an excellent composition here indeed.


Maim, Romance, Ahlzagailzehguh, Impregnable - "4-way split" (2004 Callow God)

2xc-10. edition of 100.
the insert reads "this is a war. you will be destroyed." seems appropriate.

D. Ahlzagailzeguh - nothing works in the sides
C. Impregnable - summer's picking
B. Maim - insignificant remnant
A. Romance - keeping secrets

Droughter / Body Collector - "s/t" (2007 Phage Tapes)

cd1: droughter - mongrel
cd2: body collector - on her throne

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

anhedonia - "stress" (self 2001)

*not actual cover*
*if i recall correctly, the original cover was just a white panel w/artist and title*
self-released cd-r EP
i really regret not ripping this at a higher quality, still, not bad at all.
contains elements of thrash, industrial metal, hardcore, w/ various vocal approaches from clean yells to deathy growly grunt stuff, occasionally lightly effected.
just listened a couple of times...for the first time since i got it back in college & enjoyed it more than i remembered.


luti-kriss - 5ep (2000 pluto records)

amazing debut ep from Luti-Kriss.
after a full-length on tooth-n-nail they changed their name to norma jean and well...quite frankly, damn neary everyone knows the story from there... full on metalcore...ish stars.

this e.p. sounds like nothing after it and that is certainly a treat rather than a bad thing.  here on this e.p. in particularly tracks 1 and 5 we are treated to track so reminiscent of various eras of the deftones (one of my all time faves, track one is very reminiscent of first era) that even the fan might not be able to tell the difference.  a rap-core sensibility is felt in other places...alongside the screaming metal of releases to come.  fans of the new would probably love this and folks who don't really dig on norma jean may very well like this a great deal as well. tremendous little piece of plastic this.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unter Null - "sick fuck" (2005 alfa matrix)


taint - "...i'm a whore" (2002 pacrec/troniks)

ltd.ed. 40

"This is probably the rarest of all PACrec "business card" CD-R's, seeing as it was released strictly for Taint's performance at the Deadly Actions V festival in France back in November of 2002, and copies of the release (which is limited to a mere 40 numbered pieces) were only available at the show. Out of nowhere one showed up in my mailbox as a gift, so I must thank those behind such a gracious act! "...I'm a Whore" offers up just over four minutes of earsplitting power electronics with a truly aggressive assault of bare bones harsh noise as its backdrop. I take that back, the bare bones harsh noise is actually the foreground, as crunching distortion, piercing feedback, and chaotic vibrations crush forth while heavily manipulated vocal shouts go to work in the distance. There's actually some diversity at hand as well, because while the overall delivery is consistent, there are some noticeable shifts from time to time, mainly in the level of sheer brutality that's laid out on the table. Very nice. The CD-R comes in a small plastic sleeve with a full color sticker on the front showing a young girl with a black eye and a torn dress. The sticker on the back is all text and provides the dates and location of the festival, etc. Tacked to the corner of the sleeve is a Taint pin (a hand carrying a boxcutter), and folded up inside the sleeve is a small flyer for the show, which also featured Schloss Tegal,, and Operation Cleansweep, among others. All in all this is an excellent release, and one of the best for PACrec, standing out both musically and on the packaging front. Good work. (8/10)"


Mike Patton - "adult themes for voice" (1996 tzadik)

this cd is spastic. [ in the best way ]
 ***SHAME ON YOU if you didn't buy it!***
  a major shock for fans of his more 'popular' mainstream work.
a real treat for the undie sorts, the curious, the industrial slag and (in waiting) noiseheads.
one would hope...from this point on... folks would check out everything else patton has been involved in....its all GREAT.

1Wuxiapian (2:10)
2"I Killed Him Like A Dog... And He Still Laughed" (0:55)
3Smog (0:44)
4Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph (1:49)
5Robot Sex (Neon) (0:25)
6Screams Of The Asteroid (0:56)
7Robot Sex (B/W) (0:17)
8Porno Holocaust (1:01)
9Inconsolable Widows In Search Of Distraction (3:10)
10"Hurry Up And Kill Me... I'm Cold" (0:08)
11Man Alone In Steambath (1:07)
12Guinea Pig 1 (0:34)
13Guinea Pig 2 (1:28)
14Guinea Pig 3 (0:18)
15Guinea Pig 4 (1:43)
16A Woman With The Skin Of The Moon (0:40)
17A Lizard With The Skin Of The Moon (1:43)
18Catheter (1:19)
19"Fix It So The Bruises Don't Show" (1:21)
20Robot Sex (Water Colors) (0:25)
21Ceremony Of Senses, An Alibi In The Red Light District (0:42)
22Butterfly In A Glass Maze (2:19)
23Pajama Party Horror (0:57)
24A Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl (2:39)
25The One Armed Vs. 9 Killers (1:20)
26Pillow Bitter (2:48)
27Raped On A Bed Of Sand (1:51)
28Violence (2:17)
29Red Mouth, Black Orgasm (0:27)
30Wuxiapian Fantastique (0:17)
31A Smile, A Slap In The Face, A Fart, A Kiss On The Mouth (0:28)
32Private Lessons On Planet Eros (0:36)
33"Pneumonia With Complications" (0:17)
34Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust) (4:54)

