Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anaphylaxis - "Dead Letters" cd (Bluesanct/Orphanology- 2001, out of print)

when megaupload went down and i realized that i'd have to re-up this i tried to go back to the source and re-rip it at at least 320 kbps mp3. unfortunately, the disc wouldn't read at all in either of my four drives. if i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times, we were all so foolish using those goddamned paper cdr labels back then...'s the older 192kbps mp3 rip.  still very very worth your while.

"dead letters was a collection of tracks recorded for compilations that were cancelled or indefinitely postponed and remixes that have yet to see release anywhere else. Here's the complete track listing:
patti page- recorded for a proposed compilation from no type/room temperature recordings
summer- a digital reconstruction of the Mogwai song of the same name, originally recorded for the blueprint for the disestablishment compilation from Angeldin.
future man- remix of "Mr. Make Me Hungry Man" by Lonny Lord, set to appear on the MMMHM remix EP.
amniotic- remix of "Good Feeling" for the Brazilian electro/pop group Uniglory for their cancelled remix EP.
empath 4: patient- recorded for KLANG Volume 4.
patience and prudence- recorded for the War Between the States compilation, which has apparently been cancelled.
the holly and the ivy- an old christmas hymn, recorded in simulated binaural stereo (get the headphones!) and originally submitted for the Kelle Records Christmas compilation (rejected).
venomous/diaphanous- this track will appear on the Losing the War Against American Radio compilation, which is hibernating indefinitely.
novae magnesium- remix of "Magnesium Blue" recorded for techno/industrial group Deitiphobia.
tired of running- track originally recorded for In Darkness My Heart Was Won from Dieiatra/Darker Day Collective. May appear on a future comp from Dieiatra.
soothe- remix of "vacuum tube" by D-503, set to appear on the tube testing remix compilation cd.
1-99 (shortwave orchestra)- a remix of 1-99 by vok. Made a long time after the excellent Verweisung, but a nice curiosity.
a brief respite- the original version of what would later become "respite" (see respite EP info), recorded and submitted for Noise Conglomerate 5 from Anti-Everything.
subliminal- remix of "Sexy DJ" by Nadine Renee for the "Sexy DJ" Experimental Tribute.
compound-complex- track originally recorded for submission to Noise Conglomerate 5 before I changed my mind. Uses some sounds leftover from the recording of american music with a pounding beat.
rosemary clooney- recorded for the anaphylaxis page at Recorded in simulated binaural stereo-- headphones are required for proper listening.
soon- digital reconstruction of the song by Low, recorded for the cancelled Subliminal violence tribute album.
towards a glorious new tomorrow- remix of Schizoid's "Grim Prospects," recorded for the Grim Prospects Remix album.
the first christmas after- song(!) recorded for the Silber Media Silber Xmas compilation.
american device- track built from "feature films" by monessen. Never released.
khrom- remix built from samples of various tracks from the album khrom from therefore. May appear on one of their upcoming projects as well."

this thing is all over the place in a VERY good way.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

coptic light -"coptic light" (2005 no quarter)


1. Mix The Races 
2. The Horse 
3. Eat It High School

blackhouse - "hidden beneath the metal" (1996 discordia)

the title track is the best thing blackhouse ever did.

the rest isn't too shabby either, culled from rare compilations(1983-1996), for the most part, some of the best blackhouse material recorded. all in all, easily the best blackhouse album.
you need this.

the golden paliminos - "No Thought, No Breath, No Eyes, No Heart (The Pure Remix EP)" (1995 restless)

1. Heaven (You Have To Be In Hell To See Heaven) 8:58
2. No Skin (Tempting Fate) 5:59
3. Gun / Little Suicides (Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Comers) 11:08
4. No Skin (Cold Spells) 6:54
5. No Skin (Aural Circumcision) 9:12
6. No Skin (Funky Hornsey) 8:07


joy electric - "the land of misfits" (1998 bec)


joy electric - "children of the lord (1999 bec)

