Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CORPSE - "corpse/drowning demos" (1993/199?)

3 tracks featured on the demos were re-recorded for the full length 'from the grave' cd release in 1997.
the demo cassettes released here featured different vocalists. (my preference being the first cassette)
though some of the same songs appear on both demos, the songs themselves are quite different.

side A: -~sides mirror~-
1. Rotting Nature 03:03
2. Dead to the World 05:12
3. One Living God 05:05

side A:
1. rotting nature
2. dwell in
3. dead to the worldLink

side B:
4. drowning
5. one living god
6. diversions


Sunday, March 15, 2009

dismal XXVIII

dismal XXVIII

 another hour of deep dark ambient and drone which leads into grime, slime, deathtones and....melancholy.

{.is not.]

1 chaos as shelter - infinity part 2
2 a hymn for her - provisional necrology
3 troum - ghutó-m
4 ruhr hunter - gallows
5 gruntsplatter - hush
6 umbra - hacking the root
7 anaphylaxis - psalter (reverb)
8 arkhitektur noir - door to the inner garden
9 sophia - sogno de ignis
10 steel hook prostheses - decayed angel of mercy
11 jon zaremba - continual self exorcism
12 nordvargr - expanding matter
13 vond - alene i stillhet

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a hymn for her - "Noir Ambiant" (2001 alOne productions)

the second full length from a hymn for her.   easily more drone and bass heavy isolationist type stuff than any work under that moniker since.

7.decay (twit/ch mix)
8.the gaping whole (original mix)

Monday, March 9, 2009


the full length, self-titled debut of Mortiis side project Fata Morgana is some pretty sweet fairytale medieval influenced ambient, much like some of his earlier 'era 1' ambience.
the follow up ep is outdated sounding techno (it sounded outdated when it was released) experiments with some of the ambient elements added.  (they sound nothing alike)

fata morgana - fata morgana (1995)

1 Stargazer (4:37)
2 Søk Din Ånd (5:40)
3 A Forset Path (4:16)
4 Fata Morgana (9:08)
5 Distant Thunder (5:58)
6 The Last Rainbow King (5:24)
7 Purple Sky (4:17)

fata morgana - space race (1996)

1. space race
2. robot city

Friday, March 6, 2009

globalWAVEsystem - "life equals death" (1993 intense records)

1 Soul Like Ice (1:52)
2 It Was Born There (3:01)
3 2CINC! (4:42)
4 Yukionna (5:40)
5 Warfare Prayer (4:20)
6 (To Live Is Christ) Commitment (7:24)
7 Life Equals Death (0:38)
8 It’s Only Natural (4:13)
9 Deathstroke To Youth (4:51)
10 X (5:20)
11 (So Fearful) I.G.S.E.B. (4:57)
12 CXLIII (5:55)
13 (Ears) Plug Out (3:56)
14 (Compassion) Deathstroke (4:44)


autechre - "anti ep" (1994 warp)

Warning. Lost and Djarum contain repetitive beats.
We advise you not to play these tracks if the Criminal Justice Bill becomes law.
Flutter has been programmed in such a way that no bars contain identical beats and can therefore be played at both forty five and thirty three revolutions under the proposed new law. However we advise DJs to have a lawyer and musicologist present at all times to confirm the non repetitive nature of the music in the event of police harrassment.

By breaking this seal, you accept full responsibilty for any consequential action resulting from the product's use, as playing the music contained within these recordings may be interpreted as oppostion to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill.


GOAT / MARAX - "split" (2000 Gameboy)

neither of those images are from the release. the marax design i whipped up tonight. the goat image was a re-work for a tshirt design i did a couple of years ago.
limited to 25 copies on minicdr.
yeah, 25.
this shit is fantastic. don't miss it!
1. goat - hallowed be thy goat
2. marax - scratching harder
3. marax - hail the goat



man oh man is this sad..

