Wednesday, December 30, 2009

black leather jesus - "anti-lavey" (1995 deadline)

2 untitled tracks

Xome - "itch" (2002 snip-snip)

1 Breeder 0:31
2 Lamb & Rice 10:19
3 Itch 16:00
4 Nutrient 0:24
5 Step 3:27
6 Treat & Snacks 2:00
7 Everywhere 4:33
8 Cave 3:55
9 Seven Years 4:40
10 Pochettes 2:40
11 Steve 0:40
12 Potential 3:24
13 Cleveland Bay 4:26
14 Unsoundness 0:55
15 Hypersensitive 4:21

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

azoikum - "a collection of corpses volume 1" (2004 mouth records)

limited to 150 copies.

cd 1: wahnsinn
CD-1 Halluzination 2:35
CD-2 Wahnsinn I 10:15
CD-3 Psychowrack 7:15
CD-4 Anfall 8:06
CD-5 Kollaps 2:40
CD-6 Misanthrop 8:19
CD-7 Isolation 4:44
CD-8 Zwang 5:04
CD-9 Wahnsinn II 9:48
CD-10 Resignation 3:16

cd2: funny games
CD2-1 Reality 9:26
CD2-2 Funny Games 3:47
CD2-3 Morder Pt. III 5:13
CD2-4 Blood Spree 3:40
CD2-5 Depression 12:57
CD2-6 Politicians 3:35
CD2-7 Fierce Hate 4:14
CD2-8 Shit Life Pt. II 3:39
CD2-9 Mindstorms III 7:16
CD2-10 Uncensored Exotics 3:49

cd3: dedicated to jeffrey dahmer
CD3-1 Endlosung 2:22
CD3-2 Ian And Myra (Moor Fun) 3:16
CD3-3 Assault From Behind 2:52
CD3-4 Dedicated To Jeffery Dahmer 8:40
CD3-5 Mortal Agony 3:58
CD3-6 Soldier 5:06
CD3-7 Dein Untergang 7:09
CD3-8 Bizaar 22:51

cd4: mentally ill
CD4-1 Go Nuts 5:03
CD4-2 A Link Missing 6:07
CD4-3 Valium 6:51
CD4-4 Azoikum 4:05
CD4-5 Mentally Ill 1 8:15
CD4-6 Deranged 4:39
CD4-7 Lobotomy 7:43
CD4-8 Mentally Ill 2 18:07

cd5: decayed and fresh
CD5-1 To A Master (Theodore Robert Bundy) 7:16
CD5-2 Brain Maggots 2:05
CD5-3 Nicht Willkommen 15:09
CD5-4 N****r Klaus 1:51
CD5-5 Mein Ist Die Rache 4:47
CD5-6 Lucas 4:56
CD5-7 Sunset Slayer 14:44
CD5-8 Gainseville Dementia 5:33
CD5-9 Death To False Power Electronics 4:00
CD5-10 Get Fucked N****r 5:11
CD5-11 Pervert 6:38
CD5-12 Metzger 4:59

cd 1 & 2
cd 3
cd 4
cd 5

Monday, December 28, 2009

Lackthrow - "tragedies (...of the fall)" (2001 alOne productions)

click on first image for large tracklist.
long out of print cdr. signed & numbered.
(please do report any problems/errors)

Friday, December 25, 2009

a hymn for her - "Amaranthine" (2003 alOne productions)

1. the farce of sacred union, bleeding
2. an auricular confession
3. and we dwell in the crypt of hathor
4. the blessing of pain (extended version)
5. overwhelming wound
6. in love with ghosts
7. no ghosts, only demons (11 ways to see sunday)
8. in darkness angels weep at the depths of what has been lost
9. banishing the sunlight
10. in an oubliette
11. i am black smoke
12. her image, through the mist, beyond the veil
13. encased in tears and ash

DownloaD (mediafire-as requested)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

pain jerk - "tape bomb" (1994 AMP)

a1 beastnics
a2 h.a.n.x. parts 1&2
b1 aufheben
b2 dirty audio warfare
b3 pppenetration

