Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blackhouse - "lawnmowerman" (1998 Nowhere arts)

my copy is hand-marked *92/150 artwork made by peter lundstrom and is called "farrah"
the attached painting is lovely, each package different from the next and the art apparently has nothing to do with the music or blackhouse itself.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeph Jerman - "instability studies" (2003 Anomalous)

Jeph Jerman (perhaps better known as Hands To) goes at it again.
this one isn't the found sound stuff, you might even call this rhythmic ambient....
or not. its experimental by nature. whatever. i dig it.
if you like older AUBE stuff you will too.

Created from the interaction of ceramic sugar bowls and other objects upon a vibrating "shaketable" apparatus.

Released in an edition of 300 copies with original handmade covers in mixed media.

1 Sugar Bowl
2 Shaketable (Simple)
3 Shaketable (Simple) (part 2)
4 Shaketable (Complex)


the best of halloween 1-6 (1996 Varèse Sarabande)

1 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Halloween Montage (1:35)
2 John Carpenter Halloween Theme - Main Title (2:54)
3 John Carpenter Myer's House (2:38)
4 John Carpenter "The Haunted House" (3:32)
5 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Halloween Theme (Variation) (4:28)
6 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Laurie's Theme (2:52)
7 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Mrs. Alves (1:41)
8 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Main Title (2:47)
9 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth Chariots Of Pumpkins (3:26)
10 Alan Howarth Halloween 4 - The Return (3:19)
11 Alan Howarth Jamie's Nightmare (3:12)
12 Alan Howarth Be Back By 9:30 (1:53)
13 Alan Howarth Halloween 5 - The Revenge (3:33)
14 Alan Howarth A Stranger In The House (3:36)
15 Alan Howarth Halloween Finale (3:15)
16 Alan Howarth Jamie's Escape (4:05)
17 Alan Howarth It's His Game (7:01)
18 Alan Howarth Operating Room (7:41)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Circuit Wound - "detriment" (2007 chondritic sound)

track one is a sparse mix of various noises...all of it being a tease.
just when you THINK that track two is going to blast you off into crazy harsh noise (with track 1 serving as an intro) you just get more 'tease'.  This works to GREAT effect because it does eventually explode into ferocious harsh noise, just not when you expected.
this play makes for an ever better listen.  sorry, very sorry, to spoil the surprise.

192 kbps mp3

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maim - "swarm" (2004 Chimera)

A1 Bloodless Vertigo
A2 Swarm
A3 Lapse Of Reason (Episode III)
A4 Ferroconcrete, Iron And Glass
A5 Scorched Earth
B1 To The Bone
B2 Pliable Will
B3 80 Days
B4 Heartbreak


Friday, February 20, 2009

Moth Drakula - "tree of sores" 7 inch (2006 static aktion)

sweet harsh noise in a limited edition of 330 copies.

side a:
tree of sores
side b:
stalking paradise

Fell Venus - "@" (1995 via records)

this album was marketed as a christian industrial album. this is how i came to buy it back in the 90's when it came out.
it is, in fact, neither.  its about as 'industrial' as machines of loving grace, nin, and marilyn manson.  it seems that a ton of stuff came out in the 90's wearing the industrial name which wasn't in fact really industrial.  
tracks 3, 6, 10, 27, 36, and 37 are definitely experimental industrial & ambient (the latter 3 being cd only bonus tracks).  the rest of the album is good rock music with odd vocals, samples, electronic elements and synths, some tracks wearing the 'industrial' label much more comfortably than others.  it is a good one that nobody knows anything about, so please give it a try.
this went out of print AGES ago. aside from a promo cassette with alternate versions of some tracks and remixes this was, sadly, Fell Venus' only release.
btw... track 27 is either an homage to the movie 'true romance' or a declaration of 'i hate this gd movie!' you figure it out :)

