Thursday, December 30, 2010

dismal XLVI (december 2010)

not an ounce of xmas b.s. this year

wounds, self perception theory, 36, celer, a hymn for her, svarte greiner + many more
*playlist is tagged in file*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Âmes Sanglantes - "Mega Star Barbies" (2000 self)

**not actual cover**
harsh noise cassette action

A1 My Body, My Money 
A2 I Smell Good
A3 Bloodbath In Hollywood
B1 I Sold My Soul For Gold
B2 Teenage Highschool Soundtrack
B3 Pop Music

Preacha - "Geography Of A Journey" (1997 n•soul)


1. Tormential Pain (Stage 1) 6:21
2. Bring Me Joy (Stage 7) 3:31
3. All This Love I’m Giving (Stage 9) 3:11
4. Thank God (Stage 6) 4:13
5. We Lift Our Voices (Stage 10) 7:49
6. Point Of No Return (Stage 5) 7:03
7. Inner Peace (Stage 2) 4:57
8. Only You (Stage 4) 5:59
9. Reachin’ (Stage 3) 3:21
10. Faith For The Future (Stage 8) 7:26

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soul junk -"1941" (2001 absalom recordings)

3" limited to 1000 as part of Absalom Recordings subcription series in handprinted cardboard.
maybe my fave soul junk...its less 'rock' and more 'electronic' type stuff. interesting release.

1. sticker shawk
2. houston
3. achilles eye
4. rubbernecker (sto neck rub remix)
5. sulphur puddle (featuring chuck P)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fear reaction - "all this i did for thee" (1992)

ltd.ed. on cassette 1992
reformed december 2010

side a:
the bubble
well dissolution of good intent

side b:
regicide (long)
the redundant song
homoexcusia (corrective)
regicide (short)
end of tape

Bernhard Günter - "Un Peu de Neige Salie" (1993 selektion)

The music on this CD is intended to be listened to at very low volume!
(now that's a refreshing change of pace)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

delifeath - "rebirth through demise" (2000 alpha/omega systems)

side a:

rebirth through demise

side b:

bruised youth
return to purity

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lackthrow - "...sheep as wolves" (2003) *repost*

review from noise vomit webzine (
*translated by google*

"At first I was a little surprised how big this albom: still 1 hour and 12 minutes - a lot. She just wanted to harsh noise, but my expectations were not fulfilled, then something is not something that was already used.
If we draw an analogy with other genres, I would choose sludge and doom, it is too viscous and low sound selected here for the main. In prinitspe some tracks drag on the power elctronics, such as "the last amidst the corrupted throngs", which is made by a vocal, more precisely, its different variations. Atmospheric and somber thing.
The album as a whole is full and varied, as it may seem, it is made on one note, there are many different techniques, there are even some music. insertion, frequency diversity and vocal outbursts. The longest track lasts eighteen minutes, the shortest - one. Depression, anger, emptiness, alienation.
Other albums of this fellow I did not listen, but this one I liked.
1. lackofvision
2. lighten up baby, it's only me
3. the last amidst the corrupted throngs
4. my dying day is on the horizon
5. lacerated ego
6. my best days are behind me
7. the sweetest of sweet hearts
8. lackthropy
9. leaving everything behind


dj scott blackwell - "clubhouse" (1996 n•soul records)

a continuous dj mix which plays as one track, though it is cut for cd into 3 tracks.
caters more to the 'house' side of the label at the time.

“Mixed live by DJ Scott Blackwell - July 1995, N•Soul studios, Los Angeles, CA. Recorded digitally to enhance listener euphoria.” 

1 Scott Blackwell - Scott’s Intro 1:01
2a Paradigm Shift - Grip 5:21
2b Rhythmsaints - Love Will See Us Through 3:41
2c AJ Mora - Something Dubby 4:19
2d Crystal Lewis - I Now Live (Essential Collection Remix) 6:43
2e AJ Mora - I Found Something Real (Mijangos Harmony Mix) 3:17
2f Hydro - Rain Maker (The Nutter Stomp Mix) 3:48
2g Hydro - Touch The Spirit (The 303 Dream Topping Mix) 5:33
3a Rhythmsaints - (I Need To Feel) Your Love 4:57
3b Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Get On Up 5:11
3c AJ Mora - I Lift My Hands 3:10
3d Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Oh Happy Day 4:47
3e Rhythmsaints - Living Joy (Calvin Chambers Remix) 6:47
3f AJ Mora - Rapture (C-mon Lift Me Up) (The Dub) 3:52
3g Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Amen 3:15
3h Scott Blackwell - X Factor 3:45

