Monday, January 26, 2009

lackthrow - "CONFISCATION" (2007 alOne cdr ltd.ed.)

noise, rhythm, percussion, order & chaos.

1. revisiting the scene of the crime
2. torn apart from the inside (re-examined)
3. lasttimeeyes
4. confiscation

Lackthrow - "the crow tree" (2006 alOne)

material recorded between 2003 & 2006.

1.  as it comes
2. circular demon play
3. the crow tree
4. what comes after
5. the curse of the red glass

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Internal Empty - "DESECRATION" (2006 alOne)

first track is harsh wall noise.
second track is breathing rhythmic ambient noise with with build and fade, layer upon layer, and finally   ....climax.  built upon 1 minute vocal sample.
track three is an analogue noise disaster given the ol' treatment.

1 - (dark involuntary being It is death to one's self-but it is the coming) 8:05
2 - live-3-1-06-one minute of man 48:14
3 - time gives birth, again and again, producing only itself(rough demo) 23:37

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Internal Empty - "the daily ritual of distinguishing oneself: reversion" (2003/2009)

this is the updated version of the 2003 cd for 2009 with new artwork and some remixes/alt.versions.
web only, for a variety of reasons, one of which being the length. the overall sounds herein are a mixed bag of minimal, harsh noise, glitch, ambient noise, vocal noise, & industrial noise.

the original cd ~[The daily ritual of distinguishing oneself (cd:*collected missing works, remixes, shelved tracks: 1997-2003*)]~ was presented in the 'dj mixed' format whereby each track bled in and out of each other a bit. though the cd was cut into 15 different pieces for skipping through easier on your cd player, all tracks were mixed so as to play as one.
here we have the original mixes of the source for the 'dj mixed' presentation of the disc, as well as some remixes and alternate versions. i don't know if this is a bummer or a good thing fact i can post both versions. I might just do that...

(warning: tracks created in different years, with different equipment, recording on various media and volume variances are to be expected)

1. burning bridge 2009 (original version also appears on the split with richard ramirez)
2. inhalation (2009 remix )
3. to lose one's teeth
4. a multitude of failure (the winds of sedentary life)
5. ghosts are haunting...
6. mystique
7. choking calmly (2009 remix of choking)
8. the natural order
9. permutation (extreme neglect cass. noise remix)
10. a dream carnivorous
11. twitch-factory #22
12. rabbit
13. error massage 2009
14. running away (runaway 2009 mix)
15. increasing resentment

TT: 1:27:47
vbr mp3

*special thanks to jason hevener for archiving some of these old tracks from cassette*

Facialmess - 'three new songs' (2001 Solipsism)

really solid harsh noise/ cut-up noise from 2001. limited to 100 copies on cdr.

1 The First One (31:52)
2 Then The Next (9:58)
3 And Finally The Last Short One (3:13)

Facialmess + Suppression - "Collaboration" (1999 Clean Plate)

collaborative 7" from 1999. limited edition. out of print.  harsh noise.
no one talks about facialmess anymore as much as they should. good harsh cut up stuff generally.

A Raging Hormones
B1 The Average Citizen Is A Cheap Tart
B2 10inch Shit
3 tracks. 10 mb.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lackthrow - "Excuses in Liquid" ( 2009 alOne)

all tracks composed by a.w.powell. source recorded by a.w.powell. water was the single source for all compositions.
track #4 was originally released by Internal Empty on the cassette "liquid malady/bleak" in 1998 on the a.i.musick label with ltd. ed. packaging(ltd.ed. of 50).

additional water source provided by jonas lindberg(MAIM).

1. walls of nothing bears walls of solvent
2. fruit-bearing liquid hole
3. fade into blackout
4. liquid malady


Monday, January 19, 2009

Torture Chamber / Gruntsplatter - "Bisect" (1995 crionic mind)

no cover image available so here...look at these skulls.

Limited to 100 copies.
Torture Chamber side recorded live at Mercury Cafe, Denver, May 25, 1995. (and all four tracks are presented as one mp3 in the download)
Gruntsplatter side recorded at 4 Track Mind Studios, Spring 1995.
Mastered at Time Capsule Studios, Denver.

A1 Torture Chamber Power For Power
A2 Torture Chamber Reacting To Flames
A3 Torture Chamber We Are The Dead
A4 Torture Chamber Torture Chamber

B1 Gruntsplatter 14FI
B2 Gruntsplatter Beneath The Landfill
B3 Gruntsplatter Jeffrey
B4 Gruntsplatter Tumult
B5 Gruntsplatter Insemination
B6 Gruntsplatter Deflowerment
B7 Gruntsplatter Only
B8 Gruntsplatter Biological Stain

the Soul Bleeds Black - "alchemie" (world serpent 1999)


Alchemie originally appeared on the now defunct label World Serpent in 1999. It was the fourth album for the American neo-medievalists The Soil Bleeds Black, a project centered around the Riddick brothers. Their label The Fossil Dungeon has now made this album available again, in a joint venture with Argentina’s Twilight Records. The second edition comes in a nice brown/gold digipack and has no less than three bonus tracks.

