Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man is the Bastard - "Thoughtless..." (1995 Gravity)

1. Puppy Mill
2. The Kosher Grimace
3. Uweened Infant Orphan
4. Tyke
5. The Great Ebola
6. Prepared Hammond
 A Interplanetary Intrusion
 B Galactic Insect Swarm
 C Lunar Landing
7. Forced Alien Confinement
8. Short Trek To The Cauldron
9. Moloch

Friday, September 23, 2011

metanoia - "screaming fetus" (1994 self)

1. death of death
2. dead flesh
3. torn by dogs
4. Decomposition-Reconstitution (Valley of Dry Bones)
5. ripped in two
6. screaming fetus


*my two cents:  solid as solid gets. this is a fantastic heavy ass death metal tape.  however, there's one track here found to be really lacking...the title track of all things.   ordinarily i'd like the spice of different vocal styles and additional lady singin', but on this track...oh HELL NO. sorry, its just no good.  politics aside, the sung parts are awfully melodramatic. the shouted vocals also point out that the less clear metanoia's vocals are the better. musically the song is fine, but...ah screw it, just my two cents. 

metanoia - "akeldama" (1995 self)

down-tuned death metal yums
and (obviously) my fave metanoia.

1. akeldama
2. death of the innocent
3. valley of dry bones
4. eternal destruction


Metanoia - "in darkness or in light" (1995 Rowe Productions)

1. Accute Obliteration (4:30)
2. Enslavement (4:36)
3. In Darkness or In Light (8:06)
4. On and On (4:19)
5. Dead Flesh (3:21)
6. Dimensions of Life (5:06)
7. Son of Man (4:10)
8. Torn By Dogs (3:31)
9. Death of Death (5:54)
10. Seventh Seal (8:34)


*my two cents: quite sure i'm in the minority here, but i didn't care for the more 'classic metal' influences on this one.  that being said, save for track 10 its a pretty good album.  if i had to be nit-picky...which i don't have to be but am anyway, i wish it were a little heavier on the 'death' than the 'metal' still....not bad, most tracks are incredible actually.  what the hell do i know...just my two cents.

metanoia - "don't walk dead" (1998 rowe productions)

1. First the Kingdom 3:12
2. Path 4:51
3. Don't Walk Dead 4:31
4. By His Word 4:48
5. The Blame 6:50
6. Yowie's Hilltop Adventure 8:01
7. Can You Feel It 3:44
8. Reflection 1:35
9. Grave Beyond a Slave 5:32
10. Threshold of the Annihilation 6:44
11. Kneeling Before Your Throne 4:25
12. Never 3:43
13. Bonus Track 3:09  (could have been really awesome, but the samples make it a far more silly affair than it should have been, you have to hear it)

*my two cents: pretty good album (compared)...australian death metal w/some didgeridoo...why not?!  still, i couldn't help but desire more of what i heard from metanoia during their 'akeldama' phase.  on its own, this isn't a bad entry in their catalogue.  the spoken vocals here are used far better than in the follow up album, but still seem strangely out of place. the strange 'add ons' and organ stuff is very welcome. this album is much better than its (pretty awful) cover artwork might suggest....but that's just my two cents.*

Metanoia - "time to die" (1999 Rowe Productions)

1. Smashed 4:53
2. Paradise 4:47
3. Now Listen Up 3:52
4. Judge Me Not 4:14
5. Offensive 3:23
6. Time to Die 5:25
7. Corpses 3:53
8. Raped to Reality 3:29
9. Fade 4:04
10. Is To Be Free 3:03
11. Lack of Life 4:21
12. Feeling the Fire 3:52
13. Blyth 4:20
14. Lucifers Seductions 3:20
*my two cents:  when i first bought this album(their final album as it turned out) i was a bit disappointed. the overall tone was 'lighter' than was my fave metanoia stuff from the earlier i judged.  the music was more experimental, throwing in elements of groove, punk, black, death, spoken vocals, thrash, and even a little tiny touch of rapcore(DID NOT WORK, but good on 'em for trying) to their metal stew...again i judged.  overall i walked away with a more negative impression of the album that it deserves...tracks like (ironically titled?) 'judge me not' are a perfect example (really, this track is tremendously horrid).  after re-listening some before these posts its clear to me now that tracks like 'judge me not' are very much akin to the proverbial 'rotten apple' that spoils the barrel.  there is a ton of great material on this album, unfortunately the duds really stand out.  so yeah...this isn't early metanoia, but it isn't as shit as the couple of duds on the album, don't let those couple of horrible tracks taint the entire project like i did. then again, hey, that's just my two cents*

Monday, September 19, 2011

hash - "shah" (2010)

2 self-titled tracks.
ltd.ed of 11.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

royal anguish - "shocking the priest" (1993 a.r.t. records)

a.r.t. records was a real piece of shit rip-off cadre of thieves...but i have to say this for them, they had good taste.

1.deny the corpse
2.die inside
3.shocking the priest in pieces

*because ripping old cassettes can be tricky...there are 2 rips included from two different source tapes using two different techniques*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Filthy Turd- "Small Feculent Creatures Creep From Lornas Witchy German Arsehole" (2011 Datahex Records)

1.The Shuddering Fingers Of A Sexy Intruder 
2.Shit Spell 
3.Hair, Shit And Death 
4.Poisoned Rubies Delirious Worms 
5.The Dead Are Sniffing Curtains 
6.Queen Dracula, My Uncontrollable Neighbor 
7.The Monster Lives In A Hollow Brain - (Features Saxxx Playing From Rob Michalchuk)


K2 - "Oogonia" (2000 Tochnit Aleph)

ltd.ed. 60.

and yes... it is K2 giving it the ol' harsh noise go and killer at that.

1. Thecoma Aza Dust 22:37
2. Activin Overload     12:36
3. Oogonia                 15:49
4. Inhibin Overload     11:16