1. Children Of The Lord (Album Version) 3:22
2. I’m OK, You’re OK 2:55
3. Make My Life A Prayer 3:09
4. Children Of The Lord (cloud 2 ground Remix) 5:36


joy electric - "curiosities and such" (2009 eepsociety)


joy electric - "old wives tales" (1996 tooth & nail)


shalabi effect - "pink abyss" (2004 alien 8 recordings)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

overcome-"blessed are the persecuted" (1996 tooth & nail)

1.Game Over 3:26
2. Sacrificed 1:50
3. Understanding 2:42
4. The Religion Lie 3:07
5. Prayer 3:30
6. Life Once Lost 2:34
7. Help 2:44
8. Priority 3:20
9. Thrown Out 3:03
10. Apathy 2:29
11. New Life 2:51
12. Blessed Are The Persecuted 5:12


paradigm shift - "paradigm shift" (1995 nsoul/velocity)

deuteronomium - "street corner queen" (1998 little rose productions)

1.Street Corner Queen" (3:00)
2.Drug Lord" (2:13)
3.Spell of Hell (4:14)
4.The Fall" (5:27)
5.Empty Shell" (4:54)
6.Human Nature" (6:37)
7.Bonsai People" (5:21)
8.Black Raven" (3:19)
9.C.C.R . (4:09)
10.III" (5:53)
11.Northern Praise" (5:22)
Bonus track from the tribal eagle ep:
12.Blue Moment" (4:29


Fold Zandura - "ultraforever" (bec)

1. La Futura 4:15
2. Deep Surround 4:06
3. Wencarla 3:53
4. Please Believe 3:29
5. Ultradust 2:56
6. Revenger 2:57
7. Move 1:48
8. Stormy Hill 4:20
9. Everything 3:42
10. Here 1:30
11. Mad Into 3:30
12. Tonight Forever 3:45
13. Jesus Eternal 3:15
14. Samovar 4:27
15. Dark Divine 5:05
16. Starwood 4:27

various artists - "in the shadow of death" (2000 endtime productions)



Monday, December 19, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fold Zandura - "Fold Zandura" (1995 Xhan Records)

Fold Zandura grew out of what was once a great industrial project, Mortal. This is their first with this project.

1. Wencarla 4:15
2. Ember 3:33
3. Dark Divine 5:19
4. Valgreen 4:08
5. Never 4:18
6. First Stars 4:21
7. Rollingslow 4:52
8. My Last Joy 5:20
9. Slumbersix 4:36

Monday, December 12, 2011

paragon null - "clockwork flux" (1998 Glass Diamond records)

this cdr release is far different from their earlier cassettes. this time most of the guitars and heavy industrial rock/metal stuff has been dropped in lieu of more trance influenced electronica with some drum n bass beats and techno. a couple of the tracks on the harder more 'industrial/metal' tape "Falsified" appear here in a remixed form.

review from ballistic test zine:
"The last time Paragon Null appeared in recorded form was on Velvet Empire's Digital Assimilation compilation, with a couple instrumental techno-trancy offerings. The band builds on that style here, offering listeners an electronic-based trip through a number of different dance genres including everything from old-school techno to trance to drum'n'bass. The programming is generally danceable and quite good, with some especially nice bass lines throughout. Meanwhile, in the filler category, a couple segments consist of little more than some background ambience while long vocal samples play through.
What makes Paragon Null stand out from other bands in this market is the vocals. Whereas most others would have either the cheesy dance vocals or none at all, PN takes a darker and more interesting approach. The band's intriguing lyrics are presented in a harsh whispered style that gives everything a much edgier feel. Interesting and sometimes ominous samples add to the effect. The net result is pretty cool.

On the negative side, the mixing is not great, especially with regard to the samples. In a number of cases, a vocal snippet will jump in loud enough to give you a start if you're not prepared for it. Also, in "Stealing Gravity", the piano line (although cool) doesn't quite jive tempo-wise with the drum'n'bass percussion. Some extra time could've been spent smoothing those things out a bit.