Most tracks follow a similar pattern: quite heavy repetitive percussion, a clear medieval melody lead by flute or organ, embellishment with bells and samples, alternating male and female vocals with a ritual character. Especially the songs sang by Eugenia Wallace appeal to me, of which ‘Luna Begets Mercury’ is a good example. Another highlight is the bombastic ‘Lapis Philosophorum’, which features the typical musical contribution of Arcana.

All in all Alchemie is quite a good album, which shows a band in progress. The Soil Bleeds Black has clearly progressed from their earlier albums, but have not reached yet the musical skills and richer arrangements of later work as Lead into Gold or Mirror Of The Middle Ages.

1 Magia Naturalis (2:36)
2 Luna Begets Mercury (2:45)
3 Winter Marriage (3:41)
4 Made Not Vain The Cup Thou Drankest (3:38)
5 Mineralia (3:14)
6 Moonburn (2:07)
7 Lapis Philosophorum (3:04)
8 Fire Of The Sacred Seal (3:35)
9 Jongleurs In A Threefold (1:49)
10 Silver Song (2:02)
11 Dethrone The Wounded King (4:34)
12 Some Sweet Sorrow Did Her Heart Distraine, Act I (2:44)

Avrigus - "the final wish" (warhead/repulse records 1998)


By: Jeb Branin

Another moody gothic band whose metal roots are obvious but not much utilized. The tunes on "The Final Wish" are slow and atmospheric. They meander along like a lonely waif wandering aimlessly through life. Longing, misery, desire, anger, regret, and hopelessness are all emotions examined in the lyrics and music. The soft female vocals are disturbing in their surrender of joy and haunting in their delivery. Imagery of feudal history is used to add to the emotional effectiveness of the album. The 'dark ages' are iconically endowed with certain thoughts that make them a seemingly miserable time in human history.

1 The Final Wish (7:01)
2 As Ivy Groweth Green (8:13)
3 Desolate (3:36)
4 Flesh (5:49) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


DJ NON presents:

dismal XXIV

ondo - second (mahavishnu) (remix)
emit - Exhaling Life, Channelling Death
lackthrow - one week later (fear is thieving)
archoni satani - sanctified pins or needles
arcana - the hurt heals slowly
entrata aperta - final oasis of wheezing (remix)
machine saw - acolyte
lustmord - disintegration
megaptera - more disturbance
frolic - breathing in my soul (remix)
ordo rosarious equilibrio - love conquers all
rome - der brandtaucher
rome - ver goetter der stadt
caul - theme 1
caul - theme 5
abnocto - arcane knowledge
murderous vision - journey onward
cradle->grave - you are of the broadest skies (remix)
a hymn for her - three coats of silver on the eyelids (dismal remix)
new risen throne - aporrheton
atrium carceri - a new silence
desiderii marginis - hallmark (remix)

Internal Empty - "Sentimental Plagues" (2002)

concept album from 2002 revolving around a situation which happened in a group of friends at the time, specifically between two of those friends.  it is a tale of love, growth, death, betrayal, affirmation and loss.
i won't say  more than that at this time.

1.the first plague: the eyes tell a tale of secrets unknown
2.the second plague: the misled body
3.the third plague: the lost and deceived sheep
4.the fourth plague: the misled soul
5.the fifth plague: the darkness of evil in confusion
6.the sixth plague: time, the bringer of hell
7.the seventh plague: between the nightmare and death

Sunday, January 11, 2009


*DJ NON presents DISMAL XXIII, mixed and remixed.  Yet another hour of the dark ambient, gothic, industrial, chill of dismal.*

a hymn for her - intro dismal 23
diamanda galas - exeloyme
beequeen - remind me of you
starfrost - the outer darkness
kava - winter in summer
destrum - this impending night
anaphylaxis - a brief respite
EnGrave - intercession
anaphylaxis - venus, twice removed
EnGrave - visions of martyrs
porteur de l'image - implosion
penitent - transfiguration
rune's order - winter night (reprise)
rune's order - slow death
wilt - amidst a spacious fabric 6
Caul & Kirchenkampf - darkness and water
vidna obmana - torch of remembrance
starfrost/anaphylaxis - the outer darkness, whispering
northaunt - and i fade away
vestigial - celebrating the new sun
pholde - the sum of the factors controlling the presence


Crawl Unit - "aftermusic" (1994 povertech industries)

though the amazing talent of joe colley aka crawl unit produced a few releases before this, this was the first cd release.  quite a wonderful disc then and now, but who could have known what magnificent masterpieces were to follow in the next decade +.  enjoy here a look back at the beginnings of the totally subdued ass kicking of Crawl Unit.  you just might have to use your brain, noise listener, get ready.

