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Theo Goodman/Worldhate split (churn tapes 1998)

An odd split, but hey...a good excuse to hear more from two great artists.
also another thing to be thankful for (that it hasn't been erased from history yet)

side A:
tracks 1-5 by WORLDHATE

1. arogansi politik
2. cavern of insanity
3. spiritual war
4. rehumanization
5. budaya yang harusdiberantas

side B:
tracks 6-9 by theo 

6. realization
7. revaluation
8. final revaluation
9. end

Internal Empty - "peregrination" 3 inch cdr ltd.ed. 2010

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fever Spoor / Machinefabriek - "deviaties" (2005 Anima Mal Nata)

1. Machinefabriek – Pauwmuziek #1 11:52
2. Machinefabriek – Pauwmuziek #2 13:13
3. Fever Spoor – Frogfest 11:37
4. Fever Spoor – Harbinger Of Doom 6:30
5. Fever Spoor – Eindelijk Vrij 6:42

aleixa - "honey lake" (1996 liquid disc records)

1. Rain In The Air
2. Spark
3. I Could Murder
4. Unloved
5. 5
6. I Can’t Breathe
7. Wow + Flutter
8. Be The One
9. Non-Self
10. Some Things Never Go Away
11. Whirling Within
12. Unloved (Chicks Will Dig It Mix)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cradle->Grave - "moths" (1997)

cradle->grave was an instant fave of mine. they produced some truly amazing work in their short life.
*calm down, its only an opinion*
some of their songs really blow off the socks.

a review of this indie release from the old ballistic test zine:

"This short demo tape features three enjoyable songs that are clearly distinctive from one another. "Freedomslave" begins with simple piano keys, dark ambient synths, drums and distorted spoken word. The synth and percussion layers soon build in complexity and aggressiveness to run the song through its course. Lyrics question the concept of freedom and whether or not it is just a disguised form of slavery. "You are of Broadest Skies" creates a noticeably darker atmosphere with flowing melancholy ambient synths that carry a slight edge, comfortable mechanical percussion, and soft whispers. This is an appropriate and poignant requiem for a departed loved one indeed. The third song is entitled "Moths". While the song does have a seemingly slow intro with just bongos and minimalistic synth effects, it is well worth the effort to pay attention. C->G here again demonstrates patience and the ability to incorporate different layers progressively. The tribal percussion is soon joined by a nice clashing symbol and sweet soothing synths. The only lyrics to this song speak these words of wisdom "What moth is not drawn to the flame, and whose wings are not tapered by the luring light?" With these three songs, C->G performs smooth, dark electro-industrial that leaves me thirsty for more.
--Richard Maaranen"

1. freedomslave
2. you are of broadest skies
3. moths

*many thanks to warren wheeler from c->g for this rip*

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

various artists - "Protuberance" (2005 btrecordings)

A1. Cementimental - Oil Fried Ghosts
A2. Charles Krutzen - City Hell
A3. Filthy Turd - Turd Licker
A4. Bongoleeros - Private Prayer of Pissy Tramp
A5. Concrete Violin - The Poisoned Chalice
A6. Nova-sak - GR5
A7. o.m.s. - n.m.a. - Reduction
A8. Betty - Get Over It

B1. World Downfall - This Is Your Life
B2. Maim - Necessity
B3. Cementimental - Diagnosis Surreptitious Flux
B4. Straiph - Cthonian
B5. Stolen Light - Something Somewhere

Limited to 100 copies.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WORLDHATE- "Self-Destruction Art" (1998 tht underground)


a 60 min cassette of 'rip you apart' harsh noise by indonesian WORLDHATE. also included in a twitch remix of "pure corrupted suckers will be destroyed soon" also done in 98. a lackthrow remix of the same track was done in 2013 and is included here as well.
 original cassettes were limited. "self destruction art' was on thtunderground, 
-[arrogant dust]- still gets to me. this is all some great stuff though.
massive shame that worldhate stuff is so hard to find.

notes from a tht website:

"Self-Destruction Art"
(release date: April 1998, status: SOLD OUT)
Totally brutal & insane feedback-based Harsh-Noise. A 100% pure exhibition of total musical destruction!! This will make bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE to sound like SPICE GIRLS..!!!