Monday, June 10, 2013

gelsomina / nkondi ‎– "sunsetboulevard" (2006 dollfullofrivets)

Gelsomina: Dedicated to Billy Wilder
Nkondi: Dedicated to California

1. Gelsomina – Dead Monkey Upstairs 7:40
2. Nkondi – Methodwhore 9:26
3. Gelsomina – Title For Tango 5:19
4. Nkondi – Everyoneagainst 6:10
5. Gelsomina – Killing Yourself To An Empty Stage 9:23
6. Nkondi – Hollywoodorchidmask 11:09

Sunday, June 9, 2013

the cherry point & ahlzagailzehguh - "split" (2004 Troniks)

A........ Ahlzagailzehguh – Smothering Mask 9:39
B........ Cherry Point, The – Blood Dolphin 9:56

Edition of 24.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Vårtgård - "Dråp" (2006 Knull Kassetter)

side a:
side b:


Thursday, June 6, 2013

various - "noise conglomerate volume V" (2012 anti-everything noise)

99 tracks
all submitted for this compilation over a decade ago.
this was going to be a VERY different beast once upon a time.
naturally some track titles have been lost or forgotten, but its still great to have the bulk of the sound material.
a lost treasure finally found.

N.C. V "No Passive Audience" Anti-Everything/AEN #AE70 2013

1. 200 YEAR OLD WOLF PUSSY - Japanese Onyanese01:00
2. ALLUN - Hini 00:40
3. ALUNIMUM NOISE - Full Moons Are Traditionally Shitty 00:40
4. A.M. SALAD - Untitled 00:43
5. ANALVA CONVULSIJA - Live Improvisation 00:45
6. ANDY AU GO GO - Delicious Erb 00:42
7. ANNE DROGYNESS - Know It's Girl You (Homage to MILLI VANILLI) 00:44
8. AUTIO-ETHIK - Untitled 00:40
9. BAROM ONE - Mongol Fever 00:42
10. BONE CLUB - Live at Gut House 1999 00:42
11. BONGOLEEROS - Smutland 01:00
12. CAL CRAWFORD - D.H. Wakely 00:25
13. CARNAL HEDON COITUS - Pillow Talk 00:43
14. CHRISTMAS TREES - Untitled 00:41
15. COMFORTER - Thanks for spitting in my soul pt 300:43
16. COURTIS - Untitled 00:37
17. CREED OF FIRE - Reagan is dead and were having a party 00:54
18. CREED OF WATER - Universal Blood 00:50
19. CRIA CUERVOS - All Assalto 00:43
20. D-503 - Audio Construction 00:39
21. DAN BUNNY - Bunny Chatter 00:16
22. DAS TORPEDOS - Amp, Microphone, Fan 00:47
23. DATTE - Shut Up 00:41
24. DEAD HUSBANDS - To Be Awake Forever 00:40
25. DERM - Untitled 00:40
26. DETHFUK - The Secret To Perfect Pitch 00:38
27. DISAPPOINTED - Untitled 01:01
28. DOMSTAR - Shroud of Om 00:45
29. DSA - Untitled 00:42
30. EARWIGS - Rock And Roll 00:44
31. FURISUBI - Staying Warm 00:48
32. GEORGE SPELVIN - Untitled 00:42
33. GEVALT - The Glory of Orgasm 00:29
34. HATED PRINCIPLES - Untitled 00:36
35. HUMAN EXTERMINTION PROJECT - Mars Polar Surveyor 00:55
36. IL MESTRUO DELLE PUTTANE - Ciao Baby Troia00:43
37. INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA - Untitled 00:41
38. INTERNAL EMPTY - Lyiich 00:42
39. IRRITUR ARACAMU - Senz Altror 00:42
40. ITS A LOVE THING - Wishing Walk 00:44
41. JON BORGES - There Is No Such Thing as Violence00:42
42. KUMMERLIGE FORHOLD - Untitled 00:42
43. LACKTHROW - It Befell Us 00:42
44. LATHER - Roped 00:42
45. LAURA D - Untitled 00:12
46. L-DRIK - Zo Snel 00:41
47. LEFTHANDEDDECISION - Morning After Second Bliss 00:47
48. LOCKLUST - Slave 00:23
49. LUMINESCENT DEBRIS - Untitled 00:42
50. MANHERRINGBONE - Stone Ghost 00:42
