Thursday, October 31, 2013

armageddon holocaust - "into total destruction" (2000 THT Productions)

i loved the hell out of this album when it came out.
still dig it alot today. its pretty fast and noisy.
this is the debut of this project from Jefray Arwadi of Kekal and WORLDHATE.

1. Morbid Preludium
2. The Seven Churches of Apokalypse
3. Visions of a Coming Death
4. Signs of Death
5. Destroying the Destroyers
6. Countdown to Destruction
7. Seven Bowls of Wrath
8. Doom of Babylon
9. Traces to the Second Death
10. Feasting Upon the Kings Corpses
11. Armageddon Holocaust
12. Morbid Eternal Suffering


worldhate-"disharmonichaos '98" (1998 selfreleased)

another cassette from worldhate that i ripped myself ages ago. this one is quite different and the title is quite fitting. the vocals, frantic drumming, harsh mind melting noise and techno elements from other releases are nowhere to be found here. this one seems as if its more improvised and uses an odd set of 'instruments' often including a heap of keyboards. i suppose you could say it gets a bit 'noodly' at some points.(part II becomes way more fun as an experience than you think it is as a track at the start, really trippy) Still fun, though this is probably my least favorite WORLDHATE release. see for youself what you think, i'm quite interested in hearing your opinions on this one.

1.disharmonichaos 98 a1
2.disharmonichaos 98 b1
3.disharmonichaos II
4.disharmonichaos III

Bride - Live! Volume 1 (1999 Self)

This item is rare, as only 2,500 were produced.  (not at all rare by noise standards eh?)

for being as old as it is, you might think it'd have some of the great bride songs on it or at least, you know, great stuff from the golden era...late 80's/early 90's...but..... anyway, this is something completely unexpected...which is a good surprise once in a while for sure.  
anyway, its good, as always from bride...but i must admit...this easily goes into my 'not so much mah fave bride box'   

but personal taste, we all know how that goes.
i'm still on that this is very worth having tho.

"Intro." – 0:34
"I Aint Coming Down" – 2:35
"If I told You It Was The End Of The World" – 4:20
"The Worm" – 4:47
"I Found God" – 4:48
"Under The Blood" – 4:48
"Day By Day" – 4:13
"If I Live For You" – 3:32
"Why Won't He Break" – 4:10
"End" – 4:56
"No Drugs" – 0:25
"It's Only When I'm Left Alone" – 4:08
"He Never Changes" – 0:07
"I Love You" – 3:05
"Amazing Grace" – 3:57
"The Big Black Motor" – 0:42
"Jesus On The Mainline" – 3:02
"I Have Decided" – 3:16
"Dale's Sermon" – 9:05
Tracks 1-9 recorded at The Christmas Rock Night Festival in Germany, December 1998.
Tracks 10-14 recorded on the Fall 1998 Brazil Tour.
Tracks 15-18 recorded at The King's Palace, Columbus, OH, 11-21-98.
Track 19 recorded at Cornerstone 1997


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Queaerns / analspermshit - "split" (2002)

short but definitely not sweet:)
i really don't know an awful lot of particulars on this release now (thanks for failing me, memory)
but its a weird little
split between  Queaerns (eris never died) and analspermshit(jason campbell/i am that i am)
just rediscovered after many years, i can't even recall how long...

its worth a shot, esp. for its length. come on. whirly bird.

1.queaerns - queaerns is love
2.queaerns - caprinae caprini capra aegagrus
3.queaerns - glossolalia 1
4.queaerns - glossolalia 2
5.queaerns - caprinae queaernus
6.anal spermshit - i hope you die with a baseball up your ass
7.anal spermshit - kiss my anal sludge
8.anal spermshit - sky fuck bomb
9.anal spermshit - this track is noise, not noisecore!