Monday, August 24, 2009

IRM - "VIRGIN MIND" (2005 Cold Meat Industry)

great quality 2cd from irm.
lots of diversity, within its own box.
good stuff.

02Aktion Anathem06:57
03Love Chamber I07:29
04My Mother04:38
05Silver Bells05:56
06The Actor04:59
07Birth's Mark Of Cruelty11:57
08The Nervescales11:51
09Two Bodies09:36
10Love Chamber: II11:55
11Umbic Burns06:19
12Stage Lights06:04
13Revelation : Pure07:21
14Virgin Mind13:24

Sunday, August 23, 2009

neurosis + jarboe - "Neurosis & Jarboe " (2003 neurot recordings)

"Remember the first time you heard Swans and remember how much they scared you? In the midst of an already dark, forbidding sonic landscape, Swans distinguished themselves for their unique approach to sound, texture, and reverberation. One of the most haunting elements of their world was Jarboe’s vocals and keyboards. Now gone on to an afterlife as The Living Jarboe, I think of her today as a straight-up soul singer.

Remember the first time you heard Neurosis and remember how much they scared you? It’d be easy not to pick up on them, because their totally singular music – beautiful, imposing, grand, and fragile all at once – falls through the cracks of so many genres. But they remain a powerful group. From Souls at Zero through A Sun That Never Sets, their finely wrought but heavy-as-fuck music is like the perfect soundtrack to new millennium melancholy, a tightly wrapped ball of rage, fear, and hope. Whether playing a wistful, slightly bitter ballad or serving up skull-crushing, mutant riffs, Neurosis is a straight-up rhythm and blues band.

So what about the two together? Well, whoever thought up this combination is a genius. In retrospect, it might seem like a natural – two bands that are dark as pitch, interested in experimental textures, love collecting found sounds and samples, and can narrate America’s heart of darkness – but this is their first collaboration. Jarboe’s idiosyncratic background is pretty familiar to fans, but listening to this wondrous record finally brought it home to me that what she brings to the table is a flair for the gothic. Not the pasty-faced, spiky-haired, Sisters of Mercy gothic. I mean the real, haunted landscape, ghosts of the subconscious, creepy Faulknerian Southern gothic spirit. On the opening “Within” she intones, in a perfectly rendered Southern accent, “I tell ya, if God wants to take me He will.” Amid the crushing thunder of Neurosis, it sends a chill right through me (particularly when it’s followed by the slithering whisper “He’s coming . . . “ and the unnerving nursery-rhyme singing). Her voice can ring out clear as a bell, smothered in blues, or it can deliver a pain-wracked croak (as on “Erase” where she howls “Defy me . . . Defile me” again and again until, after Neurosis have stopped playing, her anguished voice blares through the speakers). The lyrics are confessional, deeply personal and there are times – as when Jarboe prays to Mary, something pretty much nobody else this side of Diamanda Galas could pull off convincingly – when I almost felt ashamed, as if violating someone’s privacy.

The band, always attuned to things supernatural and/or spiritual, is not simply a backup group; this is an organic project all the way, and they create perfect vehicles for Jarboe’s haunted visions. The structures are taut enough to create tension befitting the lyrics, focused enough to embellish the imagery; but the playing is also limber enough to thicken the largely ominous mood. Sure, they still grind it out here and there, but Neurosis’ music has been sounding much sparer of late, trimmed down in a way that’s spot-on perfect for this recording. They really use the full dynamic range of which they’re capable; they work in detailed nuance, even as they hit with the force of a piledriver. In a world of metal fakers, where lesser bands mistake sheer volume for heaviness, I’m thankful that these guys are still around and playing the real deal. One listen to the truly creepy pulse of “His Last Words” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Neurosis & Jarboe is an album for which I had high expectations. They’ve been surpassed. Whatever shortcomings joint musical ventures can sometimes have, I hear none of them here. A weird, unnerving synthesis that stays with you long after the record has stopped, this is one of the year’s best.---By Jason Bivins"

1. within

2. his last words

3. taker

4. receive

5. erase

6. cringe

7. in harm's way

8. seizure

Masonna - " Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé " (1993 alchemy records)

pure gold, jack.

