Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yes, quite old, but never posted on this site before. this post brings us closer to having all of the old dismal episodes posted here.

from original post elsewhere:
very glad to be showing off a rarely heard dj mix, a fitting addition to the DISMAL series.
this one is a full 80 minutes.


conjoined ambience volume 1  (recorded 5-30-06)


1.seraphic torpor - lullaby for the hopeless*
2.andrew powell - untitled hollow background*
3.anaphylaxis - no one really wins
4.auburn lull - untitled
5.anaphylaxis - lisa garland
6.numina/caul - the seer
7.a hymn for her - the sacred starr part two*
8.aube - 20000906
9.akifumi nakijima - untitled 4 (water 1990)
10.archon satani - Session VIII Heavenly Inoculation Part II
11.destrum(a hymn for her/caul) - esthera*
12.destrum(a hymn for her/caul) - untitled 11*
13.bloodbox - mother of dust
14.caul - kibroth Hataavah
15.anaphylaxis - cornerstone festival backing track*
16.knotsoul(lackthrow/signalbleed) - wash/white*
17.a hymn for her - the blessing of pain
18.a hymn for her - the harrowed queen (instrumental)*
19.a hymn for her - crying, 'my desperation is blackened!'*
20.a hymn for her - song to the siren (tim buckley cover)*
21.a hymn for her - a magic behind those crystaline shields*
22.sanctum - let's play
23.sanctum - conclusion
24.parca pace - scaffolding
25.rodolphe - i didn't cry
26.raison d'etre - euphrosyne
27.crawl unit - broken books & wings
28.a hymn for her - in love with ghosts
29.sanctum - euphoria


Yes, quite old, but never posted on this site before. eventually i'll have all of the episodes reposted here.

alOne productions presents:

dj non-

1. antimatter -fighting for a lost cause REMIX from leaving eden
2.cory thrall- the day she went to sleep remix from best
3.-5. guru means slayer of darkness remix
(illusion of safety -cracks appear/hands to- remembering/beequeen -atem )
6.envenomist - sounding from abyssal seige
7.maldoror - Lullaby (She Who Must Be Obeyed) from SHE
8.david reed - the end of progress from nether
9.EnGrave-rememberance blue (these quiet moments by your bed) from requiem compilation
10.a hymn for her-sleeping under the stars with you mix *unreleased
11.mistigo varggoth darkestra-sunbirthday from insatiable moon
12.porteur de l'image-untitled from through a glass darkly
13.lackthrow-yesterday dream speak take two edit *unreleased*


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

triage - "the cessation of spoil" (1999 glass throat recordings)

common band of ruhr hunter & gruntsplatter.
for those of you who picked up their split you already

know that these are two tastes that go great together.
this was particularly true back when this was recorded.
1 Serum 3:44
2 Donor 5:40
3 Genetic Drift 7:42
4 Proliferate 8:20
5 Grume 4:56
6 Incise 2:30
7 The Stoning 5:36
8 Natural Order 5:10
9 Evanesce 8:55
10 Assume 8:02
11 Gathering Frost

godspeed you black emperor! - "F#A#∞" (1998 kranky)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oracle - "Selah" (1992)

side A:
passage denied
harlots destiny
witches and warlocks
side B:
the purging fire
desolate kings

Bloodbath - "fattened & slaughtered" (1994 patio productions)

fattened & slaughtered
cathartic release of aggression
consequences for the convicted
behind the wall
*program repeats on both sides*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Internal Empty - "anomie cd version" (late 1990's)

the original cassette was partially recorded in 1996, but mostly in 1997 and released that same year with hand-painted, hand-ripped, cardboard enclosures.  a couple of years later a master tape was sent off for a cd pressing with a nearly 14 minute bonus track for the cd reissue.  unfortunately, those masters were stolen and a few years later it finally saw release on cd.

this cd release was a good bit different from the tape and from the cd that was intended.
so until i can dig up an old copy of the original cassette, i'm going to post this thing...
the tracks are in a different order, cut in different ways, additional remixes added, some bits removed and a re-recording of one track.
this is the cdr release, with one additional version of a track from the cdr from 2010 just for additional s'n'g's.
90% of the material here is single source stuff, as was how the old internal empty operated.   Until i can get around to ripping the original tape and scanning one of the original packages...well....here. do what you want.
 some of my faves are 'the polemic science" and "SINK[V.1]"  oh well.

1. the polemic science
2. collapsed lung(part1)
4.collapsed lung(part2)
5.pulminary merge(remix#2)
6.pulminary merge
7.the heart of it all (forced Re-creation)
9.external oblique
10.the inane ordeal
11.absolvexoxo(crawling through broken glass)
12.absolvexoxo(walking on broken glass)
14.prosthetic trappings
15.physical reconstruction of the nonexistent
16.binge and purge
absolution (REplacement2010)

**and yes, track 15 is a big fat typo on the cd artwork

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dismal XLII (march 2010)

wilt - fading between two worlds
velvet cocoon - nightvines
a hymn for her - ...for this
ruhr hunter + chaos as shelter - movement viii
penitent - a shapeless beauty
vinterriket - landschaften ewiger einsamkeit II
a hymn for her - overwhelming wound
david kristian - bathurst
necrophorous - sadnight
les sentiers conflictuels + andrew king - silent voices
atrium carceri - eraser

OVMN - "Optimum Volume Maximum Noise" (1996 mother savage noise productions)

part 1
part 2


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me, Myself & I - "overstimulated" remix ep 2002 one man show

1.  overstimulated (album version)
2.  overstimulated(understimulated(dj non)
3. overstimulated (video mix(dj non)
4. overstimulated (sensory deprivation(a hymn for her)
5. overstimulated(rough draft
6. overstimulated(the remix with a z(dj non
overstimulated.mov (the video constructed from karaoke night@ marion court, lancaster, pa)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Xome - "Blind Frenchies and Pork." (2000 Negatron Heavy Industries)

old xome is differenty xome but goody xome ish ness ity...
blind pork too ish
Disc 1-1 Welfare Insurance Company
Disc 1-2 Brooke House
Disc 1-3 9 Shakespeare Sarani
Disc 1-4 Calcutta
Disc 1-5 The Cockatoo Restaurant
Disc 1-6 151 Bridge Road
Disc 1-7 Bulls
Disc 1-8 F. Parvez Book Store
Disc 1-9 Penang
Disc 2-1 Mrs Grace
Disc 2-2 1 Flight Up
Disc 2-3 Ring Bottom Bell
Disc 2-4 372 Utica Avenue
Disc 2-5 Brooklyn
Disc 2-6 Bay View Hotel
Disc 2-7 Beach Street
Disc 2-8 Labuan
Disc 2-9 Royal Travellers Lodge
Disc 2-10 Ouparath Road