Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lackthrow - "expectations" (2009 alOne)

side a:
life is (27:43)

side b:
all you dreamed of as a child (29:37)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lackthrow - "wading through disease endless" (2009 alOne)

recorded and mixed late 2008- early 2009
harsh noise, wall noise, industrial(-ISH overtones)

1. styx bouquet
2. fear and illusion
3. sensory {preferred fragrance 1}(any way is the right way)
4. tiny sequined muscles
5. wading through disease


Thursday, April 26, 2012

thirdorgan - "cerebral cortex" (1993 open wound)

A1. acetylcholine
A2. brain stem
A3. neuropeptide

B1. pseudogene
B2. yasuka jugend (rape-libido)
B3. noradrenaline

weltwasher - "kerrr-@ng" (1997 jerk records)

1. this might be our MAN
2. bart's nightmare
3. the chunk
4. castlevania
5. modern man in revolt
6. the land of chocolate


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the sodality - "beyond unknown pleasures (re-issue w/bonus tracks)" (1994 Verba Corrige)

talk about killer artwork...

ok, so this thing is a 1994 re-issue of the 1987 lp of the same name + 2 tracks from the 'orgies of crime' record of 1988.
well, sort of....  the second 'orgies of crime' track (and so you shall) is a bit different from the original.
1 They Never Learn 6:22
2 I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick 5:09
3 Catch The Whore 3:56
4 I Want Your Blood 4:34
5 The Kiddie Eater 5:17
6 Fuck Mastery 1:54
7 The Younger The Better 4:10
8 Beyond Unknown Pleasures 6:06
9 Orgies Of Crime 7:50
10 And So You Shall 4:16


deathpile - "gashbutcher" (1996 bloodlust!)

older, different, but goood out of print deathpile on the amazing BloodLust! label.
limited to 100 copies on cassette.

A1 Hate War 6:06
A2 The Hanged Man 2:14
A3 One-Man Slaughterhouse 4:15
A4 Gashbutcher 5:45
A5 The Structure And Function Of Pain II 10:35
B1 Dead Girls 5:10
B2 Blood Purge 3:07
B3 Sado-Electronics (Intrinsic Action cover 4:14
B4 Ordeal 4:40
B5 Reign Of Terror 4:13
B6 Frontal Lobe Damage 3:12
B7 In Satan's Name 4:11

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Internal Empty - "Peril, Disgrace, & Enlightenment" (2008 alOne productions)

from Terror Noise Audio:
"Latest release from our friend Internal Empty. It's harsh noise/wall noise but not that repetitive and simplistic as some other bands I could mention (ahem :P). Anyway, two long songs with a lot of interesting layers of sound mixed with some extreme metal loops(?). Enjoy!"


01. Peril (30:06)
02. Disgrace & Enlightenment (48:18)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

twitch - "silentKAOS" (1997 Rodent Rocket Records)

there's embarrassment and then there's EMBARRASSMENT.  i'm all for exposing my soft, pink underbelly, but there is a limit.'ll find the artwork here censored & one track edited.
what is posted here is just about as far as i can stretch!

originally released in 1997 on Rodent Rocket Records (a subdivision of CLING Recordings)
this cassette ep was remixed fully, track by track, in 2003.


more on

Lackthrow - "the hole year" (2008 alOne)

"the hole year" is one of those lackthrow packages that doesn't make itself all about 'noise', but rather uses it here and there as a part of the compositions. 9 of the 11 tracks containing lyrics and several vocal styles are more structured in a traditional sense than what you might expect from an artist most working in the 'noise' genre. some tracks are more experimental, a couple old school industrial, some bear the mark of power electronics, while a couple are harsh noise, though it seems it all has its own unique flavour. almost a concept album, almost a chronicle of a particular time period, the pained thoughts of the damaged.

1. littleboyblue (wtv)
2. the hole year
3. seam
5. i don't know how sick i am, and i don't care (original)
6. walking dead (headphone's subtle version)
7. intercourseisaffliction
9. won't heal
10. miscast
11. seam (remix)

Deathpile - "dedicated to edmund emil kemper" (1997 self abuse records)

limited to 250 copies.
case history #5 from the self abuse series


Internal Empty - "Psychotomimetic" (2005 alOne)

from Terror Noise Audio:
"An very good release that was given to me by mail by the aouthor himself. This album is very long (lasts about an hour) but it is definetly worth the time. There is an quite large spectar of songs, some are long, haunting while others are short and harsh. Released in very limited numbers on cdr. Definetly worth a listen!"


