Monday, October 27, 2014

omega alpha - "empathy for the hated" (199? self)

the guitars are distorted and the vocals are distorted. on purpose of course.

*note: the tracklisting on the back of the cd artwork is incorrect.

1.Representing Society
2.Hate Of Myself   
3.Misguided Youth
4.Pedalling The Misanthrope  
5.Teddy Bear Fantasies    
6.Don't Become Me    
7.Empathy For The Hated


another setback

fileswap links will likely disappear 12/1/14

grab while the grabbin's good.
i don't know how much more of this i have left in me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DA/AD and The Two-Year Curse - "split" (2007 Blastbeats For Freedom)

1. slapstick by the two year curse
2. statues by the two year curse
3. sheath before sheath by the two year curse
4. camelopardalis by giraffes?giraffes! & the two year curse
5. bloody thumb print by d/a a/d
6. fuck YES! by d/a a/d
7. crush you, crush me by d/a a/d 

"Santa Cruz, California's THE TWO-YEAR CURSE (a.k.a. Federico Avila) brings four tracks of harsh noise-violence. Pulsing beats creep out of screaming electronic feedback. Fists collide with drum machines. Mega-distorted bass guitar degenerates into a 100,000 MPH mess. All culminating in a rapid fire free improv collaboration between THE TWO-YEAR CURSE and guitar/drum duo, GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!
D/A A/D (a.k.a. Alex Pearson) who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia drops 10 minutes of psychedelic effects torture. Three tracks that sound like they exist in an alternate univers where everything moves in slow motion and rattlesnakes come equipped with delay pedals. Cover art by legendary artist, Donald Cochrane. First run of 60. 2nd run of 20.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Deathpile / Discordance ‎– "120 Days Of Sodom" (1997 Old Europa Cafe)

1.Deathpile – Girone Delle Manie 5:01
2.Deathpile – Girone Della Merda 4:02
3.Deathpile – Girone Del Sangue 5:05
4.Discordance – Mania 9:32
5.Discordance – Tales Of Torture 6:59
6.Discordance – Trap 5:14

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art of Empathy - "evening sessions" (2007)

incredible stuff you may have never heard of.