Tuesday, July 9, 2019

various artists- AWAITING THE DAWN (velvet empire 1998)

this compilation, like nearly everything released on Velvet Empire, was a real quality treat.
the track selection here was overwhelmingly fantastic.
the artwork was stellar (provided by brett smith of Caul), the music was excellent as well, most tracks being exclusive to this compilation. also of note: this is one of two compilations which inspired the birth of the ambient cult of jester side project Skotoma, the author of which now recognizes this track as a Skotoma piece.
additionally, cadence(an embryonic a hymn for her) makes an appearance here with an edited track (back then cds could only hold 74 minutes) which later became A Hymn for Her. i have included the original track in its entirety here as well, in the way in which it was intended, from the only cadence release on cdr from 1997 which was limited to just 25 copies. there are plans to remix and otherwise treat those old recordings for re-release with new tracks in 2009 by a hymn for her.

AWAITING THE DAWN offers a wide array of ambient and its alternate forms.
please do enjoy.

1 Caul -Silver Shining, Brightly Gleaming (3:19)

2 EnGrave -Deep Cavern Unit (7:20)

3 Cradle->Grave -You Are Of The Broadest Skies (6:14)

4 Bonescan -Doctrine Of Vanities (4:08)

5 Firmament -Forgiven Frost (7:00)

6 Thymikon -The Mystic Mother (4:29)

7 Cadence (pre-a Hymn for Her) -...Nothing (I Am Lowly)[velvet empire edit] (6:02)

8 The Reclusive Cypher -Love Of Discoveries (3:00)

9 In A Lonely Place -This Pain (3:56)

10 Steve Scott -Nervous System (4:10)

11 True Colour Of Blood -Hovering Under The Deep (5:26)

12 Caul -The Abyss Of The Infinite Light Divine (6:04)

13 Cult Of Jester(ed finkler/Skotoma)-John Carpenter (7:37)

14 Frolic -Skin (5:00)

Monday, July 8, 2019

a hymn for her - videre in somnis (2003 alOne productions)

1. a life has passed on
2. in absence of faith
3. deceptions from the ravaged heart
4. in absence of courage
5. ...ist tot.
6. a whisper (she gives to me cold answers in the snow)
7. no one will pull the trigger for you
8. the harrowed queen
9. next time it will be different/riven
10. susurration (i am not a god)
11. my lovely, i am still falling
12. there was felt a dead breath
13. ...these frozen shards of blood

a hymn for her discography:

(as CADENCE)-"Cold expressions of Dismay" (a.i.musick-split w/twitch) CD (1997)
"life is..."(unreleased)
"the silence" (alOne 2000) CD
"noir ambiant"(2001)
"split with jorge castro"(aborted)
"for all the mechanized dolls" (video 2002)
"for jed and lennie" ltd.ed. 1 wedding gift 3" cdr
"beautiful death"(2003 alOne productions)
"videre in somnis"(2003)
"so now then (anaphylaxis) remix album"(on hold 2003)
"...when god stopped caring"(2004)
"Music for Convulsive Therapy" (2005) cdr ltd.ed. of 1(for lyndi)
"the marriage of beauty & blood" forthcoming cd (begun in 2005
"deathbed" 3"cdr (private edition 2007)
"in a fragile state" (collection of previously unreleased tracks) (forthcoming mp3 release 2012)

Compilation Appearances:

 "awaiting the dawn" (as cadence) (velvet empire/flaming fish music- 1997)
"in darkness my heart was won" (Dieiatra- 2000)
"electro static amplification" (Mannequin Oddio- 2003)
"Voices and Machines" (Mannequin Oddio Media- 2003)

me, myself & i "overstimulated" (remix ep One Man Show- 2002)
anaphylaxis- "all yours" (remix cd) aborted project -tracks later uploaded to the web