Monday, December 22, 2014

various - "explosions from the center of the earth" (2013 Dead In Mars)

1 –Sete Portais Estrutura 4:56
2 –Hari Maia My Fucking God 4:41
3 –Anal Violence Blast Of Incest 1:17
4 –Agamenon Project A Different Ways 1:33
5 –Best Die! Desista Da Sua Vida 4:27
6 –Snowfeeder We Came To See, You Came To Destroy 2:48
7 –Sin Slap Me 5:45
8 –MXY7 Ohka Radioasema Talvisota 9:49
9 –Exclamation Point Grey Blood 3:52
10 –Misantropskia & Hari Maia Experimental Ambient 10:23
11 –Ana Mawt Les Pensées D'un Homme Moribund 5:02
12 –Screaming Skull Orchestra Untitled#1 2:43
13 –Sven Meyer Against The World 4:35
14 –Penny Penassi Satanasso 0:54
15 –Snowfeeder In The Light Of Recent Events 2:48
16 –Uber Mensch Unholy Pleasures 4:12
17 –Lackthrow Braindeath Is Death (Preview Mix) 5:00(final version appears on LYNDIVOL.15)
18 –Rose Sobchak Durka So Svistkom 3:15
19 –Rainbowdzhigits feat. Major Ak Hey Russ! Am Fack You Mom! 1:01
20 –Phantasm Nocturnes Hellish Descent 5:18
21 –Kad Bi Gresnici 3:08
22 –Reator04 Go Sea Shepherd!!!! 2:29
23 –Noise Research Institute Premium Contempt 5:12
24 –Tiago Malta Maracatu Das Baratas Nop Campo 4:45
25 –Meinkinder Abbatoir 1:14
26 –To-Bo Haui Rest In Peace 3:40
27 –Helvetti From The Great Dephts 2:03
28 –Harsh Hertz Microcosmos 0:24
29 –Scissor Armatura III 4:39
30 –Headcleaner Ineptune 2:58
31 –God Pussy Fibrose Cística [Mucoviscoidose] 2:38
32 –Noise Machine A Better Tomorrow 4:46
33 –White Noise Dada Propaganda 1:02
34 –Gooze [Nightmare] 4:50
35 –Hazy Hazy No More War 8:51
36 –Hope Every Day Rebellion I 3:45
37 –W.U.R Not Believe 3:34
38 –Post Mortem Implosion 4:08
39 –Total E.T. Doohm V.02 4:49
40 –Viash The Perfect Victory 4:18

Monday, December 1, 2014


this is the original (now rare) release, which started it all....
you can't be let down, you just can't be...those are the rules...


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Deliverance - "greeting of death" (1985)


Order of Melchizedek - "And Then, As Death Gives Way to Victory, I'll See the Lights of Glory and I'll Know He Lives (Private Edition)" (2005 Ambimorpheous Recordings)

this is the private edition. (and a very special personal one at that)
limited to 20 numbered copies.
This Pro Pressed CDr is dedicated to the loving memory of Cheryl Petrus, Jerry Macinka and Barbra Iacobucci.

a review from:

Compulsion Online 

Sullivan's main concern is Order of Melchizedek and ...As Death Gives Way To Victory... is the second full-length release following the double 3-inch CD-R set Domine, Ex Audi Vocem Meam, Domine. ...As Death Gives Way... concerns itself with death, dying and the shredding of the physical. Unlike Eye of God, released under the name 7 SE7EN 7, ...As Death Gives Way... is a much darker release, minimal with sound confined to electronics and droning, that makes little use of spoken samples.

The long-titled opening track 'And Then, As Death Gives Way to Victory, I'll See the Lights of Glory and I'll Know He Lives' is wrapped up in melodramatic slabs of gothic keyboards, interwoven with a classical melody. It sets the tone admirably for this treatise on death. From then on it continuously sheds the keyboard chords and percussive layers in the form of rattling percussion and timpani drum rolls that appear on 'Golgotha 1st Movement' and 'Spiritual Euphoria' as it edges towards more abstract territory. That said the opening of 'Feast of Flesh and Blood' resembles the main theme of John Carpenter's Halloween but it quickly disintegrates into silence, reappearing as a series of quietly shuddering deep drones.

