Thursday, April 30, 2009

LACKTHROW - "Then/noW" (2008 alOne)

*Don't let the exceedingly shitty artwork fool you...

*on the anniversary of the worst imaginable*

all tracks performed by andrew w. powell
compiled on march 20th/21st 2008

track 1: source 1998. mix march 2008
track 2: performed live with aid from a milk jug and delay late 2001
tracks 3-16: recorded/mixed late 2000/2001
tracks 17 & 22: mixed mid 2004
tracks 18-21: mixed late 2000/2001
track 23: recorded/remixed december 2007
tracks 24 & 25: recorded june 2007. mixed late 2007
tracks 26 & 27: recorded/mixed late january 2008
track 28: recorded and mixed late 2006
track 29: source recorded 2005. remixed and edited late 2007

1. crutch handbasket 2:54
2. coward 9:21
3. running away 1:00
4. need 1:00
5. freak 1:00
6. martyr 1:01
7. time is a thief 0:45
8. MISS_remix 1:00
9. The Black Moon Starves Its Prey 2:56
10. Weaker 1:00
11. fool 1:01
12. trash is 0:54
13. effect 1:00
14. cause 1:00
15. weakener 1:00
16. cowardice 1:00
17. cremate 0:37
18. whining 1:00
19. miss 1:38
20. choking 1:00
21. i am 0:57
22. crematorium 1:29
23. yesterday dream speak take two (communication from jacob) 9:42
24. painedbyrestraint 6:59
25. headagainstwall 1 7:02
26. unwelcome 1 4:04
27. flower(grindthemicmix) 2:42
28. blood tied (her blood seeping out of me) 8:56
29. confiscation II 6:00

various artists - "NORWEGIAN LIGHTS" (1996 rowe productions)

Norwegian death/doom/metal compilation.
extol and antestor both sound extremely different here than what they went on to sound like shortly afterwards.
its a shame really, both of these bands should have explored there sound presented here for a bit longer than they did. oh well, at least we have this!

1. the last creed
2. you maintain
3. coming of the dawn
5.true wisdom one
7.mercy lord
9.inmost fear
10. vicious intent
11. misunderstood
12. seek the righteous

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Extol - "Mesmerized ep" (1999 EndTime productions) + "Paralysis ep" (2001 EndTime productions) + "EMBRACED demo" (1997)

having been a big fan of Extol's death(first recordings) and black metal work in the 90's i was additionally thrilled to see the inclusion on this ep of remixes by a couple of my other favorite artists from very different genres. The juxtaposition came off very well.
of course, as expected, many fans found no use for (aside perhaps for a cause of frustration or annoyance) the industrial and ambient remixes, yet they remain the highlight here for me.

my copy came packaged in a sweet glossy digipak. limited edition .

1 Enthralled (3:58)
2 The Prodigal Son (6:05)
3 Storms Of Disillusions (5:11)
4 Burial (Sanctum Remix) (8:30)
5 Renhetens Elv (Sanctum Remix) (4:24)
6 Work Of Art (Raison d'Etre Remix) (6:30)

this ep was damn near impossible to find in the states. a highlight here might be the inclusion of the cover of believer's 1989 song "shadow of death".
1 Paralysis (1:53)
2 Your Beauty Divine (5:05)
3 Shadow Of Death (3:39)
4 Human Frailtie's Grave (4:31)

1. embraced
2.the prodigal son

*bonus - "dilemma inconceivable" from the compilation "in the eyes of death volume four"

(89mb total)

Sanctum - "Lupus In Fabula" (1996 cold meat industry)

what a terrific cd.
sounds every bit as fresh today as it did over 10 years ago.
"lupus in fabula" is full of beautiful compositions containing various stringed instruments(excellent use of the cello), male and female vocals, ambient elements, harsh industrial, neo-classical flourishes and truly haunting stories of light and dark.
a beautiful and chilling thought provoking experience, this is not to be missed.

also, be sure to check out THE CRESCENS COLLECTIVE, which continues as a branch of the guys behind sanctum, putting out excellent product still.

