Friday, July 31, 2009

AUBE - "ASL9707" + "Benefit 1997 - ASL9705 " (01/02 g.r.o.s.s.)

just what it is...shame that only these parts are here, but, great on their own. enjoy.
sound source=water
great stuff, but, unfortunately, like alot of stuff from this era...such small editions and...well, fantastic stuff but hard to get to..hopefully this will be remedied one day.

1Masaharu YamamuraIntroduction (9:42)
2AubeASL9705 (36:18)
3AubeHS1 (5:03)
4AubeHS2 (5:42)

1 ASL9707 (36:21)

Troll - "the last predator" (2000 headNOTfound)

1 Bastards Last Breath (Intro)
2 Fall Of The Marbeled Galaxy
3 Seierens Stråler
4 Mending The Instincts
5 Colony X-11: Inflict Mythical Mayhem
6 My Glance Into The Narrow Room
7 Eyes As In I
8 A.T. The Riddle
9 The Last Predators
10 Frelserens Visjoner

maim - "hairline fracture" (self released)

after RABID EYE MOVEMENT became MAIM....the first maim cd came about...and a pretty good introduction imho.
harsh noise concepty goody hoobity hoo
my poor record keeping and failing memory keeps me unsure of the release date of this thing, but it was 01/02 somewhere in there, i think. pretty darn hard to find now days so it seems.

i know people crave the maim and who knows where jonas has been for the last couple of years...his stuff isn't as easy to find as many would there's nothing quite like the first time...

1.fissure : the surface of reality
2.hairline fracture 1 : lesions on glass
3.hairline fracture 2 : separation of matter from time
4.cracks begin to appear : gaining momentum
5.breach : opening the mouth
6.shroud of maya : seeing
7.samadhi : silence

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

masonna - "shock rock" (2002 midi creative / noble)

31 untitled tracks, which is pretty normal for masonna.
this album was supposed to be a bit of a 'return to form' for masonna, going
back to his erm...more "raw", "lo-fi" recordings of the "old days".
you know what to expect.

T.E.F. - "Saturn Ring Plane Hazard" (Xerxes)

t.e.f. is among the best harsh noise composers out there.
it should be no surprise then, that the compositions on this cdr are killer.

1 Cycle Tone 1 (4:39)
2 Goodbye Satellite (1st Version) (3:33)
3 Subterranean Test Detection (4:44)
4 Slingshot (3:32)
5 Puzzling Discrepency (0:42)
6 Belt (Fuzzy Kitty Girl) (1:00)
7 Saturn Ring Plane Hazard (4:46)
8 Glitch (5:34)
9 100 Yers Radiosphere (4:48)
10 Oort Dispersion (5:27)

masonna - "the passion of rubbers" (1995 g.r.o.s.s.)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Acid Mothers Temple (family compilation) - Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want!! 3xcd (2002 Earworm)

Compilation of artists related to Acid Mothers Temple.

1-01Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFOPink Lady Lemonade (You're So Sweet) (60:22)
2-01Floating FlowerShizuku No Youni (3:30)
2-02MaquiladoraSo Far Away (4:32)
2-03ZoffyBésamé La Mucho (3:48)
2-04Natsuki KidoDisco, Space, Baby (7:41)
2-05FursaxaMon Lion (2:24)
2-06Gopal With Atsushi TsuyamaGandaki Wari G.P. (4:41)
2-07Cosmic RidersGalactic Bomber (Roll Over Captain Ultra!) (3:33)
2-08PardonsPardon Monsieur (Smash Hits Mix) (5:45)
2-09FrédéricLe Lapin (2:02)
2-10Wild Riders, TheHello Baby (5:30)
2-11Magic Aum GigiLove Potion 26 (2:18)
2-12Atsushi TsuyamaNo More Red Nightmare (3:11)
2-13Alien Social Dance PartyBlues For Mrs. Triple H (4:10)
2-14ZoffyWhite Room (3:04)
2-15NipponianipponValley Of The Wind (7:31)
2-16SeikazokuBrahmagnpatirana (Early Mix) (4:02)
2-17Father Moo & The Black SheepUntitled (Vanishing Version) (0:27)
2-18UehCambous (5:48)
3-01Makoto Kawabata & Naoaki MiyamotoConcurrence (10:27)
3-02Shogo-nari With Makoto KawabataWhite Flowers On The Hilltop (5:55)
3-03Space Machine(maso yamazaki) With Makoto KawabataPlanet Of Somnolence (13:00)
3-04UchuUchu (Comet Comforter Mix) (8:46)
3-05TsurubamiDohkoku (8:47)
3-06Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFOThird Eye Of The Whole World (Long Version) (8:39)
3-07Makoto KawabataI Want You To Kiss Me Again (16:23)

Fallen - "a tragedy's bitter end" (2004 Aftermath)

another great cd with less than stellar artwork. excellent atypical funeral doom from norway with deep droning gothy vocals and orchestral elements.