1 Nice Guy (2:25)
2 Basket (3:42)
3 Penance (0:17)
4 Pox (3:59)
5 Tie (4:39)
6 Calcutta Buzzsaw (0:34)
7 Hate Disease (3:18)
8 Let Me Go (4:28)
9 Shaped by Fear (3:20)
10 Black (2:56)
11 Untitled (0:08)
12 Untitled (0:12)
13 Untitled (0:08)
14 Untitled (0:07)
15 Untitled (0:07)
16 Untitled (0:11)
17 Untitled (0:06)
18 Untitled (0:17)
19 Untitled (0:06)
20 Untitled (0:06)
21 Untitled (0:12)
22 Untitled (0:10)
23 Untitled (0:08)
24 Untitled (0:21)
25 Untitled (0:10)
26 Untitled (0:17)
27 Untitled (You're So Cool) (1:53)
28 Untitled (0:11)
29 Untitled (0:13)
30 Untitled (0:13)
31 Untitled (0:12)
32 Untitled (0:18)
33 Untitled (0:12)
34 Untitled (0:08)
35 Untitled (0:11)
36 Untitled (1:39)
37 Unnamed Demon (7:02)
*when i ripped this i eliminated all of the 'blank' tracks and shaved off the few minutes of silence of 'unnamed demon'

Willem deRidder + Crawl Unit - "voice and sound" (1995 povertech industries)

The voice of Willem de Ridder could be familiar to you. He once released two stories on CD with a musical intermission by The Hafler Trio. The famous storyteller and radio artist has an awful (but very well cultivated) accent when speaking English ( De Ridder is Dutch). He lets the words come out of his mind and Crawl Unit adds the sound in the background and borrow musical ideas from The Hafler Trio: stretched drones with repetitive sounds over them. Not bad, but I can handle 3 listenings of this at the most."

1. transmission
2. in the south



WILT - "BLACKENVELOPE" (2003 annilvs)

1 Waiting For The Death Clock
2 They Bespoke Doomsday (Featuring - Red Fades Before Blue)
3 13 Centuries To Hear The End
4 A Funeral Wreath Of Flesh
5 Epicenter Of Extinguished Zodiacs
6 Inside The Circle
7 Letters From The Dead (NTT Remix)
8 Black Envelope (Wilt Live In Providence, Ri. 05.02.03)


limited to 50 copies.
1 The Coming Plague
2 Amplified Furnace
3 The Damnation Helix

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mental Destruction - "the intensity of darkness" (1992 Cold Meat Industry)

easily one of my fave bands of all time. can't wait for the follow up to their 1996 album 'straw', which they are working on now.
first cd release from Cold Meat Industry and limited to 2000 copies.
from ballistic test zine:

"... I do know that they have been sold out by the label and the band for a while now, making it an ultra-rare collector's item.
The attraction of MD can be explained by their adherence to being the embodiment of all that is industrial in the purest sense of the word. In a way, they are an old-school noise band, but that description fails to convey that the industrial noise that MD puts out consists of well-constructed, planned percussive blasts, rhythmic machinery, and heavily distorted, harsh vocals. It's like being inside the operations of a steel factory or a construction site where every noise you hear is deliberate rather than random."

*click on pic to see image full size for track listing


Rackets & Drapes - "love letters from hell" (2003 selfreleased)

fourth and final (i think) Rackets and Drapes cd.   this sucker still has that rackets and drapes sound...but a very, very, very different one from the previous releases.  this isn't metal anymore, its some sort of synthy, gothy, dark electro thing.  i have to say, i'm glad that the album went this way...its a very refreshing change for the band.  still, its so different from the older material that its unfair to compare.

"i look like my father, i feel like my mother
i walk like my sister, i talk like my brother"

  1. shock therapy
  2. children of the damned
  3. redlite deadlite
  4. sex doll
  5. valentine
  6. retail slut
  7. halloween (bring out your dead)
  8. distortion
  9. she devil
  10. stiletto 13
  11. no place like hell

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pain Jerk - "psychowars" (1998 Panta Rhei Recordings)

maybe i'm alone in this thought, but i feel that track 3 has a real pummeling 'metal' fist pump feel to it for a while...

limited to 80 pieces.

