Friday, November 27, 2009

Thymikon - "Nipsis" (1996 Logistikon Records)

from Ballistic Test Zine:
"One of the latest trends to emerge in electronic music is the ambient/darkwave sound. By combining elements of ambient, techno, goth, and industrial music, darkwave bands like EnGrave, Caul, and Firmament have started drawing attention and have attracted fans from each of the aforementioned genres.
On Nipsis, Thymikon, which is really a pseudonym for Oklahoma native Beau Branson, serves up some high quality darkwave that should appeal to fans of all types of electronic music. The best tracks are the title track, with its haunting male and female Gregorian-like chants, and "Night", which features a processed rap that gives it a cyberpunk feel.
The other tracks on the album are mainly instrumentals. Some, like "Remorse (The Watchers)", "Demise", and "Midnight Impression", are midtempo numbers that feature dance beats over eerie ambient synths. Others, like "Aeturnus", and "Shimshon", are quiet, mysterious pieces that would go very well in a mystery or suspense movie. Another track, "Without 613", consists of an array of samples recorded over a programmed rhythm borrowed from the Prodigal Sons.
By recording such a diverse-sounding release that bridges so many genres, Thymikon has become one of the darkwave genre's most well-known bands. Nipsisis destined to become an indie classic.

--James McGinnis"

12 Steel 3

1 Nipsis 4:56
2 Remorse (The Watchers) 4:46
3 Without 613 4:10
4 Demise 5:04
5 Aeternus 4:18
6 Wi6th1ou3t 5:46
7 Shimshon 3:48
8 Demise 2 4:31
9 SOS #5 3:35
10 Night 3:46
11 Midnight Improvisation 3:28
12 Steel 3:43


Internal Empty / Anaphylaxis- "split" (2000 anaphylactic shock)

from GODSEND:"Internal Empty / Anaphylaxis-split CDR-This selection of grating electronic noisework from local Indiana artist Jason Coffman (ANAPHYLAXIS) and anonymous Pennsylvania group INTERNAL EMPTY successfully maneuvers itself from the outright swollen feedback grind of the first few tracks to a more semi-structured approach, adding in bits of old marching recordings (in the appropriately-titled 'Anthem' series) and digital trickery (CD skipping and manipulation)--all filtered through a glorious screeching wall of sound. By the time 'Paranoia Carousel Theme' comes around, with it's use of primitive-sounding loops (all distorted and ugly), a definite Boyd Rice/NON influence can be heard/felt. And while not every track here is successful on it's own (some seem sort of nondescript in the usual noise fashion), there is enough variation throughout the recording to warrant further listens. A very worthwhile release for those who can stomach more severe soundwork. (a.i. musick/anaphylactic shock recordings)"

this cd came in an odd plastic case with two card prints and a stickered cd. limited to only 10 copies!
The featured 22 tracks-- four tracks by internal empty, seven tracks of collaborative material, and eleven tracks by anaphylaxis. total running time was 73 minutes 10 seconds.



internal empty vs. anaphylaxis

ie v a-ANTHEMS:

Attach(attack remix)- 01:08
Anthem 1- 01:05
Anthem 2- 01:41
Anthem 3- 02:01
Anthem 4- 01:37
Anthem 5- 00:51
Anthem 6- 01:15


paranoia carousel theme- 02:32
march- 04:03
attack- 02:14
diseased- 03:04
low end- 01:56
low end (version)- 01:32
defense condition one (broken)- 01:00
fault line- 01:36
empath 2: chatter- 01:14
four-alarm lullaby- 04:15
mournful- 02:24

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Horde - "hellig usvart (10 year anniversary reissue)" (2004 rowe productions)

i bought the original release of this back in '94 and dug it. strangely i dig it way more now.
what is particularly nice about this 10 year anniversary reissue is that it includes a bonus track 'mine heart doth beseech thee', which originally appeared on a compilation when horde was going as 'beheadoth'.  fuck black metal (or the silly unblack in this case), but this bonus track has always been a fave of mine, no matter the genre.
'hellig usvart' was reissued yet again a couple of years ago with some tracks from the 'live in oslo' cd added on, but missing the beheadoth track..and quite honestly its better to have the entire live in oslo cd by itself.  enjoy.