1 Dragonfly (5:34)
2 In Two Minds (4:54)
3 Little Scamp With Horns (0:22)
4 Juniper Dream (3:54)
5 Inner Sanctum (5:09)
6 Decay (3:49)
7 Crescens (6:16)
8 The Door (2:13)
9 Envy (7:01)
10 Too Real (3:10)
11 Too Close (4:06)
12 Nightmare (3:02)
13 Salvation (4:55)
14 Remorse (4:36)
15 Closing Remark (5:50)


various artists - "Helpless Amongst Friends volume 2" (1999 tooth & nail)

imho, this comes nowhere near the excellence of the first "helpless amongst friends (1994)" compilation. Here there is not as much diversity of styles and less shining moments.
as hardcore isn't one of my favorite genres maybe i'm just missing something here as many of the tracks seems just 'okay', though some are very good indeed.
go for the first one first though.

1 Bloodshed Inside (2:46)
2 Overcome New Life (2:54)
3 Altered Mission Sell It Out (2:44)
4 Centerpoint Broken Truth (4:43)
5 Engage Seek (4:08)
6 Uphold Faraway (3:15)
7 Mindset Remember (3:50)
8 Time & Again My Shepherd (3:58)
9 Impact Within (4:58)
10 Maintain Disturbance (3:58)
11 Resolve Ease My Struggle (2:48)
12 Three Thirteen Breaking Point (6:38)
13 No Innocent Victim Strength (3:38)


Friday, April 24, 2009

various artists - "NOIZE volume 1" (1994 this prophecy/tooth&nail)

i was quite lucky to come by a copy of this. it is unbelievably rare.
it was stupid hard to find shortly after it was released.
came in a heavy cardboard printed sleeve with a gold and black spraypainted cd.
some of these tracks are exclusive to this compilation, others are alternate mixes or tracks currently unavailable.
a strange mix of artists from various labels and genres, but overall its pretty gravy.

01 Starflyer 59- The Dungeon (3:51)
02 Plankeye- Free Me (4:09)
03 Joy Electric- The Girl from Rosewood Lane (The Original Mix) (3:10)
04 Morella's Forest- Oceana (5:45)
05 Chatterbox- Epignosis (w/mark saloman) (5:30)
06 The Blamed- Help Yourself (1:36)
07 Wish for Eden- Ocean (3:17)
08 Sometime Sunday- Lie (3:18)
09 The Crucified- A Guy in the Suit and the Pope (1:42)
10 Focused- Perfect Will (2:52)
11 Unashamed- I Surrender (3:26)
12 Blenderhead- Soap Box (3:23)
13 Glen Rowlans- Everything Is O.K. (3:58)
14 Wicked's End/StoneFace- Thrashing Pilgrims (3:22)
15 E.D.L.(everydaylife)- The Couch (5:40)
16 Red Timber- Lemonade (3:49)
17 The Throes- Stunned (4:57)
18 Deer- Far Away (5:24)
19 Starflyer 59- She Was My Sweetheart (3:58)

XXX Atomic Toejam - "A Gathering Of The Tribes For The First/Last Human Be-In" (1993 cold meat industry)

i have always thought the band name was ridiculous, in one of those bad ways, just as when i first saw in in a planet music shop in the 90's.
still, i picked it up, in large part, because of the cold meat label and i was very pleasantly thrilled at the dirty industrial dance pieces found therein.
some 15 years later "human be-in" is a track i absolutely can never resist nor find fault in.
a classic case of where the music and vocals interact purposefully and perfectly with the (irreverant) samples used.
make no mistake, the other track is good as well, but i had to yakk on about my favorite for a moment.
as a bonus, i've also included an alt. mix of the 1989 track 'Celebration' the band did under their former moniker of Sepülchre Inc.
you have to grab this.

1 God In A Pill (5:46)
Vocals - P. Marklund
2 Human Be-In (7:28)
Vocals - F. Thordendal

Various Artists - "Helpless Amongst Friends" (1994 tooth & nail)

fantastic hardcore, punk and post-hardcore compilation cd.
clay, mr. bishop's fist, crawlspace(later everdown), the blamed, n.i.v., and several other bands here lay down some really great unforgettable tracks. its definitely harder to find the weak songs here as opposed to the solid ones, which is often the case with compilations.
the 12 panel artwork in the cd contained many beautiful paintings that i wish i had hanging on my walls, its unfortunate that i can't find hi res images of them on the web.

