Friday, April 30, 2010

TAKLAMAKAN / PAREGORIK - "split" (2009 circumanalis)

posted in the shoutbox a while back, just gotten around to listening to it.
2 20 min tracks by 2 different artists on a cassette limited to 17 copies.
original cover artwork (above) by jitka bohunkova and holy shit do i love it.


DISMAL XLIII (april 2010)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

moralton eggtrade / rest in piss - "only a mother's love" (2010 self)

1. Moralton Eggtrade - baby jesus(holy shit)
2. Moralton Eggtrade - wtc7
3. Moralton Eggtrade - thong bongin'
4. Rest in Piss - pustulent idol
5. Rest in Piss - eighth wondwhore of the world
6. Rest in Piss - ready, (dis)able(d)
7. Rest in Piss - nausea lips
8. Rest in Piss - mind abrasions
9. Rest in Piss - lady gagreflex (ED: i love lady gaga mesef, but this is a great anti-anyway()

the words of moralton eggtrade: "My noise is and always will be FREE for internet download and hard copies will be sold at cost if and when they're created."
"My tracks sound like MIDI on crack while RxIxPx's tracks heavily incorporate the use of looped feedback and static."

...and that's fairly accurate, though i think that, after listening a few times, the actual split is better than described. rest in piss is pretty straight forward and to the point. moralton's wankery comes off better than you might expect from this sort of digital action.
its a good listen that passes the time MUCH quicker than you'd expect. plenty of changes going on through the duration, while still holding firmly to its digital noise roots.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cybershadow - "social conditioning" (1997 flaming fish music)

1 Social Conditioning (Remix 3.0) 5:11
Remix - Pivot Clowj
2 Social Conditioning (Lobotomized Parasite Dub) 5:57
Remix - Audio Paradox
3 Incubation (Trimesters Revisited) 1:18
4 Social Conditioning (Finding Ling Lings Head Mix) 11:31
Remix, Featuring [Additional Instruments] - Tymothi Loving
5 Adrenaline Rush 5:39
Other [Original By] - Leæther Strip
Written By - Claus Larsen
6 Social Conditioning (Heavy Hand Of Pain Mix) 9:07
Remix, Featuring [Additional Instruments] - Tymothi Loving
7 Social Conditioning (Kind Of Trippy Kind Of - Maybe Trip Hop - Maybe Not Sort Of Kind Of Maybe Mix) 4:50
Remix - Pivot Clowj
8 Their Christmas Angel (Anachronistic Version) 3:45
Remix - Joakim Thureby


Lackthrow - "The Internal World reacts, on its own, to the External World" (2009)

originally posted on 10.31.09
recorded and mixed 10/08-10/09

1. only the voices of lethargy
2. one too many / conflagration
3. reaching for shadows
4. being destroyed doesn't sound nearly as good as you might have thought (live & unplugged)
5. themes not worth revisiting
6. left in the charge of pestilence
7. permanently out of homeostasis


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cybershadow - "the birth of the future" (1998 flaming fish music)

was marketed as synth pop & in other spots as industrial. really though ... it is neither.
well, sorta...this always struck me as kind of odd.
1 1st Trimester 1:09
2 Self-Control 4:13
3 Third World 4:28
4 Civilian Tank Dept. 6:25
5 Universal Love (Birth Mix) 5:21
6 2nd Trimester 1:29
7 Don't Fear Your Future (Birth Mix) 3:45
8 Elicia 5:04
9 Shattered Trust (Birth Mix) 5:25
10 Social Conditioning (Birth Mix) 4:56
11 Responsibility (Birth Mix) 5:21
12 3rd Trimester 23:00


various artists - "the japanese/american noise treaty" (1995 release/relapse)


Track listing
1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Masonna
2. Will for Rhythm Machine - K2
3. 1,000 Pulses in Bosnia - M.S.B.R.
4. No Escape - C.C.C.C.
5. Bang! - Pain Jerk
6. Large Scale Integration - Contagious Orgasm
7. Solid State Spasm - Astro
8. Necklacing - Incapacitants
9. Ionosphere - Aube
10. Snowblind - Merzbow
11. Setting Up - Hijokaidan
12. Yagamania, Pt. 6 - Third Organ
13. Japanese Pops - Diesel Guitar
14. Buzz Me - Solmania
15. Epistle to Dippy - Masonna

