Tuesday, December 15, 2015

various - "HNW FEST" (2011)

1 Die Reitenden Leichen – Pas De Son 4:00
2 Ghost – Untitled 4:00
3 Ecoute La Merde – Les Murs De L'asile 3:34
4 Fukte – Rb 37 4:00
5 Nascitari – La Ballata Statica 4:00
6 Vomir – Untitled 3:51
7 Dead Body Collection – Untitled 4:00
8 Å – Apopsychie 4:10
9 Karkastix – Ravachol 3:59
10 Rééducation – LI(v)E Broadcast 4:00
11 Poseitrone – Wall Connection To Africa 4:00
12 Terminal Erection – Paris In April 4:56
13 Turbulent – Untitled 5:25
14 Fragile – Untitled 4:02
15 Werewolf Jerusalem – Poveglia (Popilia) 3:28
16 Indch Libertine – Gil Assassini Sono Nostri Ospiti 4:00
17 Svartvit – No Title 4:01

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

globalWAVEsystem - "Dead=Live" (1992/1997 gws)

Limited edition CD-r; only fifty copies were made.
the cds themselves were spraypainted silver. (sparkly, shiny, pretty!)
surprisingly this still plays. what a lucky duck to get this one as i loved the first full length which was widely available.
i'm enjoying this disc again right now...

Liner Notes:
The tracks on this recording were completed in November 1992, anticipating live globalwavesystem performances that never happened. The mixed are all more in line with the band's intended sound for the full-length album Life Equals Death, which was recorded in a rush in August, 1992.

These versions of the songs represent some of the most interesting changes in the arrangements from the album. All are instrumental versions with no instruments excluded for live performances.

"Evaluate," from the original Will Not Play With Power 1.35, and the never-before released cover track, "The Hydrogen Bomb," have also been included.

"The (Hydrogen) Bomb" is an instrumental cover of the Lifesavers Underground song, "The Bomb."

1.deathstroke to youth (deathmix II)
2.it's only natural (natural dub for the club)
3.X (noisex)
4.it was born there
5.soul like ice (commitment start)
6.commitment (old start new end)
7.plug out (dallas)
9.yukionna (hot/cold)
10.2cinc! (rec mute mix)
12.evaluate (short)
13.the (hydrogen) bomb

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nymphs Or Satyrs / Ctephin / Kenji Siratori ‎– Juxtaposition (2006 Roil Noise Offensive)

really cool little 2x3" (don't let the k.s. fool you)
with accordingly really cool little package on Roil Noise from a handful of years ago.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

various artists - "overdose (to primal consciousness)" (2004 Phonetic Hex Records)

it may or may not surprise, but it will most definitely please noise fans.
another great, yet sadly forgotten noise compilation.

best to close your eyes, lay back, relax, and 
welcome the world you're about to enter...

1. Thought Guild - Angels In Empty Rooms
2. Mörkermännen - Shattered Angel
3. Archive - Mugwamp (Flatline)
4. Encomiast - The Near Edge
5. Survival Unit - Abstinence Agony
6. Maim - The Wheelchair Graveyard
7. Steel Hook Prostheses - Surgical Modification
8. Napalmed - Sound In Movemant
9. Mörkermännen - Playground
10. Aidan Baker - Breathe
11. Inhalant - Primal March
12. E Yard - Ripping And Tearing
13. Maim - The Tranformative Power Of Fear
14. NxFxTxEx - Crude Cabaret

Circuit Wound - "perceptual distortions" (2001 IBOL records)

this is one of Circuit Wound's very first releases, and if you bought it, traded for it or whatever.... i'm sure as fuck you can't listen to it now, even if you kept it stored safely in the best of conditions.
thank you very much you fucking sticker labels...
anyway, its harsh noise. simple titles which relate directly to the theme, no screwing around. check it out.

1 Laced2 Overdose3 Addiction


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

mikhail atom - "astroepos" (1996 self-released)

some great ambient stuff out of moscow here.
this cassette went on to be re-released in different formats over about the next 5 years.  
side a:
side b:

T.E.F. / Macronympha - "chemical peepshow / premium product" (1999)

cdr re-issue of the cassette version on Inner Space
typically great work from T.E.F. (one of my all time faves) and Macronympha

1-6=T.E.F. - untitled
7=Macronympha - premium product


various artists - "Tribute to Living Sacrifice" (2001 clenched fist)

one of the rare tribute albums that really satisfies.
many different bands of many different styles, from thrash to black, to  doom, rework living sacrifice tracks from their first several years in the highest quality way.
most of the covers come from the early (imho best period of l.s.) recordings with some from 'reborn' as well. All of the bands doing covers here do a great job here however, each adding their own twist.
see artists and tracks covered below in the track list.
forget whatever belief system is attached...justly or not, this is some fantastic metal.

