Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crawl Unit - "the future in reverse" (1997 Povertech Industries)

*by request*

This is an incredibly impressive cd, no matter the genre you match it up to.
I dare say it might be one of those almost perfect experimental soundworks.  Be sure to pay attention to the track titles as they really inform the sounds and concepts explored.
Intriguing all the way through, like a fascinating film.
came in a nice, very attractive, quality digipak from povertech industries.

Sound events composed and constructed by J. Colley Jan-Jul 97 @ Studio for Regenerative Cosmetics, Sacramento, California. 05 recorded live in San Francisco during Sound Culture 96 presented by 23 5 Inc.

1 You Suffer (Part 2) (7:41)
2 Amp Wind / Ringer I (5:20)
3 Flamelengths (5:33)
4 Prelude To A Fuck / Ringer II (4:56)
5 Patience (Live) (10:03)
6 Conecrack, Speaker Rot, Etc. (8:27)
7 As My Contact Mic Gently Weeps... (5:41)
8 Flarelight (9:55)
9 Psychicblindspot / The Eternal... (9:06)

320kbps mp3


Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Å tracks (anarchofreaksproduction)
two tracks from the 4xcdr 'death metal' 4 way.
these are two of the three Å tracks.
go there immediately. download in just about any format you like.
and/or listen via the player right there on the page.
pretty(ugly) kick butt harsh wall noise.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

kazumoto endo / putrefier - "split" (2001 Birthbiter)

1 Kazumoto Endo - Mosquito Cleavage 9:41
2 Putrefier - Yes Please, Spangle Face 5:17
3 Putrefier - Awaken By Cosmos Breakin' Loops 4:41

ornette coleman - "the art of the improvisers"

Recorded in New York, May 22, 1959 - March, 1961.

1. The Circle With A Hole In The Middle 4:53
2. Just For You 3:48
3. The Fifth Of Beethoven 6:35
4. The Alchemy Of Scott La Faro 9:50
5. Moon Inhabitants 4:28
6. The Legend Of Bebop 7:15
7. Harlem's Manhattan 8:10
8. Music Always 5:28
9. Brings Goodness 6:35


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

crawl Unit - "Proprietary Acoustics (live)" (1996 PURE)

more stunning work from joe colley, pretty 'raw' sounding this time, which is a cool dimension here.
1. hostile crowd
2. zero to infinite power, part 1
3. part 2
4. testmusic (fragments)
5. precision disappearance(homage to moroder) splice
6. untitled (7HZ)
7. ignite the air parts 1 and 2


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guilty Connector - "sabbath connector sabbath" (2000 HMW Distribution)


another blazing hot jolt to your system courtesy of the always kick-ass MAIM.

1.flesh inferno
2.hidden patterns
3.inevitabile fatvm of many knives
5.a fire is put out by flames cuerda
7.nothing is revealedé

white torture - "albtraum o.s.t." (2007 Clinical Archives)

oft referred to as 'ambient noisecore', i'm not too sure how happy i am with that label (or its accuracy) but whatever. its a good listen in a way.  don't look for analogue brutality unleashed here though, this is (mostly) quite restrained and digital 'industrial' as the term is.

1. In Dystrance 10:48
2. Hilfe 6:08
3. Hollowcaust 4:58
4. Schmerz Hass Leid 12:32
5. 3000 Augen 10:23
6. Experimental Homicide 7:44

Thursday, January 20, 2011

cranial vulnus - "panacea" (1994/2011)*FIXED REPOST*

 originally recorded in mono on one side of a 60 min cassette.
as i screwed up the original post (wrong tracks) apologies, here is the
corrected post:

Cranial Vulnus - "obliviate" (1993/2010)

1.remove superduperremix2010
3.i see hate 2010
4. pagan nightmare 2010
5.cranial vulnus 2010
7.argue on death 2010
 8.obliviate2010 hell(slight)2010
 10.your day's comin' 2010
 11.momtha 2010
12.i enjoy 2010
 15.obliviate remix 2010
16.this is choice? 2010
17.downward 2010
18.out of bounds 2010
19.defiance (the lead cover) 2010
20.manifest hate 2010 me (vengeance rising cover) 2010
22.alive xxx 2010
23.follow not your feelings 2010
24.the eve of war 2010

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lackthrow - "The Myth of Orgasm" (2004 alOne productions)*re-up*

|||as requested|||

released on cdr in paper envelopes. the tracklist was written on the cdr. ltd. ed. 15
why don't you just go ahead and guess the sound sources and how it was made...
its all about lies and abuses, manipulations and lies...

1. consecretion (3:59)
2. the myth of orgasm part 1 (14:09)
3. part 2 (34:18)
4. part 3 (27:27)


A.R.GH - "Urban Sickness" (2008 Kaos Ex Machina Promotions)

harsh noise...HNWish...ambient, a touch of droniness...  more active, shorter bursts.
misleading descriptions..who needs this shit?

