Thursday, June 22, 2017

kazumoto endo/putrifier - split [2001]


1 –Kazumoto Endo Mosquito Cleavage 9:41
2 –Putrefier Yes Please, Spangle Face 5:17
3 –Putrefier Awaken By Cosmos Breakin' Loops 4:41
moby and the void pacific choir (20this and 20that)


vond -"aids to the people" (self 2017)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

moby - "hymn.alt.quiet.version" (1994 mute records limited)

hymn.alt.quiet.version  33.3333333333333

one of the first non-major (of over 100) releases i bought by moby and still one of my faves.
btw...there are no beats at all on this record, in fact, it is quite a beautiful ambient giant.


guilty connector - "Cosmic Trigger / 2am Visit"(2004groundfaultrecordings)


Monday, June 5, 2017

wickeds end - "temporal pain" [1994 floppy fish]

in a bit of revisionist history (they're more than entitled to it!) side-band "stone face" has been included under all things "wickeds end" on their bandcamp page, which i can't blame them for.  (i always found stone face to be the stronger of the two acts-then again, they're just different)  stone face material is awesome and it's good that it's out there again, albeit unfortunately censored.  this is a rip from the original tape release of the more straight forward thrash metal original wickeds end.  enjoy and be sure to check out stone face too on bandcamp (now referred to as wickeds end)

beauty - "automatic killfest" (2000 self-released)

some tracks are dancey, some are machine gun rapid fire industrial metal
 (big heavy guitar action included),
some tracks have more of an electro-ambient thing going on,
vocals are sometimes whispered, sometimes heavily distorted, sometimes

 otherwise heavily processed. samples, etc.
very good genre record.

1. Mute 4:19
2. Rewind 4:19
3. Fragment 4:38
4. Time To Failure 1:27
5. Perforated 3:59
6. Exit Wound 4:27
7. Serenity 4:00
8. Outpatient 5:02
9. Dead Air 3:29


Friday, June 2, 2017


originally a 3xcd
38 tracks (otherwise unreleased as far as i know)


years later...

  • Extremely Limited To 10 Hand-numbered Copies!
    Double Compact Discs Compilation

    "It is a compilation with much honor to a man named Marco Corbelli [Atrax Morgue] who unfortunately is no longer with us.
    So I then decided to do something dedicated to this man. In order to do so I called up friends and projects to take part of a compilation... and it was done! Here are the two CDs tribute to Atrax Morgue! " /Hari Maia

    Includes unlimited streaming of Atrax Morgue: Tribute Compilation via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Ornette Coleman - "chappaqua suite" (1997 sony)

recorded in 1965. we all owe ornette ALOT...

1-1 Part I (21:16)1-2 Part II (18:45)2-1 Part III (17:39)2-2 Part IV (21:47)

Necrophonie ‎– 1996 - 2006 (Dogma Chase)


reject remixes 2017 [ask]

a handful of years ago i began to ask friends for remixes of "reject #1"
years later...having received a few mixes, i need more for at least 40 min of tracks.  the original was only a 60 min tape so this should be relatively easy.  i did some remixes too.  anyway, i'm saying i'm into this again and i'm asking for more mixes.
thanks in advance...hell, thanks for wasting life on reading this nonsense.
the master was recorded to one tape, so there are no additional source materials.  the original is found here.  have fun!

saviour machine - "0" (1990 indie)

from wikipedia:
 "Eric Clayton's most ambitious work has been Saviour Machine, which released two studio albums Saviour Machine I (1993) and Saviour Machine II (1994) before starting the Legend trilogy that strictly focuses on the end times, Book of Revelation and prophecies about the biblical apocalypse. The band has also released a compilation album titled Synopsis (2003), the live albums Live in Deutschland 1995 and Live in Deutschland 2002. Both were also filmed and released on VHS and DVD format. The band was originally signed to Christian metal label Frontline Records but gothic metal in all its visual appearance was misunderstood in US Christian scenes, and eventually Saviour Machine began work with MCM Music and Massacre Records, labels based in Germany where the band was more popular than in US. In 1997 Saviour Machine performed at Wacken Open Air, the biggest exclusively metal music festival in the world.
Eric Clayton has on and off been working on the last album in the Legend series, Legend Part III:II, which should have been the last Saviour Machine album. The album was supposed to be released on July 7, 2007, but was postponed due to Clayton's esophageal condition called Barrett's Esophagus which was diagnosed in 2004 but eventually got worse.[2]
Clayton has compiled The Collective Journals (1997–2009) released in 2010 available at the band website. Soon after performing a handful of unplugged Saviour Machine-shows in The Netherlands and Germany in 2013, Eric Clayton officially broke up the band, abandoned the unfinished Legend-project, and retired from the music business. He is still committed to playing at Ayreon's Theater Equation shows in Holland in September 2015."