Pain Jerk - "fore-skin" (1994 AMP)

side A:

1. garbarge truck 

side B:

1. skin collecter 
2. neomort 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

DISMAL XXVI (dj non)

dismal xxvi

Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse - Poison Vert (D'après Frédéric Barbier)

Ulver - let the children go

Mortal - running to stand still

Angelo Badalamenti - the rose and the daydream

M.B. - manipulated parts

Atrium Carceri - memory lapse

Deadwood - '-'

Mental Destruction - when time is over (no time will be)

BrighterDeathNow - dachau (anthem)

Mz.412 - submit and obey

Goatvargr - goatlord rising

Atrium Carceri - identity theft

Dahlia's Tear - Hydrangea Wept In Emerald Lake

Sanctum - close behind

Parca Pace - minimalia

Death Hymen - theatre 1965

Encomiast - my chariot awaits?

Murderous Vision - the only answer

Vestigial - last extinction prayer

Terra Sancta - cold light infusion

Lustmord - benediction

Desiderii Marginis - this vale of tears

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Internal Empty - "predestined tragic end" (2003 alOne productions)

                                            limited to 10 numbered copies with different artwork for each individual 3" cd.
give it a shot, surely shouldn't have been just 10 copies...
harsh noise with some vocal noise, mostly analogue punishment.

1. ...burning in hindsight
2. predestined tragic end (cd version)
TT: 24:10

INCAPACITANTS - "pariah tapes" (2006 freak animal)

the hit-or-miss Incapacitants unload this massive heap of (historic) noise thanks to archiving and freak animal records.
"Pariah Tapes" is a collection of the oldest Incapacitants tapes released on Mikawa's own Pariah Tapes label. The 2 first tapes ("Eternal Paralysis" C-90 & "Peony Crackers" C-60) have never been sold in public, and 3 other tapes ("Pallo" 3x C-46 set) was released in less than 100 copies.
1st Edition of 500 copies.

you know where to leave your comments.

Eternal Paralysis
1-1 Eternal Paralysis Pt. 1 (45:00)
2-1 Eternal Paralysis Pt. 2 (25:42)
2-2 Eternal Paralysis Pt. 3 (24:27)
Peony Crackers
3-1 Peony Crackers Pt. 1 (4:58)
3-2 Peony Crackers Pt. 2 (6:04)
3-3 Peony Crackers Pt. 3 (7:37)
3-4 Peony Crackers Pt. 4 (1:17)
3-5 Peony Crackers Pt. 5 (7:16)
3-6 Peony Crackers Pt. 6 (6:44)
3-7 Peony Crackers Pt. 7 (27:32)
3-8 Peony Crackers Pt. 8 (7:31)
4-1 Jaapsoc (24:02)
4-2 Leprosy (9:26)
4-3 Manic-Depressive (14:55)
4-4 Peony Crackers 2 (24:13)
5-1 Irrevocable Letter Of Credit (24:04)
5-2 Living Zombie Is About To Die (23:43)
5-3 Long Awaited (23:46)

noaidi / aube - "empa" (1997 freak animal)

limited to 200 copies.
an even more ambient than usual AUBE here using a woman's voice as source followed by quite a surprise by NOAIDI's percussive new agey track.

side a:

side b:


Bacillus - "pattern of human eradication" (1997 slaughter productions)

So...  there was this 6 x cass box on slaughter productions in 1997 featuring Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, Diktat, Discordance, Surgical Stainless Steel, Taint, Deathpile, Slogun, Skin Crime, and....

oh yeah...last but not least Bacillus. this 20 some minutes of material collectively known as 'pattern of human eradication' is what is being presented here.
dig on. blister blister

  1. Dying Slowly From Internal Decay
  2. Necrotic Expulsion
  3. Ultimate Outbreak, Panic Ensues
  4. Mutiny In The Body
  5. Get Set (For Earth's Retaliation)
  6. You Deserve Your Microbial Fate
  7. Escalating Diseased Body Count
  8. Ineffectual Quarantine Measures
  9. Blood Orifice Excretion
  10. Global Population Extinction

Azoikum - "lifelong comedown" (2005 black arts productions)

limited to 100 copies, one loooooong track.

1.lifelong comedown 

a bit of voice, a bit of droney atmosphere, power electronics. and noise, of course.


Maim - "weapon Syntax" (2005 swampland)

ultra brutal ripping noise with loads of change ups. superb stuff. released as a ltd. ed. cdr of 50

'maim' and 'favorite' are two words that should find themselves together in the same sentence more often.  unless of course maim is being used as a verb.

various artists - "tape heads vol. 8 FINAL" (haltapes 1998)

Audio works by hometapers from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway and USA.