The entire middle section of ...As Death Gives Way... is characterized by some experimental drone based material. The rumbling, droning and shimmering electronics of 'Golgotha 2nd Movement' echo the slightly spacey sounds of 7 SE7EN 7. 'Hope Left To Die' burrows much deeper with shrill pierces and quavering electronics, 'Foreseen Conundrum' is much more torturous with an ever increasing series of sweeping drones, amid short noise blasts. 'The End of the Physical' which marks the end of the original version of ...As Death Gives Way... is like a little symphony on death. Opening with looped classical music, it gives way to a somber piece of majestic chords performed on the keyboard.

...As Death Gives Way... was released with variations in the track list in two different forms: a private and public issue. This public edition features three tracks, including the original version of 'Distant Promise', not available on the private issue. The best of which is 'Lessons of Faith' that lets loose some torturous churning electronics punctuated by short piercing keyboard stabs.

-Tony Dickie

1. ...As Death Gives Way To Victory...
2. Golgotha, 1st Movement
3. Spiritual Euphoria
4. Feast Of Flesh And Blood
5. Golgotha, 2nd Movement
6. Hope Left To Die
7. Distant Promise
8. Foreseen Cunnundrum
9. The End Of The Physical
10. Golgotha, Reprise
11. Xenos, Walking Into Bethlehem

Discarnated - "limited edition demo" (1992)

thanks in no small part to the tempered steel radio show from the early 90's which introduced me to a ton of amazing acts like drop dead, mansoul, godhead, the risen, cathacomb, and yep..discarnated (among others)
1. expurgation ritual
2. our mortal excrement
3. violate the grave
4. baptised into death
and as a bonus- a track from '94
5. william melancholy

oh how i wish discarnated would have continued...just for another album or so.

the way sect bloom - god (1995)


red ink - raw meat (1990)


possession - "scourge & fire" (1996)


jesus freaks - 'socially unacceptable' (1993)


Friday, November 14, 2014

rabid eye movement/jason campbell - "split" (noisetapes)

not cover art

8 untitled tracks by jason campbell

9 untitled tracks by rabid eye movement


Moss - "Cthonic Rites" (2005 Aurora Borealis)

funeral doom

Saturday, November 1, 2014

anaphylaxis/Signalbleed - "split" (2000 anaphylactic shock)

This was the second split cd from anaphylaxis after the d-503 split cd. It was long-delayed due to various circumstances, and was sadly limited to only 13 copies due to production problems. It was released at Cornerstone 2001 and is now out of print.
The anaphylaxis tracks from this release were re-released on the respite cd reissue.


1. Germ Engines
2. Revived
3. Glory Be to the Father (though His children discourage me)
4. Cheap Media Cuts
5. March to Bird Tree
6. Programming
7. Broken Transmitter (unlicensed repairs mix)
8. Snapshot '94
9. Petroleum Glaze


10. road song

12. level

Signalbleed tracks mastered by Andrew Powell, early 2000.

Monday, October 27, 2014

omega alpha - "empathy for the hated" (199? self)

the guitars are distorted and the vocals are distorted. on purpose of course.

*note: the tracklisting on the back of the cd artwork is incorrect.

1.Representing Society
2.Hate Of Myself   
3.Misguided Youth
4.Pedalling The Misanthrope  
5.Teddy Bear Fantasies    
6.Don't Become Me    
7.Empathy For The Hated


another setback

fileswap links will likely disappear 12/1/14

grab while the grabbin's good.
i don't know how much more of this i have left in me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DA/AD and The Two-Year Curse - "split" (2007 Blastbeats For Freedom)

1. slapstick by the two year curse
2. statues by the two year curse
3. sheath before sheath by the two year curse
4. camelopardalis by giraffes?giraffes! & the two year curse
5. bloody thumb print by d/a a/d
6. fuck YES! by d/a a/d
7. crush you, crush me by d/a a/d 

"Santa Cruz, California's THE TWO-YEAR CURSE (a.k.a. Federico Avila) brings four tracks of harsh noise-violence. Pulsing beats creep out of screaming electronic feedback. Fists collide with drum machines. Mega-distorted bass guitar degenerates into a 100,000 MPH mess. All culminating in a rapid fire free improv collaboration between THE TWO-YEAR CURSE and guitar/drum duo, GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!
D/A A/D (a.k.a. Alex Pearson) who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia drops 10 minutes of psychedelic effects torture. Three tracks that sound like they exist in an alternate univers where everything moves in slow motion and rattlesnakes come equipped with delay pedals. Cover art by legendary artist, Donald Cochrane. First run of 60. 2nd run of 20.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Deathpile / Discordance ‎– "120 Days Of Sodom" (1997 Old Europa Cafe)