Frank's Enemy - "Qoheleth" (1993 Not Silent)

link line
man, you made a lonely world
you are god
reasons to say no

Frank's Enemy - "neoblasphemies" (1996 Cling records/CMG)

neoblasphemies was f.e.'s second "big label" cd. Frank's Enemy has always been some sort of weird...funk, grindcore, punk, electronic elements, death metal, growls and gutteral grunts, screams, noise, clean vocals, acoustic, thrash, ska, and a heap of crazy mixing.
Make no mistake, this is fuckin heavy.

1. I Think
2. Human Reich
3. Imbecile Factory
4. Cannibalized
5. Uncalled For
6. Torturer
7. Inevitable
8. Cauldron
9. Hanging On A Tree
10. In Answer
11. Stephen Hawking Walked Away


Frank's Enemy - "illumination" (1998 Cling records/CMG)

the beginning of this cd (the 3rd from f.e.) has amused me ever since it came out. its great to start up loud and freak people out with who happen to be hanging around. Frank's Enemy has always been some sort of weird...funk, grindcore, punk, electronic elements, death metal, growls and gutteral grunts, screams, noise, clean vocals, acoustic, thrash, ska, and a heap of crazy mixing. when its good its really good, when its bad its not that bad, but it always made me wish they had stuck with the elements in their other great songs...
easy enough to call this experimental grindcore i guess.
enjoy....though likely this is a 'love it or hate it' album.

1. Frankskanemy!/Codebasher
2. Face To Face Again
3. Dysfunctional
4. Friends In The Skies
5. John The Baptist Revisited
6. My Night Alone
7. Ashes
8. Lamento
9. Frank’s Enemy Metro
10. Straight Up/Down
11. Nothing Changed
12. One Of Them
13. Antigod
14. Another Liberation
15. Serenity

frank's enemy - "frank's enemy" (1994 not silent)

first cd by the band, which finds them experimenting.
this is often a good thing.
this one isn't quite as heavy as some of the bonecrushing tunage to come on later releases.

1. "Link Line" (2:36)
2. "Things Don't Work Out" (6:09)
3. "Destroy" (4:54)
4. "Acts of Love" (6:52)
5. "Judas" (5:39)
6. "Psychic Pain" (5:58)
7. "You Are God" (3:38)
8. "Man, You Made A Lonely World" (7:48)
9. "Reasons to Say No" (14:39)

*a live instr. bit of 'hope you stay alive' from the lead's 'burn this record' album appears at the end of track 9*
*click above image for lyrics*


Frank's Enemy - "Atrocities" (1992 Not Silent)

frank's enemy's first tape, less of a grindcore feel here and more punk/thrash with some of the deathy vocals still intact, still very fast and heavy though.
1. Cry for the Waste
2. Me vs. God
3. Broken Again
4. Tonges
5. Never Be the Same
6. John the Baptist Revisited
7. Moby-Dick #3
8. Enemies in the Faith
9. This House
10. I Love You
11. Temptation Game
12. Out to Pasture
13. Dysfunctional
14. Another Liberation
15. Coda
16. Epitaph


various artists - "Sounds of Approaching Destruction volume 1" (1998 THTUnderground)

"Extreme dark music compilation with styles ranging from black metal, melodic death metal, doom, gothic, to haunting experimental music. Bands featured: DEUTERONOMIUM (Finland), KEKAL (Indonesia), DEVOUT (NZ), NECROMANCE (germany), PARADOX (UK), TWITCH (USA), SACRIFICIUM (Germany), MANIFESTIUM (Finland), ANATHOTH, THE FLUOXETINE EFFECT (USA), & VITALITY (Norway)."

side A:

1.deuteronomium - blue moment
2.kekal - a day the hatred dies
3.devout - scolded in evil
4.necromance - vom hindern
5.paradox - a prayer of suffering
6.twitch(pre-lackthrow) - sheep's clothing (cleanversion)

side B:

7.sacrificium - verify error
8.manifestium - kehraaja
9.anathoth - funeral of the olden creation
10.the fluoxetine effect - fateful compulsion
11.vitality - away from destruction

twitch - "REJECT #1" (1997 a.i.)

one of the earlier, more primitive (not the worst thing) twitch cassette releases.

1. amie (RUF mix)
2. goodbyesaresad(c.m.)
3. 6 days(drowning...)
4. old(wait-listen...)
5. beat=up(originalversion)
6. unhealthy
7. in the garden
8. dark enough?

9. wasted
10. amie II
11. goodbyesaresad(deadalivemix)
12. vagabond clown
13. return, o wanderer, return(rejection remix)
14. plan(degrading mix)

#14 is a re-recording/remix of "plan" from the "silentKaos" ep  on rodentrocket/staticcling 1997.
#13 is one of the four recordings/mixes for the scrapped 'noise hymns' compilation  unknown author.
#9 was altered slightly in 2010 for this post.  wow...some 13 years later