1 A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds 1:02
2 Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram 0:47
3 Behold, The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon 3:22
4 Thine Hour Hast Come 4:05
5 Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice 5:37
6 Drink From The Chalice Of Blood 3:59
7 Silence The Blasphemous Chanting 5:37
8 Invert The Inverted Cross 3:10
9 An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight 5:09
10 Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat 2:24
11 Weak, Feeble And Dying Anti-Christ 3:32
12 The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust 1:42
13 Mine Heart Doth Beseech Thee (O Master) 2:56

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Gowan Ring - "The Twin Trees" (1997 World Serpent)

2.Rivertime Tome (Bubbles, Bogs, Infinities And The Magic Lace Game)
3.One Silver Ring
4.The Twin Trees
5.Stone Song III
6.Lady Beyond The River
7.By Moss Strand And Waterspathe (Undinal Procession: Throng Deep And Shoal)
8.Cupped Hands Spell
9.Our Rainbowed Paradox

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

impregnable / the rita - "2xbcardsplit" (2005 Iatrogenesis Records)

talk about settling 

into a false sense 
of security...


1-1    Impregnable - Lovely Musk                          4:36

2-1    The Rita - Steele And Shepard Dark Passages 5:00


nightmare lodge - "the enemy within" (1997 Minus Habens)

1 Lost Message 2:39
2 The Enemy Within 10:26
3 Recent Flow 4:52
4 Bloodline 2:36
5 Red 4:55
6 Snake Function 6:20
7 Mankind Sanctuary 3:50
8 Empty 7:54
9 Bodiless 3:15

Impregnable - "smile she says" (2005 troniks)

single sided 7"
limited to 170 copies.
1. smile she says

Faith and Disease - "beneath these trees" (2000 Projekt)

faith and disease delivers yet again (as does the wonderful projekt records btw) on this 2000 release of female fronted acoustic-leaning darkwave.

this stuff works on so many levels, music for so many occasions ...can't really put my finger on it..something nice n magical about this chilled out dark forest ride.
i could(and should) have spent more time on a better  bit of yakkity on this band and this release, but i opted for getting it up fast and watching a hannah montana marathon instead.   clearly, my priorities are in proper order.

1 Beneath These Trees (Ombra Mai Fu) 1:10
2 Rubina Verde (All Things Must End) 7:30
3 If I Drink From This Cup (I'll Go Mad) 5:48 
4 Mayim - Water Is Flowing (Back To Life) 5:12 
5 To See Her In This Light (My Mentor) 3:10
6 This Part Of Fortune Lies (Formerly: Stray) 7:24
7 Eventually Again (Even To Ally) 5:01 
8 Shallow: Two Doors Down (And Down We Go) 4:37
9 Banks Of The Ohio (Trad. Murder Ballad) 4:43 
10 Born And Died On The 23rd (Your Brilliant Dental) 3:18


native son and the foundation - "life in the grave" (1992 ocean)

little known side project from mark salomon of the crucified fame, not to mention neon horse, stavesacre, outer circle, and tons of work with industrial artists the likes of argyle park, chatterbox, and mortal.
this is early 90's hip hop/rap with a healthy dose of funk injected.  it sounds kinda dated and i've always liked it a bit, but i can't help but wonder where this could have gone if mark had gone further with it and let it progress.
"native son" has always been my favorite track, for what are probably obvious reasons, but they all have a strange charm to them and are growing on me more now than when i first heard them 17 (gasp!) years ago.
enjoy this sorta weird turn:)

1&2 - a day in the life / native son  (i combined them when i ripped this as they always sounded great together as intended)
3. gone split second's time
4. the sound the family fou
5. equality
6. heirs to the crime
7. a.w.o.l. society
8. my thing (don't worry 'bout me)
9. people watchin'
10. life in the grave
11. message to a prodigal
12. lift your voice, brothers and sisters
13. day's end

the color of my thing ain't none of your business 
(no, seriously, that's a lyric from track 8:))

Kites - "Vol. 4: Execution Style" (2003 unskilled labor)

***no cover art***
a1 execution style
a2 pacifist II
a3 pacifist III
b1 execution style I
b2 execution style II
b3 VW


Sunday, November 22, 2009

various artists - "Seedmouth" (1996 cold spring records)

click to enlarge images with text...its large enough to read, and worth it.
limited to 1500 copies.
really killer compilation of the dark and the
ambient, though...'dark ambient'?..maybe not...
excellent ambient comp.