Despite these small setbacks, the CD is definitely worth listening to for fans of almost any type of electronic music. With the promise this band has shown, it's time to put the effort into a quality full-length release (at just under 30 minutes, this isn't quite a full-length). And with the obvious hard work that they're putting into getting themselves "out there", it won't be long before they come through with just that.

--Carson Pierce"

1. Unbegin (the Unseen)
2. Sect 31 (the System Remix)
3. Lies
4. Empty Tears (Screamn2u)
5. Pogo's Flame
6. Stealing Gravity (Lost City of Atlantis Mix)
7. Ashen (Diffussion Mix)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Panic - "Living Conditions"

carrion black pit - "the three mothers"

3 tracks, each named after one of dario argento's 'mothers trilogy' films.

Cursed Aether - "Worship in the Garden of Selene" (2008 Central Dynamo Room)

2 HNW tracks

dead body collection - "untitled"

2 untitled tracks

RITUAL STANCE - "september 2011 tape trade"

2 tracks
ltd.ed. of 11

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi (volume 14)" (2011)

1.the blame game 2:48
2.just behind the kitchen wall 6:35
3.the best laid plans... 17:04
4.the commonality HOLDS 4:27
5.hideous loss 
(collapsed 4 years 4 months) 14:51
6.the shelf 3:16
7.left too long feeding 27:40
8.perhaps some other heart,
but not mine. 3:04


Vernon - "Vernon's Wonderland" (1993 EYE Q)

1 Vernon's Wonderland (Chapter One The Past) 4:43
2 Vernon's Wonderland (Chapter Two The Future) 11:26
3 Vernon's Wonderland (Instrumental Mix) 6:32
4 Vernon's Wonderland (Wake-Up Mix) 8:39

small cruel party - "before the dream" (1995 drone records)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol. XIII" (2010) *re-post

part 13 of the series
(originally created as a 13 part series on b&r records. only 1-5 were released on b&r before it seemingly stopped all activity. volume 14 and 15 should be posted by 2012 as this is now an ongoing series)

1. condign tableau
2. nothingcaneverberight
3. endless affliction inhabits
4. the adventist's hand
5. tedious task (VCLEDT)
6. ...death cut short...
7. accidental opening
8. as urgently as i feel the need
    (the language of mistakes II)
9. terrible, terrible (demons:words)
10. shifty dozens

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi volume XII"

photography by lyndi starr

12th part of the series (2005-????)

originally slated for release on b&r records ( 
its been years now since B&R released anything(Lyndi vol.V was in their last batch), so i'm assuming they're down for the time being.
so now for the first time, i'm posting the rest of this series on this blog.  i figured it was time to stop waiting & make it available

2.the guilt
4.the shame
5.the unhealing raw number
6.intractable realities
7.Lyndi (part 11) merely exist
9.the first night
10.mistaken for a vampire (and rejected)
12.stagnant pond (building muscle)


Dead Body Collection - "the process" (Sodoma Record 2010)

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol. XI"

11th part of the series (2005-????)

originally slated for release on b&r records ( 
its been years now since B&R released anything(Lyndi vol.V was in their last batch), so i'm assuming they're down for the time being.
so now for the first time, i'm posting the rest of this series on this blog.  i figured it was time to stop waiting & make it available

1. safehere (2:20 master)
2. she is not waiting outside my door (2007)
3. nothing said at all (clarity)
4. you don't know the nightmares i live with! (like a conjoined twin)
5. at night
6. two halves
7. sprouted along the spine
8. lyndi part 10
9. coming out of it (2005)
10. nothing said (obfuscation)
11. repeatedlytextingadisconnectednumber


Monday, November 14, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol.X" (2007 alOne)

(see tracklisting in above image)
the 10th part of the series (2005-       )

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kranivm - "insanitorivm" (1993 slaughter productions)

1. rex profanae
2. words of death
3. cryptic regions
4. insanitorivm I
5. insanitorivm II