Produced by WORLDHATE
Recorded at The Primitive Audiowork

1. enough
2. acts of vanities
3. the demand of reformation (reversed mix)
4. rejected efforts of mankind
5. pure corrupted suckers will be destroyed soon
6. wound (distorted mix)
7. sick bureaucrat bastards will be destroyed soon
8. kill the ego
9. after decades of being fooled
10. on the way to total self-destruction
11. ->[arrogant dust]<- div="">

"all angers erupted by worldhate, recorded at the primitive audio work, jakarta indonesia.
CAUTION:please be careful when playing this cassette at high volume leve. THT Underground and WORLDHATE will hold no responsibility for any possible failure/damage of speakers, power amps, and/or audio playback system."

aleixa - "disfigured" (1999 Bulletproof music)


*track 13 included

Maim - "carrion banquet" (2005 Chimera)

MAIM: "Carrion Banquet" cdr (chimera010)
from the label website:
"Maim brings even more chaos and destruction. Expect nothing less than another worthful load of his trademark crunchy, devastating walls of noise and distortion. Nonstop fleshripping mayhem with no breaks or chill-out passages for all you losers out there.
digital print directly on disc
color handmade cardboard slipcase"

0 bonus Contestant #1 (Amputeen)
1.   Swarm
2.   Burnt To A Cinder
3.   War In The Hive
4.   Godmaker
5.   Levelled Beauty
6.   E.M.S.
7.   Rebuilding The Fist / Carrion Banquet


buy (chimera website is gone)

novella - "one big sky" (1991 star song)


MAIM / GEDEM - SPLIT (2005 Red Bootkeh)


1. Gedem – Empty Shells
2. Gedem – Martyrs Dominion pt.1
3. Gedem – Rope
4. Gedem – Martyrs Dominion pt.2
5. Maim – Shed Your Metal Skin
6. Maim – Picked Clean
7. Maim – Doom Merchant
8. Maim – Deadlocked
LTD.ED. of 76 copies. comes in a unique cardboard with dirt, pieces of wood and tendril attached to the external parts of the cover, as well as a metallic pentagram. you'll also find a small slide with the copy number inside.

lackthrow - "blue dove" (2009 alOne)

1. deadtruism
2. blue dove
3. circleofgirls
4. checkered
5. brain tumor
6. turns to me alone (ensnared)
7. basilisk (so sit)
8. stutterfolly
9. scrapecheat
10. traverse
11. absence
12. dream4709
13. projectile (the big lie)
14. basilisk (so sit nothing)

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mutant ape / weak sisters - "A tribute to g.G.allin" (2007 Turgid Animal)

1. Weak Sisters – I Wanna Fuck Myself 3:30
2. Weak Sisters – TYO Fuck 3:58
3. Mutant Ape – Watch Me Kill 2:08
4. Mutant Ape – Bite It You Scum 4:50
5. Mutant Ape – Outlaw Scumfuck 3:01
LTD.ED. 25 copies


The End - "bodies of decomposition" (1998 noiseperversexxx)[re-up 2022]

single sided cassette release from Norway's The End(sic mundi+toe cutter).
noisier than their split with abfall, not as catchy either...
 quite good, just in a different way.
the end sound is in full effect-typical elements are in place...
disturbing samples, beats, structure, noisy washes, dark tone...pretty much horror movie feeling
A1  deathrow inmate
A2  perverted soul
A3  dead girl
A4  disease
A5  bodies of decomposition

Avmakt - "Eitre" (2010 Suprematist)

christian plumber - "jane doe" (1995)

*program repeats on both sides*

1. jane doe
2. lament
3. kate michelman (prochoice)
4. john rankin (antichoice)



this cd left a deep mark.  powerful stuff.
pro-cd  worth every single penny (and it'd still be a bargain!)
 if you can still find one (though, unfortunately, your chances are quite slim as this was a numbered edition of 496 copies)


Paragon Null - "falsified e.p." (1998 house of tears)

...some pretty heavy guitar moments in Ashen...

words from the website:
"Originally conceptualized by Cuscino in late 1997, Paragon Null came to fruition in early 1998 with the release of the Falsified EP, described in Dead Zine as "a definite must have." This release showcased a dark, metallic-tinged industrial sound. Record label attention soon followed, and Paragon Null signed to Glass Diamond Records. Glass Diamond released the Clockwork Flux EP in the summer of 1998. This release displayed a stripped-down, bare-bones Paragon Null delving into drum & bass, old-school techno, and trance, while still adding their own original flavor. Several compilation appearances soon followed including Quiet Boy Recordings' Secrets from the Cone of Silence, Blacklight Records' Collapsing Structure, and Velvet Empire Records' Digital Assimilation.

Paragon Null's previous releases displayed an outfit constantly dabbling in genre-swapping. The change has just begun, however, for Paragon Null have recently found their niche in ethereal trance/trip-hop and 1999's independently released Welcome to the Mach-2.

This record brings to mind early works from Aphex Twin, and close ties to Massive Attack and Tricky can be heard straining throughout the sonic swirl. If listened to closely, Underworld, Future Sound of London, Björk, and Orbital can also be heard skipping through Paragon Null's vast treasure trove of influences.