...and review from The Metal Crypt: (

"This was a surprise. I got this with the latest Runemagick in the promo envelope from Aftermath, and I was like "hmm", because normally Funeral Doom is not really my thing, but I was just blown away by this release. Fallen are from Norway, and they have apparently been around for a while, but this is their debut. And I have never heard a better release in this genre. This album once again points up the idiocy of doing top ten lists every year. If I had heard this, it would have been on there easily for last year.

The major gripe that I and others level at badly done Doom is that it's boring. "Slow" replaces "Epic", and rather than melancholic music, you get somnolent. Well this is veeeeerrry slow music, but it is nothing short of captivating. From the first sweeping chord of the magnificent opener "Gravdans" I was just caught up in this, and I could not stop listening to it. Huge, booming riffs backed by beautiful orchestral keys create a beautiful, compelling soundscape that rises to towering heights of keen despair. There is nothing uptempo, happy, or accessible about any of this, and yet I was caught from the first note. The vocals are a pleasant surprise, as they are not harsh but a low, deep clean voice that is less singing than intoning the lyrics. The vocals actually sound a bit like Big Boss of Root held to a low moan. It's very distinctive, and very cool, and it adds a whole other dimension to already excellent music.

If you like Funeral Doom or depressive music like Agalloch, then you have to have this, as it is just the best album of its kind I have ever heard. A huge, involving, sweeping work that is never anything but bleak, and is too beautiful to stop listening to. Being on a small label, I doubt many people will get the chance to hear this, but they should. A magnificent album."

2.Weary and Wretched14:35
3.To the Fallen03:31
5.Now That I Die17:50
6.The Funeral03:07

Knurl - "hyperplasia" (2007 brise-cul records)

sound source:strip of steel

see image above

DOWNLOAD 320-mp3 (mediafire)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

various artists - "BITMAPPING" (2003 objective/subjective)

EXCELLENT 2cd compilation!

variety, dirty and/or harsh electronics, variety, ambient, glitch and or new ways to look, variety, industrial-old and new, techno aberrations, found sound & experimental, variety and variety........

101MoonsantoMeanwhile... In The Laboratory (5:23)
102VitaminsforyouAsdf.Jas.Atp (4:55)
103Blue T-ShirtRise And Fall (5:31)
104GridlockPetrol (5:23)
105SparkLong Way In (5:13)
106!!aSQ!!*7Iran6 (3:42)
107Puff (3)Burrs In My Tail Piss Me Off (3:40)
108SkincageBabel On (7:48)
109SkincageZoog Law (3:09)
110R|A|A|NConcubi (6:53)
111Stone Glass SteelCompletion32 (6:23)
201Ah Cama-SotzThe Hidden Message (5:19)
202Herbst9The Tide (4:59)
203GruntsplatterScavenging Through Evolution (5:46)
204VedisniVril Silhouettes Thru Saturn (4:50)
205NarbenerdeVerfolgungswahn (7:38)
206LefthandeddecisionI Tried But I Failed (4:32)
207Navicon Torture TechnologiesMy Rage Is My Reason (5:29)
208AzoikumDeath To False Power Electronics (4:01)
209Survival UnitOnset Of Being And End To All (9:41)
210Navicon Torture TechnologiesThere Will Always Be Autumn (5:13)
211Cherry Point, TheThis Is What Love Is (3:28)
212Control (3)The Final Day (5:20)
213PropergolBeat / Mapping / Fighting (5:11)

various artists - "DISCO MORTEM" (1998 the releasing eskimo)

three records
six artists
limited to 50 copies
damn shame
disco mortem
AThe Grey WolvesSuck On Sarin
BNo Festival of LightDivide Et Impera Part 2
CMacronymphaHigh Velocity Resistance Components
DHands ToTentresa
EC.C.C.C.Spectrum World
FMerzbowThe Amazing Maya Hiromi

various artists - "BAITED BREATH" (1998 live bait recording foundation)

ltd. ed. set of 100 with 2 cassettes and lots of great dark ambient/noise/experimental/industrial/grime