Friday, December 18, 2009

dismal xxxviii (december 2009)

this holiday edition of dismal (not at all really) leans more towards industrial and power electronics. its not just a playlist repeated, though, perhaps it should be.

lackthrow - dismal 38 intro
gruntspatter - the logic of the slaughterhouse
lefthandeddecision - random ambient track
sword heaven / lambsbread split - excerpt from s.h. side
cloama - final monument
nyodene d - this is what we must do remix
duodrone - chapter 1, verse 9
esplendor geometrico - sinaya
combat astronomy - sirius02
hiv+ - the micro cell
       -  invocations
final solution - strip search
whitehouse - dumping the fucking rubbish remix
nicole 12 + taint - terry
lackthrow - endless affliction inhabits edit
navicon torture technologies - addicted to the unattainable
internal empty  - dusphorous alt mix 3
bloodyminded  - untitled sevbum remix
intrinsic action - untitled bonus

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jason Lescalleet - Mattresslessness (2002 Cut)

1 Ambidextrous And Half Japanese
2 Underscore
3 Clay Tapes
4 Straight No Chaser
5 Ineinandergreifen - 08 Dezember 1912
6 General Electric
7 Untitled

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ambient theology(virus) - "ambient theology" (1995 velocity music group / n*soul records)

side project from the virus/bubblebaby/wormsign people. as always, quality stuff.

came with a 15 page devotional.

1 Formless 6:19
2 Over The Face Of The Deep 6:04
3 16 3 6:21
4 Humanity 7:18
5 Writing In The Sand 6:05
6 Mountain 5:59
7 Simplicity 9:58
8 Offering 8:20
9 Hope 5:50
10 Love 7:09

Monday, December 14, 2009

emaciator - "torment" (2006)

ltd. to 60 copiestwo untitled tracks

Crawl Unit - "malfunction for orchestra" (1996 ant-zen)

ltd.ed of 299

A:  Malfunction 1 (Recombinant)
B:  Flow / Malfunction / Reconstruct


Saturday, December 12, 2009

the cherry point + impregnable - "soaked white" (2006 troniks)

great harsh noise collaboration leaning towards fast wall.
limited to 180 copies

A: fresh affection
B: one slight gesture

Friday, December 11, 2009

Die Reitenden Leichen - “Trutz” (2009 monolithische aktion)

Ltd.ed. of 13
self proclaimed "harsh noise wall purity"

a: Gott Verwest
b: Gallschwärze


Slow Obesity - "betrayed teens" (2006 knull kassetter)

ltd.ed. of 75

a: french accent (live at the sex pit '97)
b: group action (studio session 2006)

Various artists - "none shadow" (2006 Hate State)


side A Filthy Turd - Girl Action
      B Filthy Turd - Metal Day
      C The Rita - Mae Clarke
      D The Rita - Evelyn Brent
      E The Cherry Point - Contamination
      F The Cherry Point - Contamination
      G Taskmaster - Untitled
      H Taskmaster - Untitled
      I Kakerlak - Hangday
      J Kakerlak - Hangday
      K Privy Seals - Untitled
      L Privy Seals - Untitled


Thursday, December 10, 2009

a view from nihil - nocturnal emissions

you might be familiar with this hnw project from various compilations, one of which being the outstanding 'brick by brick' comp.

avfn recently posted this EP over on the chondritic sound board and i figured i should repost here for those of you who didn't know about it.    ambient at first, but floor after floor this building falls down in on itself and gets nastier.

 Post subject: AVFN - Nocturnal Emissions - free HNW EP
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:36 pm 

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A View From Nihil - Nocturnal Emissions

Something for the weekend. Free download. 34 minute track of bass, crackle and blast. You lucky people.