51. MARAX - Inundated With Feelings 00:48
52. MIND MELD FIVE - Backwards Foot 00:58
53. MONCHO CONLAZO - Free Cotorra 00:36
54. MONOLITH ZERO - Twitch Screamer 00:31
55. MRMNSK-150 - Penetrate - A part of yourself disappears 00:40
56. NAPALMED - Komblex 6 00:50
57. NATURALISTE - The Gates Of Horn 00:46
58. NEW PORT - Don't Flake 00:39
59. NMAXMS - Robot Eating a Pinecone Pt. 7 00:43
60. NOISEBITCH & MONOBRAIN - Brakselstremmers (excerpt) 00:41
61. NOISEGATE - Drowning 00:42
62. NOISEMAN 433 - Calabi Yau Manifold 00:42
63. NUCLEAR PIG SHIT - Tulameric Shaver 00:49
64. OMEI - Light over Darkness 00:42
65. ORATORS - Forks 00:38
66. ORGANIZED TOURS - Diet Pill 00:31
68. OVUM - Oljud Enligt Mamma 00:40
69. PALSECAM VS. JOB KARMA - Untitled 00:44
70. PAUL HARRISON - The last super fucked-up second of your shitty life 00:51
71. PINK KNIVES - The Haircut 00:40
72. PRAYING FOR OBLIVION & TEM OPH AB - Fall from grace Pt. II 00:50
73. REVERB - Khoonztidurjogoetnabeycheebaibutohkoneksundalpandifuckanathan00:43
74. RIP IT - Untitled 00:55
75. ROBERT WARNER - Countryside 00:45
76. SEASON OF DISCONTENT - Deprogramming the Social Parasite 00:42
77. SIGNALBLEED - The Teacher Problem 00:42
78. SIST EN 343 - Untitled 00:42
79. SKAMSOTTEN - Untitled 00:50
80. SLOWPASS - Root 00:41
81. SOVIET SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION - The post sidewalk tech grind experience chillout 00:37
82. SPEECH.FAKE - Retinal Detachment 00:41
83. SPYROCIST TACHIAI - Lady 00:42
84. STATE PUBLIC DEFENDER - Monkey Teeth 00:40
85. STOLEN LIGHT - Its all coming down now 00:41
86. SUBLIMINAL ABSURDITY - Untitled 00:50
87. SUMOVERPATHS - Transmission 00:42
89. TECHNO MENSES - Transformation 2 00:42
90. TELESMATA - Narrative3 00:42
91. TERROR ORGAN - Untitled 00:40
92. TOMASIN-Un_Bonto_Surido - Un Bonto Surido 00:40
93. TOMKZ - Mem Check take 2 00:42
94. TRASH FOLK ENSEMBLE - Untitled 00:41
95. WILT - Transmembrane of Sector 00:42
96. WINDOW CLEANING BY IAN - Untitled 00:48
98. XV PAROWEK - Sleeping with her on the sidewalk00:42
99. YUFFIE KISARGI - Northern Dates For Adults Only00:41

Various Artists - "Noise Conglomerate IV" (2012 anti-everything)

the best and then some!!!

N.C. IV "Noise Complication" Anti-Everything/AEN #AE69 2013


released 05 January 2013
Compiled By Gary Stevens 1998-2002. All Rights Reserved by the individual artists.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mayfairgrin - "Surface to Air" (2012)

"for those unfamiliar with mayfairgrin (mfg), this collection of selected works functions as a sort of "best of" introduction as well as offering alternative mixes of several previously released tracks."
-have been listening to this a bit lately, quite good and functions exceedingly well as the thing it was intended to be.

various artists - "Noise Today, volume. 1" (1998 noiseweb)

noise today was a webzine in the early 2000's.
all of the artists featured on this comp took part in  exclusive in depth interviews for the 'zine.

nothingisttrue/nkondi - "lofihifi" (2005 dollfullofrivets)

nothingisttrue - lofi
nkondi - hifi


My Dying Bride - "the light at the end of the world" (1999 Peaceville records)