1 Deutsch Nepal - Surgery 9:41
2 Illusion Of Safety - The Most Familiar Enemy 5:45
3 Inade - Gihad Khor 4:09
4 Cranioclast - The Gestalt Of The Doppelganger 10:54
5 Inanna - Zero Twice 7:01
6 John Watermann - A Bewildering Number Of Brides 6:54
7 Mikhail Atom - N2 3:34
8 Band Of Pain - Bluebell Hill 4:03
9 Experimental Audio Research - Ring Modulator 2:41
10 Jawbone - Chemical Wedding 8:00
11 Lustmord - Deep Calls To Dub 11:12


outermost/grunt- "stab in your ears" (1995 Cat Move)

grunt- controlled rebel against the power
outermost- metal sting


Sword Heaven - "Entrance" (2007 Load Records)

1. town hag
2. skinned and glued
3. sights not long gone
4. faceless nameless
beat and scream in silence

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slogun - "every mistake a little deeper" (2007 circle of shit)

limited to 100 copies on b-card cd.
1.bury yourself
2. gutter lane
go and check it out, you'll be right back.

Mindflayer/DeepJew - "bored fortress" (2007 not not fun records)

1. deep jew - night eyes 2
2. deep jew - cops wet pussy
3. mindflayer - frizzle fry 2


Friday, November 20, 2009

luasa raelon - "Automatic satan" (2002 snip-snip records)

luasa raelon was a bit harsher back then, but still atmospheric.
there's a story here.
i know... pretty cool, right?
the second snip-snip release. awesome.

1. Caustic Eye              2:33
2. Empire                    9:10
3. Analog Cauldron       8:27
4. Analog Spectra         8:26
5. Satanica Automatos 11:17

Sword Heaven - "fan death" (2006 fuck it tapes)

loud, simplistic noisy rock which ends up sounding like 

old school heavy industrial madness.
feedback is their friend and distortion a constant companion. 

the beats are big and bad, the guitars are ominous & the 
vocals are low screams, all quiet effective.
its not all so hard on though, some tracks are filled 

with quieter moments....& no less interesting.

A1 Buried In Ohio
A2 Big Animals
A3 Ragged Overloard
A4 Jam
A5 We Of The Fucking Mountains
A6 We'll Sell
B1 Now Sir
B2 Chainsaws
B3 Dust Pheumonia Blues
B4 Shaved And Glued

i am the loop fairy, sniff sniff asplooh!

Gator Surprise - "Camping Trip" (2006 jugular forest)

*no cover AGAIN*
before artist Kyle Parker started making a more ambient type of sound with infinite body he did harsh noise as gator surprise.   full on harsh walls at times, at others insane vocals, some quiet, ambient parts, harsh noise fuckery.
this is a 3" from 2006

1. a sword
2. a window
3. a friendship
4. a species
Go Camping

Internal Empty - "Je Ne Peux Pas Respirer" (2003 alOne productions)

limited edition of 20.

notes from cd insert:

tracks 1 & 6: created from the cd 'grey becomes black' by lackthrow
tracks 2-5: created from the cd 'female' by lackthrow
quiet to loud.. a slow march up the steps...that painting on the second floor is a lie, but it remains a powerful metaphor...all in this house are dead. i told you the truth.

1. build for me the end
2. she goes willingly
3. her name is written in blood
4. fettered with chains of memory
5. the crippling effects of experiencing the self
6. a wound to open the gates of hell

yes, i want to go wind diving. Take me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

haemorrhaging fetus - "Procreation: a disease" (2006 Gaping Hole)

fucking killer wall noise shortie.
1. cankered womb
2. stillborn

Monday, November 16, 2009

various artists - "chill out or die III" (1994 rising high records)

1. m-age - mindwarp (caspar pound and laurence elliot potter mix)
2. tanzmusik - merge
3. syzygy - morphic resonance
4. MLO productions - wimborne (wagon christ remix)
5. transform - transformations (the irresistible force chill mix)
6. james bernard - mars rain
7. the new london school of electronics - garden
8. neutron 9000 - empire
9. bedouin ascent - mammon

Skin Crime - "genital modification" (1995 G.R.O.S.S.)