1 Bloodshed- So-Called (3:18)
2 Focused- Reign Forever (7:46)
3 Mend - Token (4:12)
4 Mr. Bishop's Fist- You're Stolen (5:46)
5 Clay - Maggots (4:04)
6 Crawlspace(everdown)- Stench (4:27)
7 Time & Again- Satan (3:08)
8 The Blamed- For You (5:01)
9 Blenderhead- Cesspool (3:35)
10 No Innocent Victim- Won't Back Down (1:43)
11 Unashamed- Say It To My Face (3:43)
12 Centerpoint- United We Stand (3:04)
13 Never Alone- Lost (1:50)
14 Strongarm- Count The Cost (3:40)
15 P.O.D.- Coming Back (3:50)
16 Outnumbered- Truth (5:48)


K2 - "metaloplakia" (1994 kinky music institute)

now THIS really is

1 Ironoklast (4:32)
2 Metaloplakia (8:41)
3 E.K.G. For Man Machines (6:21)
4 Mekhanized Karkass (5:16)
5 Human Alloy #1 (4:20)
6 Marching Into Skraps (6:39)
7 Human Alloy #2 (10:50)
8 Khemotaxis Against The Faktory (5:20)
9 Steel Drunker (5:34)
10 Human Alloy #3 (2:25)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morella's Forest - "Hang Out" + "Super Deluxe" (1995 tooth & nail records)

female fronted noise pop. noisier=pasty white, curl, art of love 
                                              poppier=puppy luv, hang out, voices carry
a good balance with a dose of slow melancholic tunes as well(oceania).
most of the guitars are drenched in distortion and feedback, put to good use side by side with melody.
for fans of mazzy star, starflyer 59, my bloody valentine, etc.


01 Hang-Out (2:47)
02 Lush Of Spring (5:03)
03 Wonder Boy (4:30)
04 Superstar (2:51)
05 Oceania (6:17)
06 Fizzle Kiss (4:40)
07 Puppy Luv (2:58)
08 Glowing Green (4:08)
09 Star Gazer (4:26)
10 Curl (4:36)

"HANG-OUT" (i cut track one because it is the same version as on the 'full-length')

2. pasty white
3. voices carry ('til tuesday cover)
4. art of love

Betrayal - "The Passing" (1993 Wonderland)

this is the second album by Betrayal, far superiour to the first in my opinion.
the music jumps around a bit more here than on the first (which is a good thing) as do the vocal styles used (a very good thing).
the vocalists from both Precious Death and Deliverance contribute on a few tracks.
1. Renouncement
2. The usurper
3. Carnival of Madness
4. Ichabod
5. Fores of Horrors
6. Race of Hypocrisy
7. As i Turned Away (feat chris scott & jimmy brown)
8. Whispers of Chaos
9. Strength of the Innocent
10. Retaliation Strike (feat. jimmy brown)
11. Frantic


Betrayal - "renaissance by death" (1991 Wonderland)

odd thrash metal from 1991 with a strange off-kilter vocal style.
i've included a rip of an industrial remix of one of these songs which came out on a cassingle (remember those) in 90 or 91.

1. Renaissance by Death
2. The Invitation
3. Fallen Deceived
4. More Faith Than Me
5. Escape the Alter
6. Assassins in the Midst
7. Mortal Flesh
8. Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
9. Prophets of Baal
10. Plead the Blood
11.(BONUS) fallen decieved industrial remix


Paramæcium - "repentance" (1997 self released)

a couple of months ago i began ripping the "silent carnage" tape by austrailia's Paramæcium, but decided against it in favour of the cd reissue with bonus tracks.
why not? it has a cleaner sound and the two recorded tracks are very much well worth having.
the original "silent carnage" songs sound markedly different from what came after in the career of Paramæcium, but are easily among my favorite output of theirs, though it isn't really fair to measure it all up side by side. (how's THAT for a run-on sentence?!)

