Thursday, May 31, 2012

the Haters / Radiosonde - "split" (2001 Gameboy Records)

ltd.ed. of 25

1.the haters-The Thinking Ross Did #20

internal empty - "misery, love, comfort" (2003 alOne)


Narbenerde / Lefthandeddecision - "split7inch" (1999 troniks)


BLefthandeddecisionMater Tenebrarum

Fin - "fin" (1994 catorce index)

Packaged in a painted, heavy card box with various inserts, clippings and found objects. In mine the box was white and contained painted nails, OLD newspaper clippings, what looked to be drawings from a child, white box with brightly colored stickers, nice info insert, and some other jank.
EXCELLENT release. everything should come so well.

  1. Misconceptions Science Ego•Testicle Alliance. Bounce (2:44)
  2. Blackout Borsht (7:24)
  3. Zombify (8:20)
  4. Self-Administered Shock Therapy (2:03)
  5. Alien•Ization Performance>Anomalous 6•11•94 (32:54)
  6. Tread The Primordial Goo. Gasp Submerge (7:08)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Acclimate -"Miscreant" (2000 DTA Records)

1. Vrolok 5:21
2. Paris De-rezz (Live Edit) 7:10
3. Proselytized v2.5 (With Aube) 4:53
4. Quake 1:36
5. [Digital: Fuck] (Live Edit) 8:43
6. Daughters, Mothers, Fathers 0:58
7. Black Atom 3:24
8. Automatonically Korrect 6:22
9. And So It Goes 6:25
10. Can't Fuck On Nitrous 3:29
11. Thinner Than Water 2:55
12. Green Worlds Past 6:02
13. Four Hours Ago 5:52
14. Untitled (Remix by MAGO)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SIGNALBLEED - "transmission astray" (1997 sbx selfrelease)

BOTH the cassette release and the cdr release came with HEAPS of really wonderful artwork, which are worth the price of admission alone. *yes i have both, quite gladly*
the tunes are pretty sweet too.
man, i love signalbleed:)

~from the SIGNALBLEED website: leftovers from UNSOUND compiled w/ new experimentation including a minimal rumblescape and some computer generated cut-and-paste. cassette includes special handmade packaging w/ silkscreened original prints.~

10-5 (relay) 5:48
10-30 (illegal use of radio) 10:17
10-97 (check signal) 8:04
10-32 (man with gun) 2:15
10-94 (drag racing) 3:08
10-43 (information) 1:43
10-62 (reply to message) 4:51
10-76 (en route) 12:59
10-12 (stand by) 1:33
10-54 (livestock on highway) 7:36
10-77 (ETA= 1 minute) 0:41
10-5 (relay) (original) 2:13


Saturday, May 26, 2012

under midnight - "cybernetic remixes" (1992 wonderland)

this should have been called "cybernetic remix" instead of "cybernetic remixes" because all you get is one remix.
that's right, ONE.  the album version of babylon usa as well as its remix appear on the A side, and both are good tracks, but again, only one is new here.

side B should come with a WARNING.
it seems to have been constructed solely for fans of reading the last page of a book first, or those who frequent as it adds a mix of snippets from the rest of the tracks from the album.

still. hard to find and the one remix is cool, so here it is.


scott lafaro - "pieces of jade" (2009 resonance records)

Scott LaFaro was killed in an auto accident in 1961.

Friday, May 25, 2012

taylor bow - 'hate fuck' (2007 hospital productions)

another project dom from prurient is involved in.  a new one came out in 2009 called 'thin air'.
short very noisy grindcore-ish stuff.
its good, but it isn't nearly as good as the inspiration behind this project, taylor bow/anna/riley rider.
i wonder whatever became of her...

1 Thought You Only Dated Nice Guys
2 Dead Girl
3 Smoke Another Cigarette
4 Smoking
5 Hate Fuck 

1 Dark Girl
2 Save You
3 Only Good For One Thing
4 Let's Watch The Tape
5 Stark Girl


rebro - "no one gets out of this trip "alive"" (1997)

review from Blatant Propaganda:

Rebro"No One Gets Out of this Trip Alive"
Lots of transient ambient sounds flicker in and out, occasional trip-hop and other beats, acoustic 'world music' percussion, acoustic and bass guitars. Mostly, these are sound-track kind of pieces. Soundtracks to anything you like I s'pose - your daily adventures? A professionally composed and produced album, by far the most polished set of music I've received on cassette for this issue.