1 Untitled (1:05)
2 Untitled (0:45)
3 Untitled (1:07)
4 Untitled (0:40)
5 Untitled (0:37)
6 Untitled (0:58)
7 Untitled (1:22)
8 Untitled (0:51)
9 Untitled (1:56)
10 Untitled (2:23)
11 Untitled (0:57)
12 Untitled (0:51)
13 Untitled (1:06)
14 Untitled (2:11)
15 Untitled (0:49)
16 Untitled (2:01)
17 Untitled (0:40)
18 Untitled (3:01)
19 Untitled (1:02)
20 Untitled (0:20)
21 Untitled (1:13)
22 Untitled (1:07)
23 Untitled (2:34)
24 Untitled (0:58)
25 Untitled (0:46)
26 Untitled (3:38)
27 Untitled (0:53)
28 Untitled (2:29)
29 Untitled (3:13)
30 Untitled (1:16)
31 Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé (0:04)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

AUBE - "dazzle reflexion" (1997 the releasing eskimo)

source=fluorescent and glow lamps
1Glimmer (12:00)
2Passionate Reflex (13:24)
3After Image (10:35)
4Incandescence (13:51)
5Dry Flicker (10:00)
6Closed Radiant (9:28)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Visionaire - "mystical dominion" (1998 millenial sun)

debut cd from visionaire.

1. Tarot 5:35
2. Mystical Dominion 5:03
3. Open Voyage 7:46
4. Icarian 5:21
5. Enchanter 4:33
6. Only a Tear 5:09
7. Winter's Eye 3:59
8. Reflection 4:20
9. Lover's Serenade 5:53

Voice of Eye - "Vespers" (1994 Cyclotron industries)

"imbued with medieval spirituality and Eastern transcendence (Waking,Blooming, Melting). Ethereal voices, string instruments and ethnic accents"
1 Waking (9:18)
2 Breathing (5:35)
3 Blooming (5:35)
4 Waning (3:46)
5 Melting (7:38)
6 Drifting (8:29)
7 Dreaming (19:24)

LHD - "hands of the priestess" (2003 miisc)

ltd.ed.300 on 7" vinyl

track 1
track 2

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Metalux - "waiting for armadillo" (2004 load records)

from Tinymixtapes:
Metalux are Chicago’s (but soon to be relocated to the East Coast, in the style of all hipsters) M.V. Cärbon and J. Graf, a female duo who specialize in abrasive, cerebral, and challenging analog circa-1978 noise rock. Despite its album and song titles, which give the listener the initial impression that this is some sort of Southwestern "Americana" album, Metalux’s 2004 sophomore release, Waiting for Armadillo, is a brooding and tense record that recalls the post punk/proto industrial days of Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records. Though the press release compares the group, however tenuously, to contemporary noise artists Wolf Eyes and Dead Machines (they did once share a label, Hanson Records), along with other current noise artists, their sound, with its use of analog synthesizers and tape effects, sounds more akin to Throbbing Gristle and early Cabaret Voltaire. Other tracks, however, feature an abrasive electronic squelch not dissimilar to Kevin Drumm’s Sheer Hellish Miasma.

While so many current artists have tapped into and exhausted the more mainstream aspects of early ’80s new wave and dance music, it’s refreshing to encounter an artist whose influences are inclined toward the more underground and exotic of the formative post-punk artists such as Chrome, ESG, and the New York No Wave groups. And like the aforementioned artists, Waiting for Armadillo can, at times, be an extremely challenging album that is difficult to digest in one sitting. A running time of less than 40 minutes, however, enhances the listenability of Waiting for Armadillo, and cuts the listener off before their heart rate gets too high to continue listening.

