Saturday, June 23, 2012

pale horse - "mournful" (1993 a.r.t. records)

incredibly excellent release.  here we see a welcome addition to the already fantastic pale horse sound with the inclusion of a few guest artists and some sparingly used (but in all the right places) clean vocals.
a.r.t. records was a really terrible anti-fan, anti-artist  label, but pale horse was really great.

1. iniquity
2. finding solace
3. sublime kingdom
4. false prophet among us
5. through the eyes of deception
6. the treasure


  1. i've stumbled upon this on a few blogs of late. I'm sure i liked what i heard back in the day of the tempered steel tapes. ok... i give in. i'll download.

  2. i wouldn't say this was the overall best of pale horse...but then again, none of their output would i classify as 'bad' . unless of course you count their 'bad' language on one track:)

  3. reminds me of early Paramaecium

  4. These guys shred. Love the music, vocals are good, fits what going on. Just bought they're CD off of Amazon! This band should of been HUGE... What happened?