Friday, July 31, 2015

WORLDHATE-"XATYA" (a.i.m.version 1999)

released in a ltd ed of 50 on cd-r just as a.i.musick went under.

very unfortunate timing, considering what an excellent release this is.
luckily it was released on cassette in a seemingly different version with different artwork in 2000 on black orchid. this is the info from black orchid:

024 WORLDHATE_"xatya" Indonesia cassette
borneo burning_abandoned edges_xatya 2k [I. land of confusion_II. desire to wake]_selamat malam sayang_
dark ambient/industrial from Indonesia. probably the most darkest release on black orchid.
[pro printed b&w cover] 4 euro [europe] / 5 usd [rest] *

this is an entirely different worldhate here...just as crazy as the change was from the techno/industrial experiments of "WOUND" to the harsh noise mind flaying of "self destruction art" as the change is one again here with a beautiful yet dark ambient album.
there's a little twitch remix added just because...

01 bornio burning.mp3
02 abandoned edges.mp3
03 xatya.mp3
04 selamat malam sayang.mp3

Killed By Cain - "s/t" (1993 R.E.X. records)

Started as White Ray, Killed by Cain caused a little bit of a disturbance in the 'christian music' world from whence they came, claiming proudly both their christianity and a more left-wing set of views. They released a full length and 3 demos and then changed their name to Killed By Cain only to release one album and then part ways. This was one of those albums that i bought repeatedly in different formats, so obviously that indicates something...  This hard rock, metal influenced(definitely of the thrash style), groove touched album (too short imho) was produced by Bride vocalist Dale Thompson. He also provided the spoken-word vocals in the first track, "Intro to Hypocrisy".

Bride fans of that time period should like this, though the vocalist of Killed By Cain was much more gravelly/abrasive than dale and the song writing was quite noticably different in many ways. the sound of the music itself was noticably more 'hard-nosed'.

1. Into the Hypocrisy 00:54
2. Burn The Church 03:09
3. Violence 03:46
4. Thou Shalt Not Kill 03:48
5. Gasoline 04:12
6. Jezebel 03:15
7. Father 04:47
8. Sin City 03:30
9. Walk The Line 03:58
10. Gun Control 03:47

Total playing time 35:06

Thursday, July 30, 2015

the warning - "cut the crap!" (1989)

1. Condemned to Hell
2. Human Holocaust
3. Blood Bath
4. Don't Touch Me
5. Psalm 51
6. Out of Control
7. Cut the Crap
bonus track:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deracination - "times of atrocity" (1992 self released)

heard these guys on the radio back in the early 90's and immediately fell in love. took me the better part of a decade to get a copy of this cd.  the one track from the following demo (which also appeared on a Rowe compilation) let us in on the awesomeness of the next step for the band.  Very unfortunately i've only ever heard the one track.  if anyone has any info on that later demo please let me know. (of course i do realize that very few will read this, fewer will download this, and if over 8 years one person is a fan..well...we'll see)
and just because i'm such a fan(and hope you will be too!)...i've included the song 'fourth dimension' from the following demo. 

1. Never Coming Home 02:24
2. Perverted Dreams 03:05
3. Mankinds Search For God 04:28
4. Death by Fire 04:25
5. Decapitation 03:34
6. Blood Sacrifice 05:19
7. Demonic Destruction 02:54
8. Or You'll Die 03:24
9. Possessions of the World 03:47
10. Tormented by Darkness 03:56
11.***bonus track= fourth dimension*** not included 

Monday, July 20, 2015

sweet nectar - "Tired Face In Clown Paint" (1995 R.E.X.)

you'll always be missing out, just like you already are, but you'll never know the difference until you taste the broken back.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marax - "paroxysm" (2004 snip-snip)

Deceiving Is Believing (