A1BlackhouseCrust (7:20)
A2Obscene Noise KorporationMetal Chamber (4:49)
A3BaalAt The End Of Suffering (6:35)
A4HuskThe Conscious Dead (7:06)
A5Boss MonsterLife Support (3:16)
B1AzoikumTo A Master (Theodore Bundy) (7:34)
B2The Evolution Control CommitteeOn Hold (8:35)
B3Bad SectorEvents Horizon (7:30)
B4AnlageAcht (9:56)
B5BlackhouseCrust (Reprise) (7:22)
C1The Soil Bleeds BlackSome Sweet Sorrow Act II (The Lady Of The Lake) (3:17)
C2Murderous VisionAs Teeth Sink In (4:02)
C3PsychonautDreams Of Parfaxitas (6:32)
C4JinnseraphThe Crossing (7:11)
C5Profane GraceHaunted Tomb Of Vladisil (9:40)
C6GruntsplatterCorpse Lagoon (5:43)
C715 Delights Of DionysusFramework For Putrefacation (4:01)
D1MysterianThe Pale Halls Of Pluto (5:54)
D2ValeforEvocation Of Eshu Aiyede (6:12)
D3TriageOrganism (8:38)
D4In Death's ThroesThee Overturned Grave (Shades Our Lamp) (9:03)
D5Raven's BaneMorbid Consumation (5:43)
D6ProscriptorOur Blood And Veins From The McGovern Regiment (2:25)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Caul - "the sound of faith" (2005 Epiphany)

Tracks are remixed
& remastered versions of the original
CD released in 1996 on Katyn Records


Kyrie (7:47)
2Somnia A Deo Missa (2:48)
3Nature And Grace (6:14)
4The Redeemer Of Blood (6:22)
5Parousia (8:49)
6Sicut Ovis (2:25)
7Metempsychosis (3:09)
8The Type And Shadow Of Our Bodies (2:51)
9Theophany (2:53)
10Adumbratio (4:07)
11Ankou (12:00)
12A Golden Bell And A Pomegranate (2:09)
13Expurgate (3:20)
14The Seven Abominations Of The Heart (5:11)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aube / Small Cruel Party - "Across the Water" (1996 Ant-Zen)


AAubeTo Here Where I Am Not Cause The Nearby Boat To Move Across The Water (12:46)
BSmall Cruel PartyFrom Where You Are Stop The Distant Boat Moving Across The Water (13:11)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crashdog - "The Pursuit of Happiness" (1992 Grr/Word!/Ocean records)

one of those releases that i bought twice(cass. & cd)... i bought the cassette and for many years i kinda liked parts of it, but i don't think i really 'got' the aesthetic. with time, and after seeing them live...where there was an electrocution on stage, plenty of following tech problems, prayer circles and false re-starts, it began to sink in a bit more.*BACK WHEN SPIKE NARD WAS THE VOCALIST* some 17 years later i'm quite comfortable saying that this album totally rocks. Many of their albums (this is their 3rd) are relatively easy to find with the internet, but this one...not so much. its good though. grab it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goat - "Baphometamphetamine" (2003 cyber-blast/philosophy shop))

1Raising The Temple Of The Goat (16:58)
2Razing The Temple Of The Goat (27:21)

Mike Patton - "pranzo oltranzista" (1997 tzadik)

more attention should be paid to mike patton's honestly experimental solo works...

1 Elettricità Atmospheriche Candite (1:22)
2 Carne Cruda Squarciata Dal Suono Di Sassofono (2:35)
3 Vivanda In Scodella (3:17)
4 Guerrainletto (1:53)
5 Contorno Tattile (Per Russolo) (2:05)
6 I Rumori Nutrienti (4:29)
7 Garofani Allo Spiedo (2:59)
8 Aerovivanda (2:35)
9 Scoppioingola (3:02)
10 Latte Alla Luce Verde (3:28)
11 Bombe A Mano (4:00)

Goat - "goathammer" (2002 cyber-blast)

killer harsh noise from Goat. if you'd heard goat before you'd already know...

1 Goathammer (6:36)
2 Slam-Dance Macabre (4:31)
3 Hellish Crossfire On Wooden Coffins (4:27)
4 Necro-Capricornal Screams (5:51)
5 Blurred Visions Of Immortality (6:05)
6 Eye Of Meggido (6:40)
7 Drown Into The Sand (4:11)
8 Pro-Creation Of The Goat (5:11)
9 Usurping The Jewel Throne (5:39)
10 Oceans Of Grime And Stone (7:57)

Cataclyst - "Monuments Of A Rubicund Age" (1999 Yantra Atmospheres)