Tracks 1 and 2 were recorded in 1994 with new arrangements and feature the band's "Within The Ancient Forest" lineup, while straying FAR from the "within..." sound.
Tracks 3 to 6 are the 1991 "Silent Carnage" recordings. a recording of "abstraction" would have been a magnificent addition to this definitely should have been here, i have no idea why they didn't record/include it here.
still, this is a ridiculously sweet EP of old school death / doom.

1 Silent Carnage
2 Dead To Death
3 Sogno Di Morte
4 Silent Carnage
5 Dead To Death
6 Abstraction


Separation/Hal McGee/EHI - "homemade alien music, volume 1" (1997 fdr tapes/haltapes/corprolith)

i had completely forgotten that i had this cd until i was recently digging through drawers of cds for something else entirely and i remembered how much i really liked it.

here's a review from the Kettle Black zine:

"E.H.I., Hal McGee & Separation - Homemade Alien Music This three way split starts out with E.H.I. supplying 5 mesmerizing tracks. The Mouth of the River layers random “whistles” over a hypnotic bed of quick pulses. Meanwhile, Birthday Illusion is a sonic assault which distorts and manipulates what sounds like a montage of shouting samples creating a very “violent sound.” There’s something going on back there, I just think it’s going to take me a while to figure out what it is exactly. Hal McGee follows with 4 tracks, my favorite being Device of Unknown Origin. Swirling crystal keys surround a frantic “high key” piano piece while a mid ranged pluck lays down the somber melody. Unlike Device, the remaining 3 contributions from Hal rely more on distortion and static. Although the basic foundations are shared, each track contains many other qualities, such as the repition of Compression and random beeps and pitch bends of Visitation, creating very distinct identities. The disc ends with the 25+ minute Seeded by Separation. Three or four constant tones at various pitches drone through the first half changing so gradually it’s 5 minutes into the song and I realize it sounds completely different from how it starts. At one point the song sounds like a synthetic stream. The middle mellows way down to very sparce, barely audible, soft tones. By the 20 minute mark the tones have risen and become more tense and piercing, remaining that way for pretty much the remainder of the track. The disc as a whole is a cool abstract picture painted with sound. (EHI, FDR Tapes, 1258 E 25th St, Des Moines, IA 50317-2619 USA : Hal McGee, HalTapes, 1909 SW 42 Way Apt E, Gainesville, FL 32607-5407 USA : Separation, Corpolith, PO Box 1041, Buffalo, NY 14215 USA) (J Mundok)"

tracks 1-5 by EHI
tracks 6-9 by Hal McGee
track 10 by Separation eating man
2.the mouth of the river
4.poisoned souls
5.birthday illusion

6.abduction scenario
7.device of unknown origin



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bon Voyage - "bon voyage" (1998 BEC recordings)

this is ALMOST a starflyer 59
release as all of the songs were written by jason martin, who also played on the album. The vocals on the album were performed by his wife, julie, which adds a whole new dimension to things. if you like starflyer of any era, this should sound pretty sweet to your ears.
once again, this is a short one, a little too short if you ask me.

CD insert is somewhat unique. The front cover has two horizontal flaps folding at the top and bottom which envelope three loose insert cards containing photos and lyrics.

1 Honeymoon (3:23)
2 Kiss My Lips (5:02)
3 West Coast Friendship (3:46)
4 Why Can't You Be (2:50)
5 You're Wonderful (4:05)
6 You Got It, I Want It (2:38)
7 I Just Wanna (Be With You) (2:50)
8 We Know How You Feel (3:13)
9 Together (1:28)
10 No Paradise (3:15)


Post Prandials - "switched-on irresponsibility" (1995 Artichoke/Tristero records)

Improvisational/experimental from Brooklyn, NYC

1 Bach's Lunch
2 The Seed Pod Switches Into Neutral
3 The Thorax Meets The Abdomen
4 The Pre-Menstrual Goatherd
5 "Guest Appearance Of A Giant Insect Eating The Last Supper" As A Structural Balance To The Faux Bach Prelude
6 The Seed Pod Flees The Auxiliary Police
7 The March Of The Solid Rocket Boosters
8 Chowder Time


Monday, April 20, 2009

Hands To - "NAZHA" (1996 manifold records)


going back to stuff like this really makes me miss hands to as well as manifold.
be sure to read the text. not exactly a 'catchy' album, but i am quite glad i bought it.