"creation in order to subdue the torment of perception" - Wilhelm Worringer

Crawl Unit - "the most dangerous game" (1997 self abuse records)

A Seasons In The Vacuum 5:56
B Warm Buzz Of Psychosis 5:33

Recordings inspired by the life & work of the Zodiac Killer, active in California 1968 - 1981(?), never caught. Limited to 250 copies.
part of the case history series

Monday, December 7, 2009


so here is a bit more of the wonderful stuff from noiseman433
no cover art**
noiseman433- "in memoriam john cage" (2003 Legion Sudan)
7 untitled tracks

noiseman433- "winter :four seasons part 2"(2003 I.N.K. Recordings)

1 Allegro
2 Adagio
3 La Caccia

noiseman433- "live tracks+"not actually a proper release but a collection of live tracks circa 2002-20047 tracks

T.E.C. -tracks from web (T.E.C. is a spacey ambient blend of experimental noise madness with Bobby Vomit on modified turntables, broken records, electronics and Noiseman433 on cello, electronics.)this is a selection of stuff pulled from tracks

Saturday, December 5, 2009

the misogynist - "songs for women" (1996 Sadisque)

***no cover artwork***
ltd.ed. of 200 copies.

"The Misogynist was Paul Taylor. Songs For Women was recorded in secrecy 1996."

01 Foreplay
02 Take It As It Comes
03 Endurance
04 Cry For Help, Part I
05 Cry For Help, Part II
06 Cry For Help, Part III
07 Your End, Part I
08 Your End, Part II


Entrata Aperta - "the mirror sheds tears" (199? Autoproduzioni Ana Peste)

E.A. describes itself as a kind of ghost project or ghostly collective.
The individuals involved in the creation of the music changes with each project, as well as the meaning of the letters E.A.
The driving force behind E.A. is Raffaele Gallucci.

woefully amazing musical dark ambient.
you're gonna be surprised..what a treat you're in for..

A1 Traum 1:36
A2 Drops Of Ashes 5:41
A3 Lenses Stained With Blood 3:59
A4 Cancer Lachrymatory And Grey Mouths 12:23
A5 Photos Of Mass-Murders 4:58
B1 Porno-Landscapes 11:41
B2 Unhuman Trobs 4:46
B3 Anguish Inorganic Eyes 4:10
B4 Final Oasis Of Wheezing 6:58
B5 Haemorrage Yourself 1:55

Name Variations: E.A. | Elfo Atomico | Emanazione Afona | Energia Astrale | Enigma Analogico | Entrata Aperta | Essere Amore | Estasi Acida

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Incapacitants -"extreme gospel nights" (1993 vanilla records)

side a: bitter insect
side b: accelerated no(i)sebleed

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Other People's Children - "Replacing Uniforms" (2005 harsh head rituals)

ltd.ed. of 50

side A:
1   -Erasasourous
2   -Live At Monkey Mania
side B:
1   -0 And 0 And 0 And 0 And 0
2   -Doom 3


Macronympha - "arthur shawcross" (1997 self abuse)

ltd.ed. of 250
side a: hungry soldier
side b: brain damage

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thymikon - "Nipsis" (1996 Logistikon Records)

from Ballistic Test Zine:
"One of the latest trends to emerge in electronic music is the ambient/darkwave sound. By combining elements of ambient, techno, goth, and industrial music, darkwave bands like EnGrave, Caul, and Firmament have started drawing attention and have attracted fans from each of the aforementioned genres.
On Nipsis, Thymikon, which is really a pseudonym for Oklahoma native Beau Branson, serves up some high quality darkwave that should appeal to fans of all types of electronic music. The best tracks are the title track, with its haunting male and female Gregorian-like chants, and "Night", which features a processed rap that gives it a cyberpunk feel.
The other tracks on the album are mainly instrumentals. Some, like "Remorse (The Watchers)", "Demise", and "Midnight Impression", are midtempo numbers that feature dance beats over eerie ambient synths. Others, like "Aeturnus", and "Shimshon", are quiet, mysterious pieces that would go very well in a mystery or suspense movie. Another track, "Without 613", consists of an array of samples recorded over a programmed rhythm borrowed from the Prodigal Sons.
By recording such a diverse-sounding release that bridges so many genres, Thymikon has become one of the darkwave genre's most well-known bands. Nipsisis destined to become an indie classic.