"She Is the Dark" – 8:26
"Edenbeast" – 11:22
"The Night He Died" – 6:25
"The Light at the End of the World" – 10:35
"The Fever Sea" – 4:05
"Into the Lake of Ghosts" – 7:08
"The Isis Script" – 7:08
"Christliar" – 10:30
"Sear Me III" – 5:26

Drakh - "bethlehem" (2010 Essence Music)


1. Norrsken 7:12
2. Confusing Fact 2:11
3. View Over Tuscany 9:40
4. Too Late To Visit Asia 3:13
5. Indiana 4:12
6. The Industrial Estate 3:09
7. On A Plane From Missoula 2:26
8. Back From Madrid 6:34
9. Rebirth 4:36
10. Bethlehem 5:15
11. Walk Of Life 4:29

Track notes:
1. North: Heading north for some calm. Exploring.
2. Freeway: Following directions. Driving.
3. Morning: The sun shinres through the mist covering the hills of Tuscany. Unfolding.
4. Tokyo, Seoul: Now it's too late. The visit that never happened. Mourning.
5. Puzzled: No vacation. Cornfield.
6. Tax Free: Eleven days of rain. Grey island of green.
7. Escape: View from above. Mountains and Mormons.
8. Relief: Six degrees of smoking. Viva Suecia.
9. Progress: What's next?
10. Religion and Steel: School bus going south on freeway 412.
11. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: Continue. Check.

****also released in an astonishing Special Edition of 99 hand numbered copies.
Packaged in a special textured box, that opens like a book, with an accordion-like panel, that opens to reveal eleven large pieces of artwork. Includes a bonus 3"CDr, mounted to the inside cover with 4 remixes by the likes of Cordell Klier, Nordvargr, K.Meizter & Des Esseintes.

Soul Whirling Somewhere ‎– Pyewackit (1997 projekt)

1 Piece Of Wick Alight In A Pine 4:07
2 Every Female Werewolf Ever, Listed Alphabetically By Crime 3:48
3 I Should Throw Myself Under A Train 3:21
4 Fair 3:50
5 Pyewackit 5:02
6 God In Heaven 11:25


Monday, June 3, 2013

Jeph Jerman - Qualia (2011 Pocket Fields)

1. Jeph Jerman - Qualia (43:25)

In 1986 Jeph Jerman began recording and performing under the name "Hands To".
Most of the early soundwork was sampler and tape loop based, though over the course of ten years it evolved into using environmental recordings with very little to no manipulation or electronic processing.
In 1996 in Seattle Jerman embarked upon a weekly series of concerts at Anomalous Records which brought him into contact with the city's improvised music community.
For the next three years Jeph played with anyone who offers cooperation. During this time he began giving solo performances using only natural found objects(stones, shells, bones, driftwood, pine cones, etc), as soundmakers,
a practice which continues to today. Eventually Jeph Jerman stopped using the name "Hands To".
In 1999, the "Animist Orchestra" was founded. The "AO" focuses on making music that hopefully bypasses individual egos of it members.
Most of Jerman's previous work could be interpreted as being 'idea-based'. Jeph Jerman find that most of his work nowadays is sound-based. He believe this is due to his growing interest in listening, in what happens when one listens, and his concomitant disinterest in contextualizing sound.

"Qualia" is recorded during the period since january 2007 to june 2011 at:
The chapel, Seattle WA.
The stone, New York City
Chris Wolf's kitchen, New York City
Additional recording and assembly at estudio sonor,
cottonwood az.
Shortwave receiver, metals, field and performance recordings.
Analog cassette and micro-cassette decks and digital four track.
Image by Jeph Jerman. Eco-dyed fabric by Julie Schubert.

Pocket Fields: pocketfields [at] gmail [dot] com ... Pocket Fields
Jeph Jerman:


strict / pain jerk - collaboration (1997 art konkret)

side A^

1 Cock Tracks 4:04
2 Queer 2:20
pain jerk^^
side B^

3. Folliclabia 5:03


Limited to 315 hand-numbered copies in a foldout paper-sleeve including an insert.