1. Can't Stand It 5:12
2. Detuned 4:00
3. Makes Me Sick 9:02
4. Cleaning Up The Mess 5:08


Sunday, January 16, 2011

emulsion - "death of the author" (2003 interference records)

1 Pornography 2:53
2 Is Lust 3:10
3 Undone 3:12
4 Sonido Negro 4:17
5 Every Machine Makes A Mistake 5:38

Friday, January 14, 2011

mutant ape - "marilyn" (2005 no lyrics records)

A1   Abnormal Brain

A2   Kill Everything

A3   Animal Sex

A4   Bite All The Hands

A5   Killed With A Spiked Drink

A6   Patty Hearst Holding A Gun

A7   Vampire Decay

B1   Ingrid's Head

B2   She Wept Like A Fucker

B3   You Cunt Splitter 

k.k. null - "Extasy Of Zero-G Sex" (1998 Vinyl Communications*repost*)

1   O-01 4:33
2   M-01 5:41
3   N-02 4:06
4   T-05 2:08
5   W-01 3:03
6   X-02 4:27
7   J-01 3:27
8   V-02 7:01
9   W-02 3:45
10   Y-05 6:08


various artists - "cross rhythms: sanctified dance from the U.K. underground" (1995 N•Soul)

1 Minds Of Men - Higher Power 5:29
2 Minds Of Men - Desire (Original Mix) 4:57
3 Born Twice - Brand New (Hard Mix) 6:41
4 Scientists Of Sound - Searching For Love 7:36
5 Breakspear - You Have Set Me Free (Liberate Xprez Whirlygigin) 9:42
6 The Flood- Morning Time 8:29
7 Mistral - Mistral 7:29
8 Andrew Pierce - Reach Out To Heaven 6:34
9 Soul Freedom - I Believe In You 3:22
10 Order Of Melchizedek - Life And Death 4:18
11 Nessie  - It's Not A Swearword 5:42

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hill hook -"surely as the cruelest words" (2011)

loose experimental jaunt borne of a social networking site 'friend-to-friend-to-friend-activity'

1. postcrash
2. teenagebooty


Monday, January 10, 2011

morgion - "among majestic ruin" *re-post*(1997 relapse)

at times reminds me of the first paramæcium album with orchestral and acoustic elements added.
VERY good doom/death metal.

1.Relic Of A Darkened Past
2.In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)
4.Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning
5.Invalid Prodigy


INTERNAL EMPTY-"recluse" (1998 ltd.ed.ancient invitation) + "in opposition (recluse)" (2008 alOne)

from the old label website in the 90's:

"Internal Empty-"Recluse" (74min. harsh noise from this
mysterious artist. Features some rare compilation
tracks, the YHWH Power trilogy, new tracks + a couple
of single source pieces that recall older Internal
Empty work)"

limited to 5 copies as a part of the "in the dirt" series, far too ridiculous even for the ridiculous a.i.musick, each cd consisting of different collage / xerox artwork. is that jennifer love hewitt? why yes, yes it is!

1. YHWH POWER 1 (engulfed remix)
4. Elohim Embrace
5. Once upon a time lived a magical creature who called himself Static Blazilhoth
6.Deadly Trend (kip kinkle compilation track on menschenfiend prod.)
7.The mind of Luke Woodham
8.Static Blazilhoth takes over
10. negate

Internal Empty - "in opposition (recluse)" (2008 alOne)

1.jehovah, of the elohim and asherah, his wife
2.baal /relative /enemy /twisted origins
3.surviving magical being
4.murderers (in the image of god)
5.the evil yhvh

Sunday, January 9, 2011

negativland - "dyspepsia" (1997 seeland)

i really didn't appreciate this album nearly as much 13 years ago as i do now.

the title does not actually appear anywhere on the CD due to trademark law restrictions; instead, scrambled versions of the title are used.  i've listed it here under the actual unscrambled title.
give the insert a read why don't you?

1 The Smile You Can't Hide 1:34
2 Drink It Up 3:46
3 Why Is This Commercial? 2:18
4 Happy Hero 5:03
5 A Most Successful Formula 3:30
6 The Greatest Taste Around 2:14
7 Hyper Real 0:54
8 All She Called About 3:23
9 I Believe It's L 6:21
10 Humanitarian Effort 0:32
11 Voice Inside My Head 3:46
12 Aluminum Or Glass: The Memo 3:46
13 Bite Back 5:31


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cyberhalo - "cyberhalo" (1999 ionic records)

debut of cyberhalo.
"Although primarily instrumental, the album followed a loose concept centered around the events prophesied to accompany the Second Coming of Christ in Revelation, Daniel, 1 & 2 Thessalonians and other books of the Bible. Several tracks, including "Every Eye Shall See Him", "The Paradise of God", "The Church In Sardis" and "I Was In The Spirit" feature spoken-word readings of various passages from Revelation. Other notable numbers include the throbbing, club-friendly "Electric Wafer", the midtempo ambient/trance opus "Forever Saved", the tribal/world music number "Didjeridoo Style", which sets the droning, otherworldly sounds of the aforementioned instrument to dance beats and "Swing 2000", a short, but unique number that combines the late 90's neo-swing revival with synth blips to create a trippy, post-modern fusion of both genres."