1. Hnia-Gone - Princess Dragon Mom
2. Tightening the Pilliwink - Pica
3. Carnival of Voles - White Rose
4. Distance - Haters
5. Gagging on Piss - Taint
6. Schism - The Walking Timebombs
7. Encephalophonic IV - Macronympha
8. Mantor - Cauterizer
9. Martial Mega-Medley: Claymore Anti-Personnel Incendiary/Czech ...: Claymore Anti-Personnel Incendiary / Czech Semtex (Cy Plastique) / Tech 9 + Kalashnikov / Exocet / F-4 Phantom - Allegory Chapel
10. Density Test (Cleansing) - Crawl Unit
11. Face First Lesson in Shrapnel Skinned Jackel Hunting - Daniel Menche
12. P Power - Speculum Fight
13. I Left My Cock in San Francisco - Cock E.S.P.
14. Larvae of Dog - The Dog
15. Severe Retraction - Richard Ramirez
16. Contaminating Influence - Namanax (edit)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

god willing - "lebanese vacation" (2009 excite bike)

tape. 70 copies.
2 untitled tracks
glitch, minimal, noise, ambient, strange.
yeah, fairly odd(by noise standards).

the new blockaders - "epater le bourgeois" (2009 Kubitsuri Tapes)

originally released in 1985 on cassette, it has since been reissued on vinyl and cdr.
this rip is from the latter.
limited to 200 copies.
i just listened to this entire thing. really!

Monday, April 12, 2010

sanctum - "a moment out of ten years" (crescens collective)

this was originally released as a mp3 free album on sanctum's crescens-collective
site in 2004.  i haven't been able to find much about it recently though, which is a shame.
i was there that night, twas a great show, i seem to remember it being a bit longer set but..
it has been 10 years almost since that night so i could be wrong.
tracklist above.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Electrorock - "Destroyer World Tour 2086" (2003 mannequin oddio media)

liner notes:
Electrorock is DJ Ricochet Rabbit  (jason coffman of anaphylaxis fame)
Recorded 2000-2003 due to lengthy bouts of intense lethargy
All tracks created with Mixman Studio Pro
Electrorock: Destroyer World Tour 2086
2.a techno most painful jam 2000
4.exabyte sugar heart attack
6.theme from "robot lawyer"
7.the luck of the slanted robotics cosmonaut
10.rockmore academy of hypnotism
11.guns 'n reverb
12.mousetraps comes madness

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Penitent - "...the beauty of pain..." (1997 Draenor Productions)

1 Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain 13:50
2 Black Is The Sun Shining 4:22
3 Into The Great Inferno 7:20
4 A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears 10:56
5 Necropolis 5:15
6 My Secret Garden 8:05

Miscarriage - "Miscarriage" (2006 Chondritic Sound, Gods Of Tundra, Hanson Records, American Tapes)

collab. project : members of wolf eyes and greh from black sand desert, cleanse & hive mind.

Monday, April 5, 2010


DISMAL X (the end of a two part noise walk) 

includes tracks from  today, i'm dead, signalbleed, atrax morgue, tralphaz, internal empty, hanin elias, merzbow, msbr, the cherry point, + many more


jorge castro - "horizontes" (2005 dreamland recordings)



a few years old, but never posted on this site before.  part one of the two part 'noise walk'.
the only (as of yet) harsh noise focused DISMAL episodes.

includes tracks from griefer, blackhouse, noiseman433, circuit wound, cornucopia, haus arafna, pcrv, tomas jirku, lackthrow, plastic boner band, franks enemy, prurient, pedestrian deposit, ichorous, nothingisttrue + many more
(the beginning of a two part noise walk)


knives - "switchblade princess" (2005 troniks)

2 tracks on A  side