Wednesday, June 28, 2017

E.D.L. - "every day life" (demo 1994)

this one had me excited to no end when i first heard it.

the first track '90's warfare' is still probably my fave e.d.l. track with its metal backing, rapcore delivery, use of samples and death metal vocal howls.  sadly, they didn't use much of most of these elements in their following full length albums.

'look' appeared on their debut full length cd, but in a quite different version.
'flow' seems out of place at first, a funky lo-fi hip hop number. its good to have, but easy to see why it was left off of the debut.
'hunger' ends the tape strong...distorted vocals over a steady groove.

1. 90's warfare
2. look
3. flow
4. hunger
Included as a bonus: the early and rare track from the 'noize compilation' unreleased elsewhere...
"the couch"


  1. You are the man for sharing this! I had nearly forgotten about it. Then I just happened to think of it and see if I could find it online and, right off the bat, there it is. I didn't think I'd find it at all. Thank you!

  2. hey this is carl from EDL, i dont have my tape, can you post it again the link is dead

    1. carl! thanks! reposted again! i have a sticker you signed back in the 90's what the market says...i value this stuff!

  3. absolutely Carl, its a great tape. saw you guys play several times and you all signed a bunch of shit for me well over a decade ago. i'll get it up asap...(its on a separate drive so i have to find it and crack open the tower..but eventually yeah...i'll get it back up) trying to preserve great stuff like this is why i bother with this mess.