*tracks are untitled*

Hands To - "circumscription" (1994 URTHONA)

Raw Materials Collected By: Akifumi Nakajima(AUBE) , Eric Lanzillotta , Jeph Jerman , Patrick Barber , Steve Johnson
Hands To is: Jeph Jerman

1 Prayer / Marling Spike (27:38)
2 Theophagia / Yunwi Tsundi (29:57)


Pain Jerk - "fatamorgana" (1995 AMP)

Ant-Brain (18:14)
Sold Pink (20:36)


The Rita / Pop Culture Rape Victim - "They Can Breathe In The Murky Fresh Water" (2005 dadadrumming)


Carcharhinus Nicaraguensis
Carchharias Gangeticus


Mutated Pikes Of Colstrip, Montana


The Rita - "anna christie" 3 inch (2005 pitchphase)

apparently inspired by the 1920's play of the same name which is the story of a former prostitute who falls in love, but runs into difficulty in turning her life around.

1 Anna Christie (15:02)


The Rita - "sea wolf leviathan" (2004 solipsism)

one of the more 'active' wall releases by the rita with some sort of additional assistance by mania on track 2.

1 Wolf Pack (30:06)
2 Blechholler (30:00)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Various Artists - "Lethal Injection" (1998 flaming fish music)

One of the many compilations issued by flaming fish and its side/sub labels.
this one is rock solid...hard to find fault with this one, if you're a fan of the genres represented.
A large number of these tracks are exclusive to this compliation, which is a nice treat.

1 LEVEL(lvl) -What If? (4:21)

2 A Different Kind Of Cop -Crucial Light (4:58)

3 Audio Paradox -Transgression (5:36)

4 The Way Sect Bloom -Breathless (5:26)

5 Tempestuous All -Burning Bridges (3:38)

6 Pivot Clowj -So Gullible (vII.I) (5:34)

7 Cult Of Jester -Funkatron (3:49)

8 Lotus:07 -Shanti (Do Not Look Long Bootstomp Sect) (6:18)

9 Cybershadow -All You've Ever Wanted (4:35)

10 Human Knot Farm -Full Pleased Society (5:46)

11 globalwavesystem -Wheel (4:17)

12 Autovoice -Non-Expressive (5:41)

13 Cradle->Grave -My Life Is My Infinity (4:49)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Various - "NIACIN SUN" (2004 tedium house)

This CD is available only with Bananafish #18 magazine.
There is no music to be found anywhere.

1 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #1
2 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #2
3 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #3
4 Burning Star Core   -You Are Legend
5 Monotract   -Fitty Bomb
6 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #4
7 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #5
8 Jim Leftwich   -Ouzo And Kudzu Are Dead (Excerpt)
9 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe Colley #6
10 Nelson Gastaldi   -Symphony No. 3: Siddartha Gautama O El Poder De La Nada (Excerpt)
11 Mecca   -Normal War Between The Neighbours
12 Joe Colley   -Guitar Center In Sacramento On A Saturday
13 Joe Colley   -Excerpt From Cassette Found By Joe


Thursday, April 16, 2009

KEKAL - "beyond the glimpse of dreams" (1998 Candle light productions)

more kekal when kekal was black metal.
and as with the second album, lovely female vox accompany certain pieces in key moments.

1. Rotting Youth 03:32
2. Armageddon 05:19
3. Spirits 06:32
4. Decieved Minds 04:11
5. The Conversion 05:49
6. Behind Those Images 03:17
7. Reality 05:19
8. Escaping Eternal Suffering 05:18
9. A Day The Hatred Dies 06:15
10. My Eternal Lover 06:11


KEKAL - "Embrace the Dead" (2000 Flesh Walker Records)

1. Longing For Truth 06:11
2. Embrace The Dead 05:24
3. The Fearless And The Dedicated 07:51
4. Healing 03:22
5. The Final Call 05:16
6. From Within 04:48
7. Scripture Before Struggle 06:48
8. Millennium 10:00