*aftermusic was recorded between 1992 and 1994 by joe colley*

1 Malfunction (1:38)
2 Soul Virus (4:15)
3 The Shadow Of The Object (11:01)
4 To Have Not (4:19)
5 Involution (5:03)
6 For Theatre (Struggle) (8:27)
7 Funeral March (6:34)
8 Victory (2:00)
9 Loss (3:27)
10 Precedence (Version) (6:59)
11 Seeking (5:09)
12 Saturation Test (Installation Fragment) (5:07)
13 Untitled (4:35)

Anaphylaxis - "American Music" (2000 anaphylactic shock recordings)

1 Slowly (2:59)
2 American Tradition (Remix) (3:48)
3 Drowning (3:29)
4 Hybrid Broadcast (4:03)
5 School Spirit (3:39)
6 Mechanical Delay (3:03)
7 Feedback Integration (3:58)
8 Manipulate (2:39)
9 The Last Thousand Seconds (16:20)

6 bonus tracks included.

this cd later led to the previously posted "critical approaches to american music" by a big group of diverse artists.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starflyer 59 - "the last laurel" (2005 Badout, ltd.ed.)

1 .Softness, Goodness [rough mix] (4:06)
2 .The Man Who Will Lead (3:06)
3 .Thin As A Needle (2:48)
4 .The Lucky Ones (2:16)
5 .For Us (1:39)
x  .a pearl of grat price (remix)

also included is the bonus (unreleased) remix of  "a pearl of great price" for added 'yay'.

Theo Goodman/Jay T. Yamamoto split (1998 churn tapes)

this is a fun split...its nice that each act sounds different from one another. jay t. yamamoto does some interesting experimental songs. some of it has that 'toy' sound while others are lo-fi, jazzy sounding stuff, ambient, junk, and power electronic flavoured noise. you can definitely hear the asian influence as well. fun listen as there's so much variety here....and that's just side A.
theo goodman does old school analogue harsh noise with breaks and 'pretty' ambient touches in a couple of places.

i should have ripped and cut this long ago. so much easier to listen to...

a1. jay t. yamamoto - the outre limits
a2. jay t. yamamoto - ibecomei
a3. jay t. yamamoto - humidity 89.9
a4. jay t. yamamoto - ambience for dream sleep
a5. jay t. yamamoto - ambience for disturbed sleep
a6. jay t. yamamoto - dro mod's insane vacation
a7. jay t. yamamoto - destructive tapedeck
a8. jay t. yamamoto - iculil iculil iculil
a9. jay t. yamamoto - the haunted turntable
b1. theo goodman - the vacuum of god part 1
b2. theo goodman - the vacuum of god part 2

stimbox/a.u.m./death squad - "enjoy happiness" (1996 hebi-like a snake)

very very sweet harsh noise cd from 1996, limited to 993 copies on cd.
btw. a.u.m. is a collab by the other two artists here.
this is a review from Sinkhole e-zine:
"· don't let the obnoxious artwork and colors lead you astray from this release. stimbox, death squad and a.u.m. (a collaboration between stimbox and death squad) have created some of the best harsh noise around. according to the h.l.a.s. website, the music on this cd was inspired by the tokyo subway gassings, although that isn't apparent in the music itself.

·stimbox offers up two high-intensity tracks that'll leave you begging for more. dynamic walls of noise are created and built upon, bringing forth a wide range of sounds that won't cease to amaze you. the a.u.m. track, am 1476 khz starts off sounding like a mixture of radio broadcasts, but after a minute various tones start in and degenerate into violently focused noise. with communique shoko, death squad take aim on feedback and pull the trigger. it's a blaringly simple piece revolving around feedback with a few slightly-altering effects occasionally abused. theological genocide starts off with eerie ambience and some played-out terminator samples. it quickly turns into a jumbled blast of furious static and high-end wailing. at almost four minutes, it's long enough to enjoy but short enough to leave you wanting more. electro-staticsphere is composed of piercing high-end whining and low-end static rumbling, making for a diverse and constantly changing piece with loops and builds upon itself

· this release has been placed on the essential list, if not only for the a.u.m. track and death squad's electro-staticsphere. the other tracks are excellent as well, but those two stand out above the others for both their diversity and intensity. go get a copy of this while you still can."