1 Mindrage - Haven of Blasphemy
2 Crutch - Breathing Murder
3 Mordecai - Not Beneath
4 Soul Embraced - Truth Solution
5 Gnashing of Teeth - No Longer
6 Kekal - Mind Distant
7 Crimson Thorn - Anorexia Spiritual
8 Soterios - Distorted
9 Clemency - In the Shadow
10 Mistral - Threatened
11 Dwell Beneath - Unseen
12 26days Til Freedom - Dealing With Ignorance
13 Dirge - ...To Nothing
14 Living Sacrifice - Desolate


Friday, August 21, 2015

the warning - 'repent or die!' (1986)

1. The Warning 02:21
2. Can Your Heart Still Cry 04:21
3. The Truth 03:31
4. Jesus Is the Only Way 02:03
5. Armageddon (an Instrumental) 01:54
6. Abortion Is Murder 02:35
7. No Mercy 02:29
8. The Rapture 01:48


Friday, August 14, 2015

Goat - "England's Satanic Mills:a requiem for the industrial revolution" (2003 snip-snip)

this one was a bitch to tag, but well worth it. this is a quite good concept album of harsh noise.
yay Goat!

review from AVERSIONLINE

1 Overture0:10
2 Analog Cathedral5:11
3 Rewiring The Electric Alter2:48
4 Circuitry Of Idols0:55
5 Cold Grey Dirge2:10
6 Metal Tabernacle Pt. I0:08
7 Metal Tabernacle Pt. II0:26
8 Metal Tabernacle Pt. III2:09
9 Alloy Creed6:21
Steel Communion
10 Infidels Of The Industrial Throne2:00
11 Fanfare Of The Hammer0:23
12 Awaken The Sleeping Factory0:22
13 Rusted Tears2:28
Funeral Procession
14 Tombs That Never Give Up The Dead1:05
15 Burial Rites0:21
16 Ritual Of The Journey0:13
17 Mute Prayers0:57
18 Too Late To Redeem0:20
19 Wandering The Stygian Shore0:53
20 Cold Grey Winds0:10
21 Sails Of Charon1:35
22 Mournful Sanctuary3:01
23 Damned For All Eternity0:25
24 The Mocking End5:16

Protein Den - "scum hope" (2007 Iatrogenesis Records)

gruffy harsh noise high end crushiness via mail and a live set
sweet like figs:)

protein den - "CML" (Ekhein 2008)

Limited to 75 copies.
side A: sad, tired eyes
side B: fasting

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

killitdeadjared - "killitdead" (2011)

a gameboy and a microphone run through a distortion pedal
transferred to computer from cassette.



Sunday, August 9, 2015


just so you all know, all preview posts after JULY 19 2015 will be removed after 90 days

UNLESS they are downloaded at least once, which will extend the life of the preview to another 90 days.   after which point, i'm sad to say, that's it. hopefully you've been able to obtain a copy by that point.

masonna - "recycled music" (1999 RRRecords)

                           side A
                followed by
     side B, naturally.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Various - "Noise Conglomerate Vol. 3" (2000 anti-everything)

VERY cool lo-fi sorts....
an extremely nice, printed paper bag with excellent artwork housing the very cool, though fairly plain disc.
..but once you get to the cd, the look of it doesn't matter as much as you thought it did.
this is one solid slab of good 'ol late 90's early 2000's slab of harsh noise from all over.

1. Cock E.S.P. - best dressed free-improv Artist 1987 2:38
2. Pxuxient - seen not heard 3:02
3. Outermost - High Risk 1:31
4. Autio-Ethik - Inner Tyranny 2:05
5. Sickness - Blood On My Hands 0:45
6. Joshua Norton Cabal - Serenades To A Chimp 2:58
7. Involocru - All Your Orafices Bleed 2:38
8. Cornucopia - Loss 1:19
9. Moz - Untitled 3:03
10. Humanexterminationproject - Photon Torpedos 3:01
11. Ames Sanglantes - Spaceship In My Nose 2:56
12. Pervatrons, The - Dutch Concert 2:46
13. Kummerlige Forhold - Kortslutning 3:05
14. Daruin - Config 3:06
15. Suppression &
Facialmess - Spit In Your Mother Fucking Face 5:56
16. Orgy Of Noise featuring Melt Banana- Insert Earplugz 3:06

Thursday, August 6, 2015

things you almost remember...

might have made an impression...if not, there was HUMB.

various artists covering other artists - "the mother of all tribute albums" (1998 hm records)

1. “Dogman” (Tourniquet)original by king's x2. “I Will Follow” (Doug Pinnick) original by u23. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Echo Hollow)original by u24. “Song To My Parents” (Spy Glass Blue)original by keith green5. “Hold Me Jesus” (Reflescent Tide)original by rich mullins6. “Do It For Love” (Justin Fox)original by the 77s7. “2112 Overture” (Paul Roraback)original by rush8. “Loud ‘N’ Clear” (Crimson Thorn)original by stryper9. “C’mon Rock” (Guardian)original by stryper10. “God Is Bigger” (The Channelsurfers)original by veggie tales11. “Message In A Bottle” (Blackball)original by the police12. “Water Grave” (Atomic Opera)original by the imperials13. “Cosmic Cowboy” (One Bad Pig)original by barry mcguire14. “It’s All Too Much” (The Violet Burning)original by the beatles15. “Jesus Freak” (Larry Norman)original by dc talk

the cell experiment/methus - "dual boot" (1999 split cdr)


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

christian plumber - "crap" (1995 cling)

ye olde time inspiration-----
and among the first "noise" outside of my own work i was ever aware of.
this was quite welcome after years of thinking i was the only nut making this stuff.


Envenomist - "Helldriver" (2005 Snip-Snip)