EDEN LAKE : thoughts

Knurl - "TORUS" (1999 Alien8recordings)

in a move a bit out of character for Alien8, this Knurl release was issued on CDR and in an edition of just 100 copies back in '99 and i'm glad to have gotten a copy.

all 9 tracks are untitled

Knurl - "floritura deuteranopia" (1998 solopsism)

alan bloor with more of his expert use of metals and constructed sound makers. His source, methods and execution are impressive in the harsh noise world.
Limited to 100 copies.
All pieces performed live, early 1998.
No samplers, computers, or musical
instruments were used on this recording.

1 Untitled (4:42)
2 Untitled (5:59)
3 Untitled (10:53)
4 Untitled (9:24)
5 Untitled (2:51)
6 Untitled (7:46)
7 Untitled (10:10)
8 Untitled (4:43)
9 Untitled (3:55)
10 Untitled (5:49)
11 Untitled (7:56)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


k.k. Null - " Kosmo Incognita EP " (2005 Thisco)

limited edition of 200 copies.

From Connexion Bizarre:

"Kazuyuki Kishino is such a prolific author that it's almost impossible to follow all of his releases in labels as different as ThisCo or Blossoming Noise.
This new sound object is original in it's concept because it consists of a 19:48 minute track recorded in several Tokyo locations. It is a long, throbbing wound that penetrates into the listener's brain until it crushes each and every of his neurons.One perceives quite a few analog sounds triturated from old synths and impressive distortion effects. Little by little, rhythms add themselves to radio frequencies and the chaotic magma becomes a deafening crawling pulsation. KK Null works sound textures with a sculptor's finesse and once again offers us renewed and unending aural pleasure.
This release is enthralling, like everything this artist has produced since his Zeni Geva period and his collaborations with the cream of international noise and comtemporaneous music. I am one of his fans and will remain so for a long time because this man inspires me in my own music and my own plastic vision.
My homage, master."

1. kosmo incognita


Luxury - "Amazing and Thank You" (1995 tooth & nail)

their first full length properly released.
AMAZING luxury AND THANK YOU for the super sweet tunes + lyrics + tone + mood
i have 3 of their 4 albums as LUXURY and  while they are all well awesome, i still would probably put this at the top of my list.  "solid gold" is absolutely incredible, though its unfair to single out just one or 3 tracks...its mostly all just...pure gold.  Gold jerry, gold!
this should be a part of every collection...


1.pink revenge
4.bitter, once again
6.flaming youth flames on
7.the luxury theme
8.know what you think about me
9.kill the famous
10.solid gold
11.rock star (unlisted bonus track)
12.when the curtain falls (unlisted bonus track) - this is another of my faves-

192 kbps mp3

the GRUDGE 3

admittedly, if you watch this whole thing you will see that it is pretty strange.
hello there.


Arthur - "Loneliness is Bliss" (1999 rock city recording company)

Arthur  was(?) a side project of the MxPx guys that found them in much more sombre and slow territory.
its a 'relationship'/'break-up' sort of album, at least that's what i used it for. good title for the album, only one song seems out of place lyrically.  too darn short for sure, as it clocks in at just 19 minutes and 35 seconds.  

1. thought a lot
2. self evaluation
3. birthday party
4. friday, april 6th
5. all my life
6. amazingly true

192kbps mp3

Sunday, March 1, 2009

death cube k - "dreamatorium" ( 1994 strata )

weird ambientish cd that came in one of those cool black jewel cases with grey print on it, the insert was housed in a printed wax paper sheet. the case on my copy is still pitch black, good, pretty stuff. the music is bill laswell and buckethead being weird. the title for the cd is actually quite fitting, but it is a bit more active than you might expect.

1 Land Of The Lost (10:00)
2 Maps Of Impossible Worlds (7:13)
3 Terror By Night (7:08)
4 Maggot Dream (5:07)
5 Dark Hood (12:40)


Internal Empty - "Miss Havisham's Banquet" (2009 unreleased)

1. Miss Havisham's Banquet (42:24)

320kbps mp3



Source material:

steve taylor
david bowie + trent reznor
training for utopia
roni size + zach de la rocha
david bowie + ice cube
under midnight
octane blue + liar's paradise
focused + mark soloman
strapping young lad
frank's enemy
the unknown
prophecy of panic
fear of faith