The album (which is available on CD) is dedicated to Frank Zappa, Jello Biafra & Jim Morrison, though the music is all instrumental & unlike any that they have produced - to my knowledge. You can download sound samples from the below web-address.

Po box 160746 Miami FL 33116-0746 USA.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

101! / Nkondi – "Affirmativeshopping" (2004 dollfullofrivets)

side one was cut easily.
side two i had some difficulty with, so, i suspect, the way i cut the tracks is probably not what the artist intended.
all material on the cassette is present (and in order) here.

A1. 101! – Williamsburg Tavern, Ca. 1775
A2. 101! – Wispy Strands From Attenna
A3. 101! – Lullaby For Newborns
A4. 101! – This Song Is Not Called "Asshat"
A5. 101! – Exercising Extreme Caution
A6. 101! – The Great Storm

B1. Nkondi – Umuja
B2. Nkondi – Foreignobjectdamage
B3. Nkondi – Tempuratempura
B4. Nkondi – Maybestupid
B5. Nkondi – Casualbody
B6. Nkondi – Areyouthrough?
B7. Nkondi – Andschoolzone

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slava Compilation (voice of the people) 1992 blonde vinyl records)

by request, again...originally upped several years ago (6 or7) this groundbreaking comp...well, i noticed an extra copy sitting around and having seen a recent request to re-up...again i ripped and am posting.
okay, so most of this sounds incredibly dated today...but that's a bad thing ...why?...   groundbreaking it was at the time and it's still quite enjoyable.  a rare treat (yet somehow i ended up with a few copies, go figure) whatever, a treat...provided you're in the right frame of all genres and all music ever, i suppose.

a hymn for her - "beautiful death" (2003 alOne productions)

01. weeping for what is not
02. the passing of the spirit
03. suffer in silence
04. my heart belongs to the dead
05. of the last ever seen
06. passage from life
07. black flames from hope do arise
08. miles of vermin beyond the skin
09. the healing properties of death
10. reunited in death
11. the lesson learned too late
12. the passing ever
13. and all god's angels are writhing

Monastery - "Plena Sunt Celestia" (1999 self)

kind of in the same musical territory as fata morgana/mortiis(era1).
its that keys & synths sort of neo-medieval ambient stuff.
i've been enjoying alot of this stuff lately...
maybe its time to finally get back to a hymn for her.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

situation taboo - "digitalis" (1997 flying tart records)

[click to enlarge]

old review from ballistic test zine (which i don't necessarily agree with, but here you go):
"Things start off really well with this CD - nice artwork, 12 songs listed. Unfortunately, a closer look at the titles reveals that I've heard three of these songs on previous releases. I pop it into the CD player where more bad news awaits me - it's only 33 minutes long. Let's not judge a book by its cover, though. The opener, "Fear" is a couple minutes of very cool, very dark, ambient material. From track 2 to 11, things fall into a more typical-sounding SitTab vibe. A great writer once described them as "like the Beastie Boys in outer space". Their songs range from laid-back electro-funk to hardcore industrial-rap. The final song, "Step", adds a nice twist with some interesting piano work. Unfortunately, there are only six real songs on this CD; the other six pieces being instrumental fillers. With the exception of "Fear", each consist mostly of looped percussion and/or synths accompanied by a load of samples. And while these are cool enough, I really would've preferred more new songs. If you're a Situation Taboo fan, get this. If you've never heard them before, but want to, this is a good overview. Otherwise, the low quantity of real material here is quite a strong knock against this.



Friday, May 18, 2012

autocreation - "mettle" (1994 Inter-Modo)

grabbed this from a record shop ages ago, not knowing what to expect.   what i got was a cd on heavy rotation for many years full o' strange minimal techno.
unfortunately it was put away and forgotten for the last several years....but i recently re-aquainted myself with it.

1. Dark Smile 8:42
2. Snatch 5:28
3. Sliver 6:21
4. Tomato Dawn 7:06
5. Justice Loop 8:16
6. Protoski 6:50
7. Exhale 3:29
8. Bone 7:40