A1 Anal Speciman 14:58
A2 (Broken) Glass Dildo 7:06
B1 Self Sufficient Suicide Apparatus 19:18
B2 Live Apr. 1995 (Excerpt) 3:30

limited to 120 copies.

re-released in 2005 with a bonus track, so track that down if you like.

e.a.r. - "beyond the pale" (1996 big cat)

1. beyond the pale
2. the calm before
3. in the cold light of day
4. the calm beyond
5. dusk
6. the circle is blue


Sunday, November 15, 2009

gerritt - "chill pill" (2005 P-Tapes)

1. chill pill (take one)
2. 2
3. 3
4. the random ones

haemorrhaging fetus - "a dying expression" (2006 Dumping Ground Recordings)


A Dying Expression

Features one of the very first Haemorrhaging Fetus tracks recorded in early 2001. Part 1 of the Salvaged Art series on Dumping Ground Recordings.
and the youganangan mitter die twits ver heim.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Land:Fire - "Gone" (2002 power & steel)

1. first mesa
2. before they are sent
3. painted with clouds
4. mother of dogs
5. land:fire
6. as night fell over
7. cluster
8. gone

boredoms - "anal by anal" (1986 Transrecords)

1.anal eater
2.god from anal
3.born to anal


Friday, November 13, 2009

DISMAL XXXVII (november 2009)

koen daigaku - untitled 3, 6, & 9 from phosphorescence
arktau eos - language of embers
all hail the transcending ghost - we break the seals of scattered hopes
kiyoshi mizutani - schlegel's green tree frog
hexentanz - binding of shadows
arkhitektur noir - marble corridor endless
kronos quartet - quartet no. 8 - 5. largo
illusion of safety - heartmath
blackhouse - meat
caul & kirchenkampf - darkness and water
celer - the carved god is gone; waking above the pileus clouds 
voice of eye - breathing
bee mask - untitled piece from hyperborean trenchtown
engrave - forged in fire
emilie autumn - bach - largo
arcane device - tendrill

Thursday, November 12, 2009

december 23rd/lapdancer - "split" (2006 En.mi.ty Records)

edition of 75 copies

1 Lap Dancer - The Drinking Of The Blood That Flowed From Your Eyes 19:06

2 December 23rd - Necromancy 9:13

3 December 23rd - Druid Black 8:42

4 December 23rd - Slit The Throat Of The Heathen Man 14:10

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the haters - "audiothecary" (SSR 2004)

i quite hate that this horrible "waste of plastics" waste of a fucking series even exists.
what a waste indeed...on so many fucking levels.
goddamn it all.
here's a minute of the haters...

a: audiothecary 11
b: audiothecary 12

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

XOME - "SWITCH" (2005 hospital productions)

a: on
b: off

Tralphaz - "bursitis" (2005)

get to know tralphaz.
has that fast cut up pedal noise feel....
the 'pill' tracks are placed perfectly and provide a good deal of this ep.

1 Pills 0:04
2 Morning 1:38
3 Pills 0:05
4 Noon 8:45
5 Pills 0:04
6 Night 1:00
7 Pills 0:05

weak sisters - "subterfuge" (2006 basement tapes)

project from other people's children
relatively short and grimy ...
this is definitely a tape...and i dont' mean that in a bad way necessarily.

A1 Imperative As A Signal Of Dismissal
A2 Maybe Its Because You Are So Trite
A3 Hollywood St.
A4 The West Is It

B1 Desensitizing
B2 What Is Happening Now Has Already Been
B3 Loft Song

noise/girl - "wall of cute" (1998 trauma)

noooo no no no no cover art. boooblah!
man!  ...this thing has teeth.
a diverse 3 great too
one track of harsh noise with vocals...some power electronics feel to it
one noisy hard techno track
our legal community shaves miniature doberman pups
one harsh as fuck kilaman
itsgiraffee cofeeee checked the smear and no cancer
who is the little girl
bone marrow biopsy?
hiccup.  pelvis holes.

1   Wall Of Cute (Original Tokyo Mix)

2   Wall Of Cute (Super Disco Remix)

3   Wall Of Cute (Un-Cute Mix)


very different weirdo DISMAL mix
on mediafire