Thursday, January 28, 2010

parca pace - "parca pace" (1999 flaming fish)

this cd was released in a white cardstock sleeve,
but i had to put mine in a jewel case, cuz its awesome
and i'm anal. request,
here's the debut Parca Pace cd.
the handiwork of Jan Carleklev 
(always brilliant artist & quite the nice bloke i might add)
with a little help on vocals 
from Håkan Paulsson- his partner in sanctum and mago.

1 track. 50 minutes, even.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

metek vs. fuck, the retarded girl - "untitled" (2009 cantankerous)

mr. metek said i could post this so here it is. one of several collaborations between ftrg & metek.
the first track blasts off with some harsh noise and you know immediately that this is going to be a pleasant experience...

sanctum - "let's eat" (2004 cold meat industry)

sanctum returned here with a different line up..though the core of the band and its creative center remained intact.
bit of a different sound, but still distinctly "sanctum".
always very good stuff.  anything from these blokes is worth buying. i've bought just about everything they've churned out in the last 20 years and i've yet to be disappointed.

1 Foodchain 5:12
2 Lie Low 4:28
3 Let's Eat 4:45
4 A Pose 3:14
5 När? 3:28
6 Shut Up 3:42
7 Shine 5:11
8 Sister 4:06
9 Let's Play 1:48
10 A-Part 5:02

Thursday, January 14, 2010

dismal XL

velvet cacoon - candlesmoke
autumn tears - a dreaming kiss
sorrow - forgive me
amber asylum - fear & doubt (in the frozen dawn)
grouper - follow in our dreams
dj non - blackleaf
a hymn for her - noise structure (hard)
keiji haino - red shoes
november növelet - you ask me
les sentiers conflictuels & andrew king - the magnificence
atrium carceri - reunion
the victim's shudder - moan. cry. shiver.
orbis mundi - mysterious cave
parca pace - excerpt from first cd
luasa raelon - mariners
lackthrow - corpus striatum
mike patton - i rumori nutrienti
jarboe - overthrown (w/phil anselmo)

Monday, January 4, 2010

mutant ape/ black leather jesus - "split" (2006 unrest productions)

1. mutant ape - untitled
2. black leather jesus - untitled
limited to 100 copies. gotta be long gone by now with these two particular popular artists.

Gerald Jupitter-Larsen & the Haters - "a song for nihilism now" (1980 jupitter-larsen)

more musical that YOU are used is this 30 year old haters record.

A1 A Song For Nihilism Now
A2 War Of The Worms
A3 Hermaphrodite Liberation
B1 Hateogramme
B2 Protest Nose

the Haters - "in the shade of fire" (1986 silent)

A1 Glsam
A2 Explosions 3
A3 Iny 1
A4 Bebas
A5 Thuch
A6 Diti
B1 Taisic
B2 Cassas
B3 Fire 5
B4 Iny 2

the Haters - "drunk on decay" (1997 release entertainment)

click on the images for what you need to know

mmmmmm, entropy....

the Haters - "death-defying sickness" (2002 noisopoly)

1 Untitled 0:13
2 Death-Defying Sickness 57:23

Friday, January 1, 2010


1.blackhouse - i am reflection
2.                      - no more business as usual
3.blood box - sunday sacrifice
4.blackmouth - blue ink flows through
5.brandon labelle - meter sickness sporadic spectra (extret remix)
6.chaos as shelter - et filii (jesus the swordfish)
7.cornucopia - bines karmicos
8.internal empty - six dreams reunited (create! revisioning)
9.envenomist - scorpion gears (melancholy (remix edit)
10.soulwhirlingsomewhere - the wedding
11.sanctum - juniper dream (live@cornerstone'01)
12.antimatter - black sun (dead can dance cover)
13.ap2 - cold breath of sorrow
14.       - a thousand terrible things
15.arcane device - diabolis ex machina 14
16.                           - machina epilogue dying bride - failure (swans cover)
18.murder by death - intermission