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Echoing Green - "defend your joy" (1994 MYX records)

2 versions of this cd came out.  both had the same tracklist, but only the edition issued in the cardboard sleeve (which is presented here) contained the bonus tracks listed.
the echoing green has changed its sound considerably over the years and while this early release does sound a bit my ears its that good kind of dated. (make of that what you will)
produced by ronnie martin (of joy electric fame) and released on scott blackwell's old label....
defend your joy

1. Ocean Chorus 1:21
2. 2nd Chance 4:10
3. Son In My Eyes 4:21
4. Terra Firma (Stand) 4:56
5. Enter Love 4:18
6. Defend Your Joy 4:24
7. Pray 5:08 (underworld cover)
8. Brand New Day 3:29
9.Arrival 3:53
10. Stay Awake 4:21

CD Bonus
11. Deep Inside Your Heart (Remyx) 4:34
Remix by Q
12. Terra Firma (Stand) (Remyx) 6:17


tourette - "erotauros" (2003 junk kult lsd)

top-shelf harsh noise from france

1. For Vaginal Moisture 8:13
2. Romance 2:38
3. Shock Rock 1:51
4. Deflowerending 2:27


tourette - "etherveiler" (2003 Junk Kult Lsd)

1. hecatoncheires
2. brules mon ame  glaces mes pas vers la lumiere
3. jai cree mon dieu. invalide, destructeur
4. et quand bien meme je verrai le soleil, ta vie aurait plu
5. je veux aller encore plus bas, chercher l'oublie, devenir
6. dead hecatoncheires

Abruptum - "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me" (1993 blooddawn productions)

part 1
part 2

Value Pac/Ghoti Hook - "untitled" (1996 tooth and nail records)

1. Ghoti Hook - Shrinky Dinks 2:54
2. Ghoti Hook - Scared Am I 3:36
3. Value Pac - Graduation Day 3:19
4. Value Pac - Loner 3:11

Monday, December 6, 2010

nothingisttrue/dance wounds - "split" (???? SRR)

1. Nothingisttrue - Bob Larsen Should Be Shot And Killed And Raped In The Ass
2. Nothingisttrue - You Should Be Killed
3. Nothingisttrue - Cunt Envy
4. Nothingisttrue - Right2kill (Whitehouse cover)
5. Nothingisttrue - Dead Little Girls
6. Nothingisttrue - Victory Thru Hate
7. Nothingisttrue - Diamond Dogs
8. Dance Wounds - Untitled

Limited to 30 copies.

The Echoing Green - "Oxygen" (1997 MYX records)

1. Oxygen (CHR Radio Edit) 3:55
Remix - Dave Sears
2. Oxygen (Trinity Sight Mix) 4:08
3. Oxygen (Album Version) 4:46
4. Oxygen (Julia 22 Mix) 4:49
Remix - System 22
5. Oxygen (Cinco De Mayo Mix) 5:24
Remix - Joey Fernandez
6. Oxygen (Jerome & Bass Mix) 4:44
Remix - Jerome Fontamillas


Friday, December 3, 2010

sickness/ taint/skin crime - "behind the smile" (2001 Self Abuse Records)

though i dare not post the album, i strongly recommend you try to buy it.
if you buy one noise album this year...make it this one.
yes, i realize this is almost a decade old, but holy shit its solid.
the sickness tracks alone make it worth the purchase imo.
harsh noise spanning a few different styles, most definitely worth the dough.

1. Taint - Stop Crying 3:37
2. Taint - I Wish I Hadn't Harmed Her 5:49
3. Taint - Sperma Brutal 5:39
4. Skin Crime - You're My Wife Now 15:55
5. Sickness - The Abuse We Do Part I 7:04
6. Sickness - Won't Be Me 6:49
7. Sickness - The Abuse We Do Part II 10:44

noise/girl - "discopathology" (2005 killer pimp)


betrayal - "Fear be gone/fallen Deceived" (1992 wonderland) *re-up*

long before the itunes music store...cassingles.
the music is worth the download.
i kept the silly interview/promo bit for the two of you who would be interested.