Pain Jerk - "MOTO" (2001 Falsch)

released digitally without a  cover, so i did this :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Teledu- "witchkitchen" (1996 oral gestation artefacts)

Kwerr Key....

unfortunately, i don't know a thing about teledu or if there were other releases (though there must have been). this cassette came with a very high end j-card, almost 3d, and a pretty solid dub. it took me far too long to warm up to this release as i should have, but i think i was looking for specific things when i first got this tape in the 90's. this is not noise...though it contains elements of it and several other genres as well. in fact, this is some incredibly weird a good way. make no mistake, these are songs. the lyrics are compelling, the vocals are interesting, the music itself takes you all over the place but its a journey worth taking if you're in a mood for such a sort of odd, sort of mellow, hugely strange, artfest.

a1. to the moon to sleep
a2. strangest day
a3. blood
a4. magnetic reptiles
a5. desert head
a6. gulls
a7. the glass pig
a8. flip
a9. katrina
a10. paper crucifixtion

b1. it's alright
b2. scream
b3. the reverie of poor susan
b4. electric apples
b5. those sour everydays
b6. dangerous lameducks
b7. decision time
b8. underbelly
b9. did you?
b10. quick snails
b11. forest
b12. shadows

192 kbps  
TT: 52:15

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bride - "skin for skin" (2007 Retroactive)

begun wonderfully in the early 1980's....

this band deserves so much more credit than it has gotten over the last few decades....
its such a fucking shame.......................

30 plus years in...
  still such good material...
      old boys even dare to get heavy...

1. The Calm 0:56
2. Skin For Skin 3:35
3. End Of Days 4:07
4. Take The Medication 5:23
5. Inside Ourselves 4:19
6. Hard To Kick 3:35
7. Fuel And Fire
    Vocals – Zachary Thompson 4:49
8. Breathless 4:04
9. Prodigious Savant 0:33
10. Bang Goodbye 5:32
11. Rise Above 5:34
12. The Government 3:49
13. Super Ego Star 3:42
14. Hang On
                       Background Vocals – Billy Price, Johnnetta Johnson, Johnny Cox, Raenell Crool, Rod Nadler,            
Tessa Wyche, Zachary Thompson 4:13

Sleeping With The Earth/Combat Astronomy - "split" (2000 Troniks)

ltd.ed. of 500

Another Stain (6:32)
Deliver Us From Evil (6:37)
Wuurii-Wi Dhuwun (4:22)
What Have I Done? (4:19)
This Is My Room (14:52)
Featuring - Big Tex
Tiat02 (2:15)
Orgone Vadizer 3 (6:43)
J-Vax (4:08)
nOMON (1:59)
Hut (4:00)
BAKO02 (4:00)
Archon (2:57)
Sirius02 (7:44)

warhorse -"as heaven turns to ash" (2001 Southern Lord)

1. Dusk 1:56
2. Doom's Bride 9:20
3. Black Acid Prophecy 8:56
4. Amber Vial 3:28
5. Every Flower Dies No Matter The Thorns (Wither) 8:35
6. Lysergic Communion 10:17
7. Dawn 1:48
8. Scrape 10:32
9. ...And The Angels Begin To Weep... 1:31


My Dying Bride - "god is alone" (1991 Listenable Records)

  1. "God Is Alone" – 4:57
  2. "De Sade Soliloquay" – 4:38

Wapstan / Envenomist - "split" (2005 brise-cul records)

1. Wapstan – La Ou Le Temps Importe Peu   8:49
2. Wapstan – Swallow The Eye                   17:04
3. Envenomist – Benthic Epoch Pt. 1            8:20
4. Envenomist – Benthic Epoch Pt. 2           10:06

Bride - "snakes alive" (Live At Cornerstone 1992)

oooh baby, yeah...   features some great old tracks of the second era (many would argue the best bride era) and even a couple from the first, this is a GREAT capture.

just listen...  its a great treat if you haven't heard it or if you weren't there back in '92.
sure to satisfy any bride fan of the time


stavesacre - "against the silence" (2009 Self)

great great ep with a sound that returns to their roots a'll see.  excellent as always....
seriously, great songs, in a great order, with a great progression and track 5 is such a beautiful ending...takes me back to very specific times and emotions.... good music always does that sort of stuff...

1.Against the Silence (Long For More) – 4:42
2.Side-Stage Syndrome – 2:02
3.The Dash on My Headstone – 3:51
4.Teeth Like Knives – 3:40
5. ... The Band Played On (Against the Silence Pt. II) – 4:55

various artists - "Zondig" (1988 Midas Music)

side A:
1.Post Destruction Music – Requiem
2.THU20 – Eerste Uni
3.Club Moral – L'Age D'Or No. 2 (Soundtrack AMVK Videoclock)
4.Merzbow – Fission/Dialogue
5.The Haters – Forto
6.Generated Progression – Armageddon

side B:
1.Luis Mesa – Geminis
2.Blackhouse – Satan & His Demons 2
3.Odal – Death Jungle
4.6de Kolonne – Destroy All Sinners
5.Étant Donnés – Le Coeur Sert Le Corps 2
6.Dva Met Dva Nichts – Wicca
7.Prilius Lacus – Ich Liebe Dich Schwein