1.Deathpile – Girone Delle Manie 5:01
2.Deathpile – Girone Della Merda 4:02
3.Deathpile – Girone Del Sangue 5:05
4.Discordance – Mania 9:32
5.Discordance – Tales Of Torture 6:59
6.Discordance – Trap 5:14

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art of Empathy - "evening sessions" (2007)

incredible stuff you may have never heard of.

Monday, July 14, 2014

left behind

on the board after i made a twitch shirt for scott busbee of christian plumber waaaaay back when.  (might have to use it for some lackthrow something in the future :))

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Romero - "the awakening" (2011)

2.godless petite mort
4.ophelia mortem ritual
6.sovereign dialogue

LUNG - "3 heads on a plate" (1992 yellow bike records)

i really didn't appreciate this when i got it (shame on me), but then again i bought it at a high import price from a jacked distro who described it incredibly different than it is.  (you'll see that this sounds nothing like brigherdeathnow or mental destruction)
so strange...see for their classification.
anyway, its a shame because almost 20 years later (most of) this album thrills me.

1. Paralysis 3:11 
2. Elvis Arsehole 3:17 
3. Splinter 4:34 
4. Mary's Mother 2:39 
5. Swing 4:09 
6. Cot Death Baby 4:00 
7. Slaughterhouse 4:45 
8. Resuscitate 2:56 
9. Johnny Favourite 3:35 
10. Venus 3:44 
11. Car Crash 3:12 
12. Exit 2:47 
13. Compellor 4:29 
14. Melonoma 2:36

LUNG - "cactii" (1991 yellow bike)

1 Full Moon Again 3:24
2 She's Got A Gun 3:53
3 Sarah 3:33
4 Sleep 3:19
5 Sub 2:23
6 Lurch 2:46
7 Hardwired 6:13
8 Numb 3:51
9 Eat The Poor 3:46
10 Ride 2:31

Thursday, May 22, 2014

various artists - "Density 100" (1993 g.r.o.s.s.)

ltd.ed 100

A.Thirdorgan - Position Emission Tomography (P.E.T.) 26:09
B. Mortal Vision - Electric Dream                                 26:10
C. Monde Bruits - Power Shift                                      25:50
D. Aube - Ele-Mentally Particle [single source=1V.C.O.]26:24


various artists - "Density 100 II" (1994 g.r.o.s.s.)

by request
ltd.ed. 100

A. Yellow Cab  - 7-011294 25:00
B. Pain Jerk - Moto-Neuron 25:00
C. MSBR - Silent Running 25:00
D. Hyper Ventilation - Agora 25:00


Saturday, February 8, 2014

clew of theseus + black sand desert - "OBELISK" (2002 cathartic process)

i just about pooped myself when i got this when it came out.
see for yourself why i was so excited.
if that's possible 
re-listening just now some of these tracks inspired 
a sense of joy and relaxation, i shit thee not.

1. black sand desert - hive mind part 1
2. black sand desert - dirt rash
3. black sand desert - stone fall
4. black sand desert - animus
5. black sand desert - hive mind part 2
6. black sand desert - heat hydra
7. clew of theseus - falling apart
8. clew of theseus - political suicide
9. clew of theseus - she's had enough
10. clew of theseus - development
11. clew of theseus - it's not my fault
1. clew of theseus - this seething (live)
2. clew of theseus - fire eater (live)
3. black sand desert - vomiting scrap metal part 2 and 1/3 (live)
4. obelisk(bsd+cot) - hallowe'en
5. obelisk(bsd+cot) - through chains

Saturday, February 1, 2014

christian plumber - "Yes, Virginia, There Are Christian Plumbers." (early/mid 90's)

nevermind the basic lack of cover art.
this is a pretty good piece.
it has aged REALLY REALLY well.

i tried, boy did i try, but i couldn't figure out how to cut this tape.

so here is the whole thing (programme repeated on both sides of the tape)
the tracks listed, in order are here (click to enlarge)