What really separates Metalux from the more mundane artists in the current wave/electro revival is the unorthodox instrumentation and song structure on Waiting for Armadillo. Overdriven tube amps, vintage analog synths, AM radio static, tape loops, and jagged shards of guitar skronk give the album a distinctively late ’70s, proto-industrial feel, shrouding the icy and otherworldly female vocals with an eerie and unsettling backdrop, making them seem to come out of the darkness like the scary, lipstick-smeared doll face peering out of the corner of a dark cellar closet. Gothic cabaret theatrics and the mock European accent on some of the vocals add just the right amount of kitsch to the album, enhancing its Krautrock/post-punk appeal. This is an expressionistic mélange of sounds that, in spite of yourself, you just find irresistibly beautiful and hopelessly catchy. by Olskooly

1 Flexi - Armadillo
2 Amethyst Dogs
3 Fastblood
4 Splinter And Shimmer
5 Tribute
6 Jyre
7 Rotisserarie Voodoo Mama
8 Ceramic Pork-Bank
9 Airplane
10 Rode West
11 Mexico
12 Cold-Tar Porch Thing

Cloama - "neuroscan organization" (2002 spatter/blade records)

Death Industrial. Limited edition of 400 copies.
1 Tuhkajumala (4:50)
2 Neuroscan Organization (13:38)
3 Kunnes Kaikki Tuntuu Turhalta // Säälimätön Valhe (13:33)
4 Final Monument (3:36)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Illnath - "angelic voices calling" (2001 self released)

illnath is terrific. take a peek at some of their early work here.
1 Ancient Legacy (0:49)
2 Death Becomes All (4:48)
3 The Blood Is The Almighty Sin (4:15)
4 Angelic Voices Calling (3:53)
5 Never Again

contagious orgasm / thirdorgan - "split7inch" (1997 SD-Image)

ltd.ed.300 (isn't that cover art sweet?)

A Contagious OrgasmCeremony 01.11.1997 (7:23)
BThirdorganCry God For Harry (5:59)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Solid Eye - "fruits of automation" (1999 Win Records)

FAN......... TASTIC!

1.Great Garloo





6.Der Golem




iamthatiam - "destruction mode" (200? self released)

*not actual cover*
iamthatiam, aka jason campbell, four flies on grey velvet, implicit structure, seism, RIDICULOUSLY PROLIFIC noise a release from early on in the 2000's. 2001 through 02..somewhere in there. its been so long, i forget.

tracks 1 - 21 = 'destruction'
track 22 = below the surface
track 23 = nehemah
track 24 = macabre
25= the killing hour
26= frozen dead
27= distress signal
28= audiorape
29= krafted with evil

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pain Jerk - "exhibition of electro disease" (1995 g.r.o.s.s.)

killer classic harshnoise from p.j
ltd ed. of 110 copies

A1 Bladder Head (8:50)


Necrotron (15:02)


Death Graft 1995 (24:24)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Concrete Violin - "eyegouge" (Deadline)

from aversionline:

13 tracks and well over an hour's worth of rugged, lo-fi harsh noise with a little bit of a death industrial/power electronics feel in some tracks thanks in part to the relatively frequent use of samples deep within the thick walls of distortion. In my opinion many of these tracks sound very similar to one another. Sure, there are some tracks that have their own distinctions, but most of the distortion rests in the muddy lower midrange, there are a lot of vibrating/windy sorts of textures, some crunching loops, indecipherable samples that add some well needed texture, etc. It's not that bad, but it doesn't really interest me or grab my attention so much. I tend to enjoy the shorter tracks far more than those that drag on for up to 8+ minutes. "Blonde on a Stick Part Two" for instance is a bit more sinister and stands out with what I assume to be some twisted vocal manipulations, but at more than eight minutes it becomes tedious early on because there's no real variety. A few of the longer tracks, such as "Circle of Blood Part One" and "Circle of Blood Part Five", do hold their own, but only because the samples add an extra bit of atmosphere that makes the pieces a bit curious, whereas without that dimension the songs would simply be more of the same repetitive harsh noise. The recording doesn't bother me. I certainly think it could use something a bit more full, but it's warm enough so that were this material a bit more thought out or intriguing to me I wouldn't be the least bit displeased. I can't say I'm at all a fan of this artwork, though. The imagery all consists of pixilated and obscenely colorful designs that have been fucked with any number of times in Photoshop. I'm pretty sure the pixilation is intentional, but it doesn't look that hot, especially on the text of the front cover. I don't know, it's just too colorful for me to handle, and the chaotic nature of the graphics doesn't match up with the typefaces used, etc. There are bits and pieces that look cool, there's just no consistency, and it looks unprofessional in my opinion. Aside from the tracklist and some brief recording information and such, all you'll find is a de Sade quote: "Religions are the cradles of despotism." All in all though, the visuals just don't fit the sounds being offered on the CD. I don't know... the bottom line here is that this release is just boring to me. Were it 30 minutes shorter and focused more on the tracks that use samples I think it would be more effective, but it would still need development. Working with a slight bit of diversity and samples that are either applicable to the concepts or at least more discernible would be a step in the right direction. I just can't particularly get into this. (4/10)
Running time - 69:27, Tracks: 13
[Notable tracks: Circle of Blood Part Two, Circle of Blood Part Five]

