Sunday, November 23, 2008


DISMAL, episode 21
a mix of ambient bleeding into industrial and funeral doom.

1.dark procession-nox noctis
2.raison d'etre-the end of the key
4.dahlia's tear-unbearable times
5.loss-Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being)
7.the funeral orchestra-feeding the abyss
8.lackthrow-the inevitable rise of absolution
9.archon satani-reigned ov flesh (beyond all thee sickness version)
12.a hymn for her-forever (beyond life and death)
13.nordvargr & drakh-reaction infernale
14.despond-moonlight suicide
15.Akira Rabelais-(Gorgeous Curves Lovely Fragments Labyrinthed On Occasions Entwined Charms, A Few Stories At Any Longer Sworn To Gathered From A Guileless Angel And The Hilt Edges Of Old Hearts, If They Do In The Guilt Of Deep Despondency.) make me an instrument of your wrath
17.Steel hook prostheses w/ Invercauld-final death show
19.a rush of blue-rose red/blush
20.burzum-der weinende hadnur


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


the new dismal ambient doom dark soundscape goth

dismal XX

1 a hymn for her-dismal intro (live)
2 Underjordiska-En Ensam Älva from Landscapes of Depression
3 Silbernacht-Liebe Und Verfall (Love And Decay) from Liebe Und Verfall
4 shroud of bereavement-effloresce from alone beside her
5 shroud of bereavement-unsanctified from alone beside her
6 celar-the seperation of the two phased apple blossom from Discourses Of The Withered
7 merzbow + richard pinhas-Merzdon/Heldow Kills Animal Killers from Keio Line
8 Ad Lux Tenebrae-To the Grieving One... from Sketches From That Autumn
9 lackthrow-a wish has been made currently unreleased
10 fungoid stream-the book from Celaenus Fragments
11 sopor aeternus-may i kiss your wound from Songs From the Inverted Womb
12 fungoid stream-celaenus fragments from Celaenus Fragments
13 the ruins of beverast-skeleton coast from unlock the shrine
14 ruhr hunter-denned earth decay and rebirth from moss and memory
15 Sombre Présage-Messe Noire from Infernale Procession
16 black seas of infinity-pallid stardust of the moons blind sister from Within Daathian Chasms
17 ad lux tenebrae-indigenous 1 from Sketches From That Autumn

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nordvargr-enter nordvargr 2 (mp3 2005)

as this was released as a free web release in the first place i doubt i'm stepping on any toes here.
that being said, if you didn't find it before and see it now grab it up.
dark noise with percussive, industrial, ambient, and some vaguely black idm touches.

nordvargr needs no introduction. 

1 Henrik N. Björkk* Steril 2 (2:57)
2 Henrik N. Björkk* Patterns Emerging LD CELP (4:11)
3 All Hail The Transcending Ghost(Henrik N Björkk and Tim Bertilsson) Intornator (2:24)
4 Henrik N. Björkk* Noma Klaw (Edit) (5:00)
5 Goatvargr(Andy O’Sullivan & Henrik Nordvargr Björkk) Fix (4:01)
6 Henrik N. Björkk* Interrupted By Light And Vision (5:07)
7 Henrik N. Björkk* Sammi Calls (3:21)
8 Henrik N. Björkk* Sepul (4:27)
9 Henrik N. Björkk* Bakom Ilskan (5:20)
10 Henrik N. Björkk* Steril (8:21)

Notes: Free download available originally here:

1 Short remixed version of "Steril", the last track of this album.
Will soon appear on a limited CDR compilation from VUZ.
2 Previously unreleased.
3 This is a stripped and raw version of "Intornator" from the upcoming album.
4 The full verison will appear later this year on the "The dead never sleep" CD from OEC.
5 Previously unreleased.
6 Previously unreleased.
7 Previously unreleased.
8 Previously unreleased.
9 Previously unreleased. Was intended to be included on the "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" CD, but never made it.
10 From the forthcoming CD "Vitagen" on Essence Music.

Friday, November 14, 2008

mörkermännen- "hell on earth" cd (2005 blunt object)

a real treat here.
the mind behind Maim and Black Pope (also a member of a tale of less) returns with his mörkermännen project.  amazing power electronics and noise. old and new school approaches taken to manifest this fantastic release.  Released on blunt object in 2005. limited to 200 copies in a dvd case.    

if you're fortunate enough to find a copy on ebay buy it!  
this is classy stuff.

1. hunting ground
2. self-immolation
3. though we are in the bowels of hell, we shall have the eyes
4. the gallows
5. hell on earth
6. i was born to murder the world (aspberger's syndrome re-visited)
7. black smoke, black earth
8. the ninth circle (the circle of traitors)
9. self immolation (version II)
10. cleanse
11. shattered angel
12. the braquemard

Thursday, November 13, 2008

AM of Tomorrow-self titled 2cd (2000)

(this is the artwork from the 2nd edition. the first edition came in very limited numbers in altered brown paper sack and 'space' artwork. very cool stuff, glad i got both copies.)

the debut 2 cd from AM of Tomorrow. interesting project of experimental ambient SOMETHING...just weird stuff.  the following several cds would just get better and better. give it a try, you might just like it. 

cd 1

1.  jour pluvieux de romance
2. slumber's own dream
3. in the air of space
4. sleep rumbles in
5. bonus 1
6. bonus 2

cd 2

1. iseous epanerchomai
2. movement of the radio
3. rolling bell symphony
4. filing away the memories
5. news

anaphylaxis - "arabesque" cassette (1997)

long before Anaphylaxis was the super smooth piece of ambient and industrial perfection that it is today it was lo-fi noise. this is a rip of the 'arabesque' cassette from 1997. i would love to remix/play with this at some point.  i hope i get the chance. enjoy some old school...

1.coordinated universal time-intro
2. breathing drone
3.arabesque part 1
4.arabesque part 2
6.low hum-short wave
8. moon lander
9. panic
10.razor wire
11. wave drone