A1 K2 Schizophenoise (3:38)
A2 The Dreadlock Brothers Then Thousand Meets Ten (3:40)
A3 Atrophy Transmission 12 (3:20)
A4 Joe B. Vaughan Jr. & Elton Houck Jalapeno Cornbread Opus #1 (4:07)
A5 Andy Willard Beyond Certain Truths (5:32)
A6 J Dog If I Die, Will You Cry? (2:04)
A7 Flatline Construct Sirius (4:09)
A8 Robin O'Brien & Don Campau Might Be (3:05)
A9 Trip Scope Neurohybrid (3:51)
A10 Twitch Return To The Human World (3:42)
A11 Gaijin Hannes (3:09)
B1 Noring* / McGee* Do Anti-Particles Matter? (5:29)
B2 Mental Anguish Tarbaby (5:37)
B3 Dave Fuglewicz Dark Sector (4:41)
B4 Kunz vs. No Untitled (3:36)
B5 Ant Corray Huge Contingent (5:10)
B6 Origami Epeleptika Ha-Nok-Nial-Hi-Nail-Go (4:11)
B7 Courtis* Afeita-truenos #7 (4:23)
B8 Jeph Jerman & Doug Theriault 3 Or 4 Sheets Floating (5:35)
B9 Lethal Dose 50 Quiescent Shadows (5:57)

Vengeance Rising - "once dead" (1989 Intense records)

can you believe this artwork was banned back in '89?  silly humans...
very silly...
sweet thrash metal with a death edge(though i'm sure the cover art told you most of that) ...very memorable riffs n hooks, then again i grew up with this and its an old fave of mine.

1. "Warfare" (4:50)
2. "Can't Get Out" (3:50)
3. "Cut Into Pieces" (3:15)
4. "Frontal Labotomy" (4:05)
5. "Herod's Violent Death" (3:07)
6. "The Whipping Post" (8:40)
7. "The Wrath To Come" (2:43) ****sincere apologies but i caught this error too late. this track is tagged as 'arise'.....but it is, in fact, the wrath to come.  my apologies for the mistag. everything else is in order

8. "Space Truck'in" (5:00)
9. "Out of the Will" (2:04)
10. "Arise" (4:50)
11. "Into the Abyss" (8:18)
12. "Among the Dead" (3:03)
13. "Interruption" (:50)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DCLXVI - "HARE" (200? Bivouac)

from bivouac:

"DCLXVI creates some of the most extreme noise we have featured on Bivouac. Watch your speaker levels and enjoy.

Description: "DCLXVI is a Montana based experimental/harsh noise/audio/visual project which began in 1998. The project began as a solo vocal only harsh noise project. Since then, DCLXVI has collaborated with many other artists and used many different sound sources to create a unique audio experience. In 2001 DCLXVI also began The Pi Project, which is a collaborative effort to somehow put the code for pi into an audio form using many different interpretations by many different artists. Past DCLXVI releases have included collaborations with Chicago based artist/filmmaker Kristie Alshaibi, photography artist Asya Schween, harsh noise artist Pop Culture Rape Victim and visual artist Fleeky Flanco to name a few. The DCLXVI project continues to expand and evolve providing a very unique and interesting audio and visual experience. Equipment: Reaktor Sound Forge Acid Fruity Loops "

Pictures And Videotape
Part III_ Hare
01-Part I - Sara
Part II_ Jeff
Back In The Same Place


The Rita - "possessed nun sleaze" (1998 labyrinth)

another unfortunate tape release...but i suppose if anyone fits the format The Rita does.
ltd. ed. of just 50 copies.
slow sludgy wall noise creepings. really quite ambient if you think about it
"possessed nun sleaze" is wall noise to chill out to.