Having settled on a fundamental sound, while maturing sonically, musically, and spiritually, Paragon Null promises to be hitting the rave generation with more beats-per-minute of ambient brilliance in the months and years to come. Welcome to the world of Paragon Null, where the soundscape to the future prepares to invade your mind.
Paragon Null is:
Curt Cuscino & Mark Lomas"

yeah, okay, whatever. back in the 90's i launched my own promo-craps so i know how this goes. this thing is short so just dl and see what you think. its definitely a different band than the paragon null which followed shortly. go on, grab it, its tiny, its good, and theres no way in hell you'll be able to find this early side of Paragon Null anywhere else.

a1. in this hour {polarized mix}
a2. stealing gravity
b1. ashen
b2. @trophy

Spastic Colon/Bastard Noise - "Bastard Noise / Spastic Colon SPLIT" (1998 pinch-a-loaf productions)

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the rita / maim - "split" (2005 snip-snip records)

1 The Rita Straight Razor Vs. Knife (30:02)
2 Maim Belly Of The Beast (22:22)
3 Maim Furnace Dream (17:50)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

worldhate - "transformation impact" (1997 Ballistic Test/flaming fish music)

a remix (original found on their debut "WOUND"), an alternate version (original found on "EGODESTROYER"), and a few original pieces.   'transformation impact' taps into the 3 previously displayed sides of worldhate with great ease.    awesome stuff, but this wasn't the end, there was so much more to come...


this is an old review ....which is kind of...special  :

"Worldhate, from Indonesia, sounds like a cross between Blackhouse and Gadget with a smidge of Joy Electric thrown in for good measure. The opening track "Blurred Visions" starts out fun as campy synths mix with mechanical percussion and static noises. After a few minutes an unwelcome, grating ending rears its ugly head. The second track is pure experimental noise with sequencing of loud machine sounds and little variation. According to the lyrics on the tape cover, this track is supposed to have vocals (the only one) but I can't seem to uncover them anywhere in the thick wall of sound. "Tranquilized by Chaos" is an appropriate name for the fourth song as tranquil ambient synths are disrupted and overtaken by chaotic mechancial noises. It reminds me a lot of "The Insane Creatures of My Mind" by Twitch on Escape the Furnace. And like that song, the serenity was nice while it lasted. At the end of the tape, the band redeems itself with a strong performance of danceable industrial noise in "The Renewal". This is my favourite song on the tape. Although, there are some great moments within these five songs, there aren't enough of them and they don't last through an entire song. Nonetheless, this band deserves a look by fans of Blackhouse and other similar noise bands.
--Richard Maaranen"

Internal Empty - "Mineral Series Volume 7, Deadtones records" (2013 DeadTonesRecords)

please do check out the entire mineral series. it will absolutely be worth yer time.

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Lackthrow - "BlocK" (2008 alOne)



A1      ZAO – Repressed 4:22
B1      Through And Through – In The Midst Of Trials 2:58
B2      Through And Through – Resistance 3:46

various artists - "Tape Heads volume one:STAND UP" (1998 haltapes) *re-post

Audio works by hometapers from Canada, Czech Republic, England, Indonesia, Italy, The Netherlands, and USA

A1 Manster Red Stick (3:23)
A2 Hal McGee Independent S.O.B. (4:43)
A3 Ruhr Hunter Gallows (4:37)
A4 Merrick McKinlay The Red Sparrow (3:25)
A5 Don Campau Monterey Road Fever (4:01)
A6 If, Bwana Sentinel Farms (For Piano) (4:50)
A7 The Implicit Order Static Rumble Lucid Dreaming (5:10)
A8 Dave Fuglewicz Klein's Bottle (4:32)
A9 The Violet Grind Greenfields (3:04)
A10 Carnal Hedron Coitus One Last Fuck Up (4:44)
B1 Flatline Construct Ersatz (3:02)
B2 The Teleflood Project Telecommunications Detox (4:22)
B3 De Fabriek Slow Hop (3:07)
B4 Napalmed Nap Hal Med (4:42)
B5 Eddy Rollin Band In Memory Of Mary Ellen McKeon (5:06)
B6 Dan Susnara Pop Objects (3:07)
B7 Worldhate Kuasa Doa (4:33)
B8 Wagstaff Fist From A Sea/ Degredation (3:18)
B9 Neandertal Other Signal To Paranoia (3:12)
B10 Concrete 4:28:98:5:6:98 (4:59)
B11 HKO Abduction (4:48)


LACKTHROW - "dearth" (2009/2013)

1.  faded sensation (vivid)  (bce)  

2.  atrophied capacity         

3 . lacking                          

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Drop Dead - "March of Empire" (1990)

awesome death/thrash crossover band.
holy shit do i miss this... still,  its amazing they left behind a just about perfect album with 'our forgotten destiny'
Ω (and a few other good tapes to boot!)
(also: a.r.t. records was a complete bullshit rip-off label, shame on them for taking in so much money and delivering nothing to their customers!)

OUTCAST/ZAO - "The Ties That Bind" (1999 Steadfast)

1. zao - flight
2. zao - security
3. outcast - what have we done
4. outcast - wasting time