Concrete Violin - "

1 Circle Of Blood Part One (7:22)
2 What The Fossils Say (4:31)
3 Circle Of Blood Part Two (1:48)
4 Blonde On A Stick Part One (5:02)
5 Euronymous Dust (3:51)
6 Blonde On A Stick Part Two (8:16)
7 Circle Of Blood Part Three (8:38)
8 Oroborous (3:47)
9 Circle Of Blood Part Four (0:38)
10 Corpsebox (7:08)
11 Circle Of Blood Part Five (7:43)
12 Ragnarok Now (3:13)
13 Circle Of Blood Part Six (7:31)

dj non - "no attention span mix : 9-28-03"

Guilty Connector - "Colesterinosis Extracelular" (2002 tabula rasa)

GxCx never disappoints? am i wrong?

Number 8 in the Dermatology series dealing with various skin diseases.
Limited to 100 copies

1 Brighter Than A 10,000 Cacophonous Suns (15:46)

Friday, August 14, 2009

jazkamer - "metal music machine" (2006 smalltown supernoise)

formerly jazzkammer.

1 Friends Of Satan (6:35)
2 The Worms Will Get In (16:51)
3 Abomination (2:38)
4 Metal Music Machine (4:12)
5 Occult Glider (12:25)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

pop culture rape victim (PCRV) - "a means to a beginning" (self released)

From Worm Gear Magizine:

Self released CDR In a plastic sleeve with a full color insert. 7 tracks here, the disc opens with "Pop Song of The Future" a slow grinding noise track, with a cyclic destructive feel. The foundation grounds away and above it harsher sounds crash around it. It doesn't change a whole lot from the pattern established, but it's not that long, and it's an effective bit of sonic nihilism. "Harsh Reality of Being Alone at 10:55" roots itself with a dense low end rumble pierced by higher frequency stabs and slices rearing up. The heavy distortion saturation on this track in the low and mid range corrosions reminds me slightly of Lefthandeddecision, but the ultimate result is a bit different than LHD. "There's Something Wrong With My Amp" churns with a heavy low end as analog chirps and feedback scorch in a fractured fashion, mid range distortions flesh out the track. "Medication Punchingbag" has a slightly more spastic presentation using the same type of sonic elements of the previous tracks. "The Ecstasy of Sound" is a more droning sort of piece that still maintains the harsher elements, of feedback and some midrange noise. The last two tracks maintain a similar feel, this is harsh and noisy and chaotic at times, but it has a foundation through it that keeps it from being over the top and ultimately more engaging than some of the extreme noise stuff. The tracks have a nice movement in them, even when sounds don't change that much they do shift to evolve the track. A strong release of harsh but not too harsh noise for those that aren't ready for Government Alpha, but like their Skin Crime just fine. - Scott"

1. pop song of the future
2. harsh reality of being alone at 10:55
3. there's something wrong with my amp
4. meditation punchingbag
5. the ecstacy of sound
6. noise reduction
7. all you can eat buffet of glass

MEW - "half the world is watching me" (2000 evil office)

from user starfire from
Second release from Danish alternative pop wonders Mew, and quite a fulfilling piece of work. The album kicks off with the intense "Am I Wry? No" which is followed by three pure pop songs, "Mica" being the most successful of these. Whereas the first half of the album, except for the opening track, is pretty straightforward pop music, the second half is more moody, starting out with the piano/guitar-driven "Her Voice is Beyond her Years", a duet between lead singer Jonas Bjerre and elf-like Swedish singer Stina Nordenstam. It's followed by the strange, but catchy "156", before entering la grande finale with the ballad "Symmetry", a sweet duet between Jonas Bjerre and American teenager Becky Jarret, and the last track, the majestic nine-minute epic "Comforting Sounds".

