Monday, December 27, 2021

Cornucopia - "the ultimate perpetration of fraud" (1999? self released)

the original incarnation of cornucopia... this is loud, folks.
once again, another bit of the old harsh noise solo harsh noise of Jorge Castro as cornucopia.
this was, i believe, the first cornucopia i heard, certainly the first tape i got...this goes way back.
good for several listens if you're into old school analogue harsh noise pummelcrunch.
lasts only about 30 minutes.

1.the ultimate perpetration of fraud
3.days after the storm

192 kbps cass. rip

Sunday, December 26, 2021

DISMAL XLV (november 2010)

not quite dead...

DISMAL returns from the longest period of inactivity (by far) since its inception...

episode #45 - a continuous mix 

1.simon boswell - grave business (santa sangre OST)
2.drakh - the industrial estate
3.a hymn for her - three coats of silver on the eyelids, two trifles too much
4.consono - send your dreams
5.djinn - perversion
6.stratvm terror - unveiled is my skin
7.raison d'etre - the spirit will not share the guilt
8.the lullabye league - libro contrarium (excerpt)
9.mistress of the dead - the saddest autumn (edit)
10.lackthrow - at your feet (remix)
11.mischosen - into new horizons
12.svartsinn -  livredd (letum mix)
13.peter andersson - deep floating surface (excerpt)
14.körperwelten - my heart pumps piss for you (excerpt)


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Free Death -"sand" 3 inch cd (crunch pod media 2000)

really cool 3" i picked up from manifold records back in 2000.
nice melodic ambient piece with percussion and touches of noise here and there released on crunch pod media. limited to 50 copies in a really cool hand painted case with sandpaper (will take a pic soon). 
1. Sand

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Human Shield - "Friend of Sinners" (1997 oral gestation artifacts)

Limited edition of 300 professionally-duplicated chrome cassettes with handmade packaging. Recorded live with no overdubs in two sessions, the first one with Zygurat Consortium and Andy Ortmann and the second with John Wiese and Beta Carrotene as guest musicians. another classic O.G.A. release, this time harsh noise with a couple of instances of vocals.
highly recommended

all 5 tracks are untitled

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Millennia - "NULL" (1996 cling recordings)

until i can get my hands on the stickers i got with this purchase (which were also on my old car) and make a fresh new scan of the cover art this tiny version will have to do.  so sorry about it, so there's a bonus track included.

cass track order:

his bones, the bars
you anger me
i am not your machine

Friday, July 23, 2021

clay - 's/t' (1994 boot to head cassette) (re-up)

one of my faves...only have two tapes and a couple compilation songs. what a shame. *went on to become s.s.bountyhunter. i remember the name from way back, but never listened because the name put me off (STUPID!) seems impossible to find now. any help with this is very, very welcome!
members of clay later went on to form s.s.bountyhunter

side A:
serum seed
rain & snow

side B:
slow dawn

label website:


clay - movement demo (1993/1994)

clay -movement demo

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

sPecIMEn/inanition split ( I.Eternal records 2020)

*walls are everywhere, you're in between. credits released April 10, 2020 *

Saturday, March 6, 2021

pink triangles [THE WHITE VISITATION}

Saturday, January 30, 2021


update:  jan 15th 2021
at long last, it is out!  spectacular 2xcd with cool packaging on the terrific OXIDATION label.
there are 40 of these packages.  please pick one up.

massive thanks to g.a. and oxidation who made this happen.

*2 splits on 2x CDr's separated by metal grating (the CDr's are protected by a disc paper between the disc and the grating) Also includes an 8-page booklet with artwork by Lackthrow, and is sealed inside heat sealed plastic sheeting.*
update sep 2017: given some hope on release.  *fingers crossed*
has seen some long in progress splits and solo things come to completion(and many more still ignored)...well, kinda.

looking for label(s) to release things.  preferably not on tape.
been sitting on the completed government alpha/lackthrow split for more than half of a year. (for example)
  his work is impressive, as always. i hope someday it 'comes out'.

Sunday, January 24, 2021