1 Stimbox-Love And Truth (15:26)
2 Stimbox-Electronic Chattering (7:29)
3 A.U.M.-AM 1476 kHz (21:58)
4 Death Squad-Communique Shoko (8:18)
5 Death Squad-Theological Genocide (3:51)
6 Death Squad-Electro-Staticsphere (11:11)



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aluminum Noise - "uninhabitable landscapes" (2000 renaissance recordings) + "sweet Leaf" (2003 PACrec)

the artwork and layout is actually pretty cool so, once again, forgive my crappy photo. better than nothing though right?
pretty spiffy tape too, but the artwork is worth mentioning.  seems
to be a very structured noise release...samples, instruments, ambience & noise of various flavours all working together quite well to make for an impressive whole.  This will come as no surprise perhaps, considering other works you might be familiar with by jason crumer and  nathan hobbs, respectively.  also included here is Aluminum Noise's cover of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf". Limited to 42 copies as a business card cdr from PACrec. this sucker was hard to buy even a couple of months after its release (like most PACrec releases). it is easily much more of a harsh noise piece than 'u.l.' really great shredder of a little track. please do enjoy.


side aluminum:

1. servitude or starvation
2. futureless dreams of our sterile lords
3. transmission of hatred veiled as love
4. counting lessons in purgatory 
5. bad blood

side noise:

6. 500 years beyond redemption
7. uninhabitable landscapes
8. uninhabitable landscapes (conclusion)
9. encore of flies

aluminum noise- sweet leaf (2003)

Monday, January 5, 2009

eightball cholos - "satan's whore" (1996 morphine records)

from the ashes of 80's thrash metal band The Warning, came the seemingly short-lived Eightball Cholos. (apparently they also had an album late in the first decade of the 2000's)
this sample heavy cd always struck me as strange. i guess that shouldn't be that unexpected from a band fronted by a cat named 'Burrito".
two man thrash band with an odd sound and a definite experimental punk edge, the militant outsider christian agenda,some 90's industrial metal touches, the imagery and good but 'out of no where' guitar solos...
the construction of this thing still seems odd now as i listen to it over a decade later.  came with some stickers, which are great if your car seems too bare, of course they're also a great thing when propaganda is the name of the game.   anyway, here you go folks ...have a weird 70 minutes.

1. In My Blackest Hour
2. Exorcise My Soul
3. Cry For Love
4. Into the Bowels of Hell
5. Valley of Meggido
6. Movement of Deceit
7. Shattered Faith
8. Mountains of Dead Babies
9. Predators in the Pulpit
10. Satan's Whore
11. The Face That Has No Sin
12. Broken
13. They Don't Know Him
14. I Fall Down
15. Warfare
16. The Man

Murderous Vision - "...loathe" (1997 live bait recording foundation)

one of the earliest Murderous Vision releases, "...loathe" sounds quite different from what has come since. good stuff and an interesting listen.   since this cd has been deleted from the official catalogue, this might be a good chance to get a listen to it if you didn't the first time around some 11 years ago. luckily this was a cd and not one of those old cd-rs with sticker labels, but rather a pro job. there have been other things recently i've wanted to post but couldn't rip because of the damage caused by the media and labels, which is a really bitter pill when the stuff is more rare than one can imagine. boo hooey....  but that has nothing to do with this release so..... enjoy. 

1 Intro (1:29)
2 Loathe (4:48)
3 Darkened Clouds (Descension) (3:20)
4 Vein (6:46)
5 Cesspools Ov Thee Underworld (5:21)
6 Skin (6:08)
7 Beloved (8:21)
8 The Forever Sleep (4:50)
9 Numb (5:46)
10 End (10:43)
11 Still Waiting (10:15)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

AUBE - "parametalizest" (1998 clate records)

beautifully rendered artwork by the man himself, Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on black vinyl.
All tracks composed using only the sound of metal as source material.
for those of you who have the magnificent 'metal de metal' cd...this stuff is VERY different, though the sound sources are the same.
this is grimy, almost the opposite of metal de metal.  there is still a distinct structure to it , but it differs from the predictable 'ambient aube structure' quite a bit . fantastic stuff if you're willing to give yourself over to it for 13 minutes...there's no doubt you'll get more out of it than you bargained for. AUBE is an artist worth delving into....IF you can manage to step up above what's catchy and take a dip into concept. good stuff here, once again.  my apologies for describing poorly...just take a listen for yourself. 

1.parametalizest 1
2.parametalizest 2

192 kbps 
TT 12:59