From Ritualistic Nature: "Cataclyst was a project of Peter Andersson (Raison D'Être etc), with Johanna Rosenqvist ( from Institute). The music combines the melancholic beauty of early Raison d'Être and Necrophorus, and the industrial rhythms of Institut and tribal ritual elements of another undeservedly forgotten project of Peter, Svasti-Ayanam. AMAZING Record that i advice you to hear."
1 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak I (3:43)2 The Verge Of Mortal Ground (5:21)3 Elwes In Sheeting Wind (4:29)4 Rubicund Age (3:49)5 Rubicund Cloister (3:26)6 The Serpent's Fang (2:16)7 The Gawds Are Still At Karnak II (3:40)8 Dwarfs In Hidden Realm (19:07)


Nocturne - "hymn for herest I & II" (2002 Old Europa Cafe)

1 Les Sanglot Des Violons (10:34)
2 H.F.H. (Part I) (12:06)
3 Herest Au Ghetto (6:27)
4 Je Me Souviens (7:43)
5 H.F.H. (Part II) (6:20)
6 Herest Au Ghetto (Hell Version) (13:27)
7 A Mort! (Pogrom Version) (17:23)

alk0 - "music under intoxication" (2003 old europa cafe)

1 Kirosana (3:13)
2 Lavertelu (7:33)
3 Juoppo (7:56)
4 Reikä (4:37)
5 Tekokänni (7:41)
6 Hiljaisuus (6:00)
7 Ympärys (6:10)
8 Päätös (5:47)
9 Kilju (9:39)
thorough review from Heathen Harvest

Offizial Propagande - "...Oh, The Humanity" (2002 pagan moon organization)

Offizial Propaganda is an Italian power electronics act with a strong apocalyptic and martial feel. Titles like ‘Final Solution’ and ‘Long live death’ may give you an idea of the direction of this album, which is devoted to the exploitation of mankind. They deal with politically uncorrect themes in an ironic manner, take for instance the title ‘White n#ggers’. Expect over 50 dense minutes of harsh noises, distorted sounds and drones, folk/classical samples and a variety of (war) speech samples.
This rather aggressive album by the duo B. Malphas (also known from Tronus Abyss) and Draucor Tibes is not something for delicate ears. Offizial Propaganda perhaps doesn’t sound very revolutionary within the powernoise genre, but “…Oh the Humanity” contains some powerful tracks like ‘Odal Europa’, which may bring us closer to the collapse of what’s left of human civilisation.

my own two cents: i wouldn't call this 'powernoise' and it certainly isn't revolutionary, nor is it always that outright harsh, if that's what you're looking for, at least not as far as its sound, though frequently you will find just that.

1 ...Oh, The Humanity (1:37)
2 Propaganda (6:04)
3 Final Solution (4:03)
4 Long Live Death (9:29)
5 People, People, People, People (5:25)
6 Odal Europa (5:37)
7 White xxxxxxx (2:48)
8 Love And Honour (5:36)
9 RRN (3:10)
10 Monte Negro (9:56)

Megaptera - "Beyond the Shadow" (1994 Kronotop)

1 Human Sacrifice (7:21)
2 Distinkt Killing (3:31)
3 The Offering (5:50)
4 Lebensborn (3:23)
5 Epileptic Hospital (10:32)
6 Behind The Wall (8:32)
7 Intellektual Decompression (9:18)
8 Cathacombs (7:13)

Arcana - "Dark Age of Reason" (1996 Cold Meat Industry)

amazing debut from Arcana, dark and emotional, evoking a time long since passed, a gothic film score, a neoclassical re-interpretation of beautiful poetry...
"... Comparisons to Dead Can Dance will be made, and they are inevitable and justified, with Arcana's approach to intrumentation and compositions nearly identical to something like De Profundis off of Dead Can Dance's 'Spleen and Ideal'. (...) woefully baroque wood winds, gently plucked strings, flowing violin orchestrations, beautiful piano melodies, and of course, the heavenly blending of baritone and soprano vocals courtesy of Peter Petterson and the beautiful Ida Bengtsson. Yes, it's all been done before in some form or another, but who am I to chastise the band for doing it this damn good?"
-- Jason Mantis, Audio Drudge, Issue. 7

Our God Weeps (2:02)
2 Angel Of Sorrow (3:11)
3 Source Of Light (3:05)
4 The Calm Before The Storm (2:58)
5 Dark Age Of Reason (7:07)
6 Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming (3:01)
7 The Oath (3:34)
8 ...For My Love (2:20)
9 Serenity (6:05)
10 The Song Of Mourning (3:47)


Archon Satani - "the Final Completion" (1997 Cold Spring)

10" record
ltd.ed. 500
A Sanctified Pins Or Nails
B :Love One Another: