Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Astro - "resonance universe" (2001 Tochnit Aleph)

*rejected cover art, 2001*

1 Unconscious Cerebration (20:27)
2 Resonance Universe (36:23)

ASTRO - "bio-galaxy" (2000 Tochnit Aleph)

please...as if astro needs any introduction...

London After Midnight - "psycho magnet" (2003 irond)

originally appearing in 1995, psycho magnet, has been re-issued so many times so many different tracks/remixes/live versions etc that it gets well confusing. well, here is the 2003 version (though any version of the album is teriffic) which contains 17 songs.
unfortunately some tracks are missing from the original release...so i've thrown those in here as well, in a seperate folder to avoid confusion. its not quite a complete picture of psycho magnet, but its better than any one issue of this excellent disc.

1 The Bondage Song (Unchained Mix)
2 Kiss (Club Mix)
3 Where Good Girls Go To Die
4 Psycho Magnet
5 Shatter
6 A Letter To God
7 Carry On...Screaming
9 Blessing
10 The Christmas Song
11 Shatter (Live)
12 Atmosphere (Live)
13 A Letter To God (Live)
14 Untitled
15 Innocence Lost
16 Kiss

17 99

bonus tracks from other versions of this release:
the bondage song
theme from the film love and affliction (remix)
(hidden track #11)
kiss(ra mix)
psycho magnet 2.0(sloppy sec.mix)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Richard Ramirez - "i keep my stuff inside" (1997 Tesco Organisation)

this is one of those releases you MUST buy 2 copies of or buy once and download as well.
the concept and packaging are the likes of which you keep on a shelf or in a box as a collector's item.
it came in a foldout-sleeve which is padlocked (which made it incredibly difficult to listen to). Includes a 2-sided A5 info-sheet. Limited edition of 500 copies.
the packaging aside, its a very interesting release musically as well, harsh noise passages, some vocals, sparse ambience, layered up analogue goodness, it really stands out (based upon sounds alone) amidst my Richard Ramirez collection. its a really 'different sounding' rr LP. definitely go and see if you can grab a copy on ebay. (as i'm sure most of you know, there's nothing quite like having the actual record)
*highly recommended
this wasn't released on manifold but that's how i became aware of it..yet another reminder of how i miss that label/distro.

1. i keep my stuff inside (25:33)
2. let me in (25:57)

192 kbps

Richard Ramirez - "Horn" (1997 Deadline Recordings)

Jovan Hernandez's artwork for this release is totally kickass
its always a bonus to have talented friends/lovers working for your cause :)
analogue harsh noise on the minimal side>

1 Untitled (31:01)
2 Untitled (31:02)
p.s. - a heads up---that sticker label cd sound starts to creep in here and there after the first 15 min or so.

Arcana - "body of sin" (2002 Cold Meat Industry)

1.we rise above
2.body of sin

TT: 19:06

Aube - "Emotional Oscillation" (1994 Old Europa Café)

source: 1 voltage controlled oscillator

A Empulsive Oscillating (22:10)
B1 Emotionalism (8:27)
B2 Uplift (14:08)


Ames Sanglantes - "Violation" (2001 smell the stench)

source for track one: guitar
each side sound very different from each other, which is a good thing.
the second track absolutely shreds

1.old material (1999)

2.new material (2001)

Aube - "Howling Obsession(revised)" (2002 manifold records)

source: small speaker

another fine release from aube and manifold records (r.i.p.)

From Booklet:

Originally Howling Obsession was to be released on a C40 cassette in a video box package (limited to 150 copies) on New Sonic Projection USA. However the label suddenly changed the plan and released it as a handmade CD-R (Limited Edition 20 copies) without any announcement. This Revised version has been remastered and the extra track "Howling Obsession Live", which has only ever been performed once was added.

1 Howling Obsession (17:56)
2 Replicate (1:58)
3 M.O.L. (13:58)
4 Ex-Terminal (5:57)
5 Howling Obsession Live 1997 (23:43)


Aube - "solid pressure" (2000 black bean and placenta tape club)

sound source: metal

1 Solid Pressure (5:04)
2 Dig It Up (11:40)
3 Defilement (7:07)
4 Molten Plate (9:41)
5 Metalivelectring (28:42)
6 RG (5:06)
7 RR (5:04)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the cure - "pornography" (1982 A&M records)

1.One Hundred Years (6:42)
2.A Short Term Effect (4:25)
3.The Hanging Garden (4:32)
4.Siamese Twins (5:35)
5.The Figurehead (6:15)
6.A Strange Day (5:06)
7.Cold (4:26)
8.Pornography (6:28)

because its fuckin essential!

dismal VI (christmas 2007)

this is the last episode of dismal with spoken accounts of the songs here and there.
so no printed tracklist, but everything is identified.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Richard Ramirez - "hard" (2001 Deadline Recordings)

1 Blow (8:26)
2 Knobslobber (14:07)
3 Leviathan (6:40)
4 Hard (15:52)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ames Sanglantes - "rust and steel" (2001 freckle records)

1 Corporate Media (5:19)
2 Pollution Money (3:18)
3 Late Night Pervesions (5:17)
4 TV Dinner Is Evolution (6:26)
5 Machine A Boule (5:32)
6 Rain Of Montreal (3:42)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rubbish - "the pagan christ" (2006 roil noise)

for whatever reason, my copy (which i got from the man himself) has 29 tracks instead of the 20 listed in the artwork and on discogs and clocks in and a lovely 1:52:06

1.i wanna make noise
2 A Call To Harms (6:03)
3 Hardcore Nature Man (2:19)
4.noise winner deluxe
6 Caring Cyst (2:42)
7.the great american outhouse
8 Worrisome Warning (2:36)
9 Bolshevik Attack Team (4:02)
10.morons and music
11.emotional terrorist
12 Leaf Fat (2:03)
13 Reconditus Murmur (3:00)
15 Bosh Bosh (2:22)
17.a cruel summer for donnie
18 Simon LeGree's Payment(black parachute) (2:07)
19 Wager Of Battles (1:29)
20 The King Of Kafirs (2:54)
21 Chamber Pot Of Secrets (3:07)
22 Matters Of Maunder (2:11)
23 Bombasine Hit & Run (4:00)
24 A Dimly Din (2:02)
25 The Stars Shall Fall From Heaven (2:07)
26 Avant Forgery (2:47)
27 Mater Dolorosa (Our Sorrowful Mother) (4:45)
28 Gelded Culture (2:15)
29 The Pagan Christ (10:00)

download (rapidshare)

Radiosonde - "somnambul" (1998 7hz/tone deaf)

solo project of scott arford
Sources: television monitors, radios, glass, metal, field recordings.
Recorded 1996 at 7hz.

1 Depth Finder (6:02)
2 Stollen 41 A (6:35)
3 Post-Suggestion (5:41)
4 U (1:54)
5 Colloidal Suspension (8:21)
6 Stollen 41 B (Purified) (3:49)
7 Bodies Float (7:33)
8 Almost Never (6:12)


lackthrow - "akrasia" (2006 alOne)

ltd.ed.10 cdr
*original version of 'eager for the morning' from the lackthrow CD "commiserenergy"

2.eager for the morning (v.2)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DISMAL V (december 2007)


1.angelo badalamenti-laura's dark boogie
2.me, myself & i-apocalypse
3.a hymn for her-all gods angels are writhing
4.inade-eternity's crevice
5.archon satani-heavenly inoculation
6.azure skies-rise
9.sanctum-muffled piano
10.mental destruction-and the fire
11.mental destruction-september warning
12.extol-work of art (raison d'etre remix)
13.david lynch-the air is on fire VIII
14.navicon torture technologies-mother of all crossroads
15.navicon torture technologies-beauty in these ruins
16.chrysta bell(w/david lynch)-polish poem

dismal IV


1. sturmast-my prayer is my inner armour
2. soul whirling somewhere-i give up, goodbye
3. coil-further back and faster
4. the unquiet void-in the garden(black tape for a blue girl cover)
5. audio paradox-consumed
6. xiphoid dementia-logic
7. internal empty-ennui (remix)
8. burzum-Die Kraft Des Mitgefuhls
9. tara vanflower- i lost the moon
10. me myself & i-things saved for a rainy day
11. john weise-no bears
12. a hymn for her- the passing of the spirit
13. joe colley(crawl unit)- reversal for high speed paralysis
14. navicon torture technologies-white oleander
15. tribes of neurot/neurosis-eve


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nkondi - " Flecksofcorrosionblossomingsilentlyonchrome " 3-inch (2006 dollfullofrivets)

ltd. ed. of 25. released as a fund raiser for the PDXnoise festival.

1. Flecksofcorrosionblossomingsilentlyonchrome


Nkondi - "ablackhandgrenadereadytoexplodeinyourface" (2007 barfing dagger re-recordings)

more excellent pedal noise from NKONDI

Spray-painted CDr in a clear plastic sleeve.

1 Theairhasteethtonight
2 Strugglinginsoweto
3 Ablackhandgrenadereadytoexplodeinyourface
4 Deafchildrenatalltimes
5 Thesnotnosed
6 Threadsoul
7 Cultivationofacertaintameparanoia