Monday, March 18, 2019

Teledu- "witchkitchen" (2018 RErelease)

2018 Limited Edition. Originally released as a 22 tracks cassette tape in 1996. This revised version comprises all 22 tracks recorded between 1992 and 1995 (with some abbreviation made to several) in the same sequence plus 10 bonus tracks of hitherto unreleased material similarly recorded during the same period.


released September 9, 2018

David Teledu : guitars, voice, keyboards etc etc.
Jimmy Plaistow : bass guitar on some tracks.
Paula Rogers : some vocals.
Vince Earimal : alto sax.
John Paul Braddock : sound engineering on Rubber Biscuit tracks.
Gaia Holmes : lyric writer of some tracks.
Photos and artwork by David Teledu

Original post:

Kwerr Key....

unfortunately, i don't know a thing about teledu or if there were other releases (though there must have been). this cassette came with a very high end j-card, almost 3d, and a pretty solid dub. it took me far too long to warm up to this release as i should have, but i think i was looking for specific things when i first got this tape in the 90's. this is not noise...though it contains elements of it and several other genres as well. in fact, this is some incredibly weird a good way. make no mistake, these are songs. the lyrics are compelling, the vocals are interesting, the music itself takes you all over the place but its a journey worth taking if you're in a mood for such a sort of odd, sort of mellow, hugely strange, artfest.

a1. to the moon to sleep
a2. strangest day
a3. blood
a4. magnetic reptiles
a5. desert head
a6. gulls
a7. the glass pig
a8. flip
a9. katrina
a10. paper crucifixtion

b1. it's alright
b2. scream
b3. the reverie of poor susan
b4. electric apples
b5. those sour everydays
b6. dangerous lameducks
b7. decision time
b8. underbelly
b9. did you?
b10. quick snails
b11. forest
b12. shadows

192 kbps  
TT: 52:15