--James McGinnis"

12 Steel 3

1 Nipsis 4:56
2 Remorse (The Watchers) 4:46
3 Without 613 4:10
4 Demise 5:04
5 Aeternus 4:18
6 Wi6th1ou3t 5:46
7 Shimshon 3:48
8 Demise 2 4:31
9 SOS #5 3:35
10 Night 3:46
11 Midnight Improvisation 3:28
12 Steel 3:43


Internal Empty / Anaphylaxis- "split" (2000 anaphylactic shock)

from GODSEND:"Internal Empty / Anaphylaxis-split CDR-This selection of grating electronic noisework from local Indiana artist Jason Coffman (ANAPHYLAXIS) and anonymous Pennsylvania group INTERNAL EMPTY successfully maneuvers itself from the outright swollen feedback grind of the first few tracks to a more semi-structured approach, adding in bits of old marching recordings (in the appropriately-titled 'Anthem' series) and digital trickery (CD skipping and manipulation)--all filtered through a glorious screeching wall of sound. By the time 'Paranoia Carousel Theme' comes around, with it's use of primitive-sounding loops (all distorted and ugly), a definite Boyd Rice/NON influence can be heard/felt. And while not every track here is successful on it's own (some seem sort of nondescript in the usual noise fashion), there is enough variation throughout the recording to warrant further listens. A very worthwhile release for those who can stomach more severe soundwork. (a.i. musick/anaphylactic shock recordings)"

this cd came in an odd plastic case with two card prints and a stickered cd. limited to only 10 copies!
The featured 22 tracks-- four tracks by internal empty, seven tracks of collaborative material, and eleven tracks by anaphylaxis. total running time was 73 minutes 10 seconds.



internal empty vs. anaphylaxis

ie v a-ANTHEMS:

Attach(attack remix)- 01:08
Anthem 1- 01:05
Anthem 2- 01:41
Anthem 3- 02:01
Anthem 4- 01:37
Anthem 5- 00:51
Anthem 6- 01:15


paranoia carousel theme- 02:32
march- 04:03
attack- 02:14
diseased- 03:04
low end- 01:56
low end (version)- 01:32
defense condition one (broken)- 01:00
fault line- 01:36
empath 2: chatter- 01:14
four-alarm lullaby- 04:15
mournful- 02:24

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Horde - "hellig usvart (10 year anniversary reissue)" (2004 rowe productions)

i bought the original release of this back in '94 and dug it. strangely i dig it way more now.
what is particularly nice about this 10 year anniversary reissue is that it includes a bonus track 'mine heart doth beseech thee', which originally appeared on a compilation when horde was going as 'beheadoth'.  fuck black metal (or the silly unblack in this case), but this bonus track has always been a fave of mine, no matter the genre.
'hellig usvart' was reissued yet again a couple of years ago with some tracks from the 'live in oslo' cd added on, but missing the beheadoth track..and quite honestly its better to have the entire live in oslo cd by itself.  enjoy.

1 A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds 1:02
2 Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram 0:47
3 Behold, The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon 3:22
4 Thine Hour Hast Come 4:05
5 Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice 5:37
6 Drink From The Chalice Of Blood 3:59
7 Silence The Blasphemous Chanting 5:37
8 Invert The Inverted Cross 3:10
9 An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight 5:09
10 Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat 2:24
11 Weak, Feeble And Dying Anti-Christ 3:32
12 The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust 1:42
13 Mine Heart Doth Beseech Thee (O Master) 2:56

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Gowan Ring - "The Twin Trees" (1997 World Serpent)

2.Rivertime Tome (Bubbles, Bogs, Infinities And The Magic Lace Game)
3.One Silver Ring
4.The Twin Trees
5.Stone Song III
6.Lady Beyond The River
7.By Moss Strand And Waterspathe (Undinal Procession: Throng Deep And Shoal)
8.Cupped Hands Spell
9.Our Rainbowed Paradox

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

impregnable / the rita - "2xbcardsplit" (2005 Iatrogenesis Records)

talk about settling 

into a false sense 
of security...


1-1    Impregnable - Lovely Musk                          4:36

2-1    The Rita - Steele And Shepard Dark Passages 5:00