Thursday, June 9, 2016

final judgement - "desolating sacrilege" (1994 Anastasia Records)

been waiting to post this for a long while now.
keep in mind this came out of the 1994 'christian' underground when evaluating its 'kickassness'.
the quality could be better, but it probably sounds a good solid bit better than my cassette rip does.
you can crank this fucker easily.
shout out to tempered steel radio for turning me on in the early 90's.
track 11 is a fast thrashy banger and the weird tribal drumming on track 3 are a treat.

1. Pre-life Vivisection
2. Covenant With Evil
3. I Do What I Do Not Want To Do
4. Habitual Sacrifice
5. Shortway to Hell
6. Past
7. Bloodshed
8. Carnal Conception
9. Via Doloros
10. Ssorcthgirpun4yhtrownu
11. Unworthy

also included:
"drastic dose of reality" demo tape


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

stimbox - "crush" (???????????)

while going through my bins of cd-r's recently i discovered this little gem. (standard cdr in standard jewel case with collaged colour artwork)
i can't quite remember when or where i got this, but according to the release info does differ quite a bit from the original cassette release from 1997. i'm assuming its a bootleg of some sort???
anyone with any additional info who might be able to explain this thing in more detail, please leave a comment.  aside from all that jive...its definitely stimbox and its definitely awesome and i'm definitely quite glad to have it! :)

1. lode
2. recycle 1
3. recycle 2
4. rimjaub
5. leach 1
6. leach 2

note to commenters (and everyone, really)

unfortunately, the links i post here are good for only 90 days. (assuming there are no downloads in said 90 days.  if there are, links refresh another 90 days.)  after said time they vanish and i have to reupload them.  as i'm constantly doing the ol'file's much harder to honor requests for re-ups than it seems (or i would like)  however, i really want to help out a few of you where i can, esp. in cases of personal rips, etc.  keep checking, you never know.  i'm trying folks.