01. given time... (3:04)
02. i am a terrible secret (3:43)
03. exhaustive consciousness (7:53)
04. irreversible contretemps, the goddess beyond destiny (25:21)
05. a numinous place (3:56)
06. birds never eat stones (9:37)
07. counting Cratchit's bones (5:42)
08. inventing the bitter half of the moon (6:50)
09. torpid bellow (10:07)
10. ...given time (3:44)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zero - "ravenous" (1992 wonderland)

dated, sure, but whatever.  be warned though, a few tracks contain raps of the cheesiest variety.
you might want to start with track 2.

1 Zero Theme 4:00
2 NXD3 5:20
3 Real Thing 4:13
4 Zerox 3:59
5 2 The Rhythm 3:42
6 Hexadecibel 3:12
7 Mindbodysoul 4:06
8 Testament 3:15
9 4 On The Floor Remix 7:33
10 2 The Rhythm (Remix 1) 3:55
11 2 The Rhythm (Remix 2) 3:43


k.k. null - "anima motrix" (2005 dot dot dot music)

limited edition of 500 copies


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maim - "stoneburner" (200?)

excellent (as always) material from jonas lindberg.

1. temper
2. both legs broken (it must have been love)
3. bleeding me dry
4. that's no woman, that's my wife
5. i am going to fucking pulverize you
6. no sanctuary
7. stoneburner
8. aspberger's syndrome revisited
9. dysfunctional
10. bone dry
11. pimp mode
12. bloodstained kings


Internal Empty - "Internal Empty" (2xCDr 2009)

12 copies.
came wrapped in red metal wire

cd1: internal empty   79:50

cd2: everything you hate (in four movements)    70:42


Monday, April 16, 2012

T.E.F. - "corrugation" (2004 Pitchphase)

1 Scind 6:14
2 Nnul 4:10
3 Urnd 2:59
4 Broegt 4:08
5 Perdse 4:37
6 Ngate 5:03

White Trash Inc. - "untitled 7 inch record" (1996)

(package contains: original record properly ripped, secondary rip from a different record, rip of record playing at alternate speeds, +extra)

all tracks on both sides are untitled.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

P.C.R.V. - "public display of affection" (2002 Harshnoise)

1. incineration suite
2. strand
3. phase 2
4. spazzmattaz
5. return of spazzmattaz
6. a means to an end
7. final blow

stegm - "sugar shower" (2005 Trauma Tone recordings)

no introduction necessary
on this one there are vocals by dom from prurient.

1.Want 3:58
2.Empty Every Night 3:01
3.Cover Me 2:20
4.Tail 1:40
5.Excitation 1:54
6.Disconcerted Efforts 2:27
7.Knot Of Hair 7:42
8.Her Scent 0:50
9.Cave 1:35
10.Take A Little Too Much 5:52

Knotsoul - "IMPEDE" (1998 a.i.musick ltd)


Thirdorgan - "Satanico Pandemonium" (2006 Dead Sea Liner)

one of the best..still at it, after all these years.

1 Intro 2:50
2 La Sexorcista A 3:33
3 La Sexorcista B 22:43
4 La Sexorcista C 5:19
5 La Sexorcista D 3:35


Thinking Machines - "self titled" (2000 take shelter from the norm musik)

**^oh!!!!! how i wish we'd recorded some of our noisy jam sessions back in college...ah the best laid plans..^**
 some really beautiful SONGS here.
they've released two albums since this one with a fourth coming any day now (2010).
keep an eye out--------
(click on images for track lists/info)

steve scott - "empty orchestra" (1994 twitch records)

this instrumental album is often easily & quickly underestimated. that is, of course, quite the mistake.
13 tracks

xiphoid Dementia - "Wounds Never Heal" (2002 soulworm editions)

ltd.ed. of 50
long out of print

1. Loss Of Blood, Dealation       5:11
2. We Will Live Again              11:09
3. Preparation For The End        4:57

Ω (clean rip from 2003 in 192 kbps)
*link removed* (i did  a new rip of this cd in 320 kbps, and despite trying a few times, the release bears that oh so familiar 'sticker label sound' which plagues almost all releases which used this method. we all made such a HUGE error in using these labels back then.)