Saturday, September 29, 2012

Internal Empty - "apostasy" (2003 alOne productions)

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tracks 2 - 7 titled based upon hallucinations/delusions/tricks of the mind of the author
1. knell
2. as the surrounding walls melt down around me
3. the forlorn and rejected woman who stares
4. the monster behind the professor
5. the screaming idiot banshee in the porcelain, wheelchair lady, and the large black rats
6. the bound and gagged dead man hanging out of my closet
7. the woman lurking behind the computer, the pirate and the dead body in the freezer
8. the thought of the future makes me sick
9. i regress

Friday, September 28, 2012

the hounds of heaven - "virtue & virginity" (1992 blone vinyl recods)

1. Walk Through The Fire 
2. Death Trap 
3. And I Promise 
4. Flashes Of Fire 
5. Quarter Mile
6. Stay 
7. Drive She Said
8. The Monster In The Box
9. Lamentations 
10. Happy Ending

various artists - "the Hearts of Shadow Gods" (1996 cold meat industry)

A1 Arcana – Eternal Sleep 5:08
A2 Arcana – Spirits Of The Past 3:55
B1 Aphrael – Cradle Song 3:36
B2 Aphrael – The Velvet Garden 4:16
C1 Puissance – Global Deathrape 5:00
C2 Puissance – These Barren Ponds Called Hearts 2:42
D1 Penitent – Veien 4:22
D2 Penitent – Victory 3:09


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Internal Empty - "HNW RESPONSE" (2012 alOne)

recorded 2010-2012  a response to 'the incident'


monde bruits - "purgatory" (1992 G.R.O.S.S.)

sidE A.
 In To Purgatory 22:52
sidE B.
 Out Of Purgatory 23:11


Nkondi - "thesunstreamingandthefragranceofit (2005 obscurica)

behold, once again, the amazing NKONDI:

1. Thesunstreaminginandthefragranceofit
2. Chokingyou
3. Annihilatingyou
4. Coupdetat
5. Vegasjerk
6. Entireenveloped
7. Neonchrysantheum
8. Eyeeyeblow
9. Heretogo
10. Unintentionalbandtattoo
11. Pepperboxmuzzle
12. Undergroundcabledonotcut
13. Longlivethenewflesh
14. Setthesheetsonfireburninglover
15. Thisisforthenails
16. Thisisforthefingers
17. Cultureshockweek
18. Theskytunedtoadeadchannel
19. Acnormalwashhuuemura
20. Curfewtolls
21. Catbirdseat
22. Upthecurveoffreeside
23. Sensefield
24. Inthefisheatfishworld
25. Columbiannecktie
26. Toeverywherefromanywhere
27. Cloudsofspungold
28. Hologramglitter
29. Notchleafphacelia
30. Kuangrademarkeleven
31. Autisticgenius
32. Wearitwhereithurts
33. Musicforrelaxing

Martyr - "death is dead" (1987)

1. KDA
2. Golgotha
3. Get Christ in You
4. Bad P.R.
5. False Prophets
6. True Love
7. KKK
8. No Goats
9. Death is Dead


lackthrow - "goddess" (2008 alOne)

on a personal note, after some time has passed 'goddess' remains one of my favorites of all lackthrow recordings.
from Terror Noise Audio:

"It reminds me of newer Merzbow era where you combine the digital and the analogue sound. There are lots of sounds going on and they never last too long to get boring. There are also some screams but just mumbling I think, no lyrics. Great stuff as always.


01. Goddess 1 (24:29)
02. Goddess 2 (40:50)"

available on soundcloud

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

lackthrow - "giving up the ghost" (2003 alOne productions)

all material 

Trou de Loup - "Cerebral Corset" (1994 oral gestation artefacts/regicide bureau)

A1 Sorry Moustache (Dedicated To Peter Davidson)

A2 Monosurrealist

B1 Is It Dandruff, Or Is It Parmesan?

B2 Portent Storm

B3 The Dough Also Rises: Being The Unholy Earthly Advent Of The Yeast Beast From The Brazen Piepan Altar Of Our Greed Forged From The Remains Of The Molten Tokens Of Caesar's Plunder, That Leaven's The Whole Lump Of Our Corrupted Consciousness. Part One

B4 Kachina

B5 The Ultramontane Answer

B6 Musings On A Miniature Monastic Flogging

B7 Good Little Robots

Additional notes:
Released on C62. Due to manufacturing errors, 8 minutues of the original recordings disappeared in the duplication process.

Recorded live with no overdubs in Smell-O-Vision, August '94."
(Info from liner notes.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hornswoggle- "madonna with flying head" cassette (1994 Oral Gestation Artifacts)

(beta-carotene + zygurat q. consortium (aka carrot & Z) circa 1994)

This is, i believe, the first Hornswoggle cassette from the early/mid 90's. VERY interesting experimental noise impro

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hornswoggle- "bite the waxed tadpole" cassette (1996 Oral Gestation Artefacts)

"Bite the Waxed Tadpole" personal fave Hornswoggle album from the 90's. apparently released with different artwork (see above)  really great (not harsh) noise release, again on oral gestation artifacts.  it'll take you into another world if you let it. good stuff. highly recommended!

from one of the few things i could find on hornswoggle on the net now: "Oral Gestation Artifacts are the producers several art-noise projects, the main of which being Hornswoggle. St. Louis' O.G.A. consists of Zygurat Q. Consortium and Beta Carrotene. other collaborators vary with each project and live performance/recording. the sound is always completely spontaneous and intuitive, involving whatever instruments or non-instruments are available. O.G.A. is very influenced by the DADA and surrealist art movements of the 20th century."

tracks 1- 8 untitled

*thanks to mr. wheeler from cradle->grave for the additional scan

Aster - "draw your own conclusions" (2010 skeptigenarian)

1. aim high mister kickstandarm
2. Deaf Man's Cacophony of Ungodly Soundsynthesized      (Exedrin Headache #2029)
3. sir of said newteyesyboot!
4. "JUMP!" new york crowd of onlookers to a suicide attempt
5. the right ear of a deaf man
6. deaf to the left
7. overdriving over void


Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

fixture for toxins - "black, white, & read all over"

formerly known as delifeath.

review from the awesome blood ties

1.the mourning journal
2.salem's new
3.vindication evening in review


Saturday, September 1, 2012

mortal - "pura" (1995 intense)

what a weird left turn mortal made with this album.
fans of their older sound will dig at least 2 songs on this one. (2 and 7)

1 Judah 5:23
2 Grip 4:13
3 Sand Starr 0:52
4 Solamente 5:03
5 Nightfall & Splendor 6:00
6 Pura 7:23
7 Liquid Gift 4:39
8 Gaza 5:09
9 Bells 4:13
10 The Nightfall 4:05


mortal enemy - "tame the beast within" (1991)

1. Exodus of Life
2. Tale of Two Cities
3. Death of a Martyr
4. Atonement
5. Tame the Beast (Within)
6. Watery Grave