1. part 1
2. part 2


Moribund / Maim - split 2x3" (2005 Sirkut Electronics)

1-1 Maim -The Second Death (1:12)
1-2 Maim -Loveletter (5:08)
1-3 Maim -Auto-Maggot (1:59)
1-4 Maim -Shatter (7:01)
1-5 Maim -Village Of The Feebleminded (3:23)
1-6 Maim -Accountability (0:58)
2-1 Moribund -Brandy (9:14)
2-2 Moribund -Muttered Whispers (3:41)
2-3 Moribund -Sweet Susan (3:38)
2-4 Moribund -Remember (4:53)

Maim - "blood & breath" (business card cdr 200? SSR

painfully limited to 24 copies on SSR.
get it here, because you can't get it anywhere else.

from WORM GEAR Zine:

This is a Business Card CDR that comes in a sleeve with transparent artwork that has the information printed on it. There are three tracks here, starting with the title track. It is a caustic deluge of saturated heavy frequencies and rumbling low end with some intermittent biting hi's. It's only a little over a minute long, but has some nice shifts in it. "Axe Grinder" is next, also barely over a minute. Again the noise is dense and corrosive, and the track moves well combing the crushing low in with stabs of higher frequency and a nicely handled mix. "Scavenger Tools" closed the disc, again barely over a minute, it is a bit more reserved bringing the rumble to the forefront and surrounding that with some more ambient hums with the biting frequencies are spaced out a bit. This is nice stuff that is reminiscent of something from the Lefthandeddecision and Immaculate:Grotesque school of dense, abrasive noise that is harsh but controlled and crafted, while paying attention to atmosphere and dynamics. This isn't even 4 minutes long, but it feels longer because the tracks do evolve even though they are all quite brief. - Scott

1 Blood And Breath (1:15)
2 Axe Grinder (1:13)
3 Scavenger Tools (1:05)


Black Pope - "Blood Dawn" (2006 audiobot)

side project from the man behind MAIM and MORKERMANNEN, self described as "Anti-genre music; dark ambient/sludge/noise/ebm/freakout/power electronics. "

limited to only 88 copies on 3" cd

1. blood dawn (20:40)


MAIM / PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT - "split" (2006 iatrogenesis)

incredibly short & sweet c-10 (told you), limited to 100 copies.

the always incredible maim rips through "obersturmbahn frenzy" with some loud and active start stop jump rip cut noise harshness.
the impressive pedestrian deposit continues to play around with the successful juxtaposition of ambient loops and fast & dynamic harsh noise on "lurking behind doors", a fitting title.

great split as each artists track compliments the other without sounding the same.
each artist easily retains their own sounds...and what a brutal, awesome thing it is.
definitely buy up some stuff from both of these artists if you can find it! (which you should have no problem doing)

a: maim - obersturmbahn frenzy
b: pedestrian deposit - lurking behind doors

Pain Jerk - "Cacophony Of A Thousand Pleasures"(1996 amp)

3xcassette release of 90's harsh noise from japan, but you all know what to expect of Pain Jerk right?
...from 1996 on pain jerk's very own AMP label.
comes in a nice little box (i still hate cassettes however, heh)

cass #1:

1 Waltz Back (17:32)
2 Tick Tack Tumor (5:35)
3 Anti-Treatment Front (19:59)

cass #2:

1 Disco Dance Macabre (18:55)
2 Animaterial (4:07)
3 EEG ECG (20:38)

cass #3:

1 A Wheel Track On Face (20:40)
2 Animaterial 2 (11:18)
3 Fight Back (10:21)


Sunday, February 8, 2009



*with this particular episode of DISMAL, many tracks were remixed and/or edited, but not all*

1.fennesz - grey scale
2.skadi - novissima nox
3.northern valentine - already gone
4.endvra - the frozen moon
5.progetto morte - novita' (self titled version)
6.brighterdeathnow - necrose evangelicum
7.navicon torture technologies - what would i be without this feeling? (original version)
8.kayoma-sdyeane - behold the sky/...over the i
9.thorofon - punished by blindness
10.caul & kirchenkampf - i am the one whom you have hidden from
11.caul - darkness (remixed and remastered), myself & i - overstimulated (a hymn for her remix/edit)
13.bealiah - untitled (from anthology of the undead)
14.anaphylaxis - respite (remastered dismal edit)
15.anaphylaxis - level
16.merzbow + nordvargr - hidden

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lackthrow - "smells of rotting" (2009 alOne)

one source= paper

mixed bag sound-wise. 

1. smells of rot
2. papered silver
3. littlepaperman
4. daisy chain

320/256kbps mp3