1 Am I Wry? No (4:42)
2 Mica (2:58)
3 Saliva (4:08)
4 King Christian (4:26)
5 Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years (4:22)
6 156 (4:47)
7 Symmetry (5:18)
8 Comforting Sounds (8:44)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lefthandeddecision - [Test - April 2002] (2002 troniks)

lefthandeddecision was great...
the sounds were sweet, but beyond that the types of releases(this is such an example) were that strange sort of awesome
later became the cherry point.
mr. blankenship joined with john weise and now work under the name lhd.
not to be confused with each other, though that is easily enough done.
A Collection Of The Never Finished And The "Never Should Have Started"
Ltd.ed. of 24 copies

1 0:20 (0:20)
2 4:57 (4:57)
3 2:37 (2:37)
4 8:03 - Lovelorn New Edition (8:03)
5 9:58 - Collaboration w/ Sleeping With The Earth (9:58)
6 0:28 - lhd vs. Rock 'N Roll (0:28)
7 5:51 - Random Ambient Track (5:51)

"VACATION"? no, no way, not even a little bit...

i'll be out of town for the next couple of weeks, but i have many posts scheduled, so keep checking back.
one or two a day at least for the next couple of weeks.
if i believed in luck i'd ask for wishes...
"life" if you can call it that, is shit.
hopefully i'll be back sooner than later.
in the meantime, i have some good stuff scheduled for post...

M.S.B.R. - "fracture of silence" (1995 Sounds For Consciousness Rape)

**cover unavailable**

A1 Missing Possession
B1 Spontaneous Victims (On Waco)
B2 Driving Overhead II

Friday, August 7, 2009

M.S.B.R. - "holy mountain electronixx" (1997 Cling-Film)

the late great molten salt breeder reactor
holy mountain electronixx part 1
holy mountain electronixx part 2

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anaphylaxis - "Component" (1999 anaphylactic shock recordings)

talk about a heavy package...
pardon me if the pics of the special package look a bit see, it was quite hard to get into and these scans were taken after they'd been gotten into to get to the disc and then attempted to be put back together...
i think you get the idea...

from the anaphylaxis website

liner notes:
component was the first full-length anaphylaxis album released on cd. It is actually a compilation of tracks from a tape release of the same title and some other recordings that had not been released at the time.
The first pressing of the cd was 20 copies. 10 copies were in fairly elaborate packaging made with lengths of stripped wire, computer fan covers, and bubble wrap. The cd was released in 1999.
After the initial 20 copies were all sold or traded off, I decided to release the album through's DAM cd program. However, due to some various difficulties with and restrictions set by, a few tracks had to be left off the cd. Additionally, there were inexplicable problems with the artwork, and the DAM cd version was ultimately released with completely different cover artwork and a very different track listing. One of the tracks that was placed on the DAM cd, a track called "slither," is the only track (as of this writing) that has been mastered to cd from my last tape-only release, which was called "digital."
This will be the last time component is reissued. I hope you enjoy it for what it is. That being very, very primitive. Some of my friends seem to like it well enough, however, so here you go. Just keep in mind: it gets much better from here on out.
-Jason Coffman, January 2003

"Just keep in mind: it gets much better from here on out."
and mr. coffman wasn't lying....

1 Dominus Jesus (2:52)
2 Lava (2:29)
3 Stereo (2:16)
4 Promised Land... (3:27)
5 Furnace (A Well Oiled Machine) (3:26)
6 Isolationist Dream Sequence (3:47)
7 Empath 1: Static (8:25)
8 Clockwork Forest (4:29)
9 Shock (2:04)
10 Cavernous (5:05)
11 Channel 13 (Final Dub) (5:22)
12 Focus (0:43)
13 Magical Realism (8:18)
14 Elnora / Years From Now (5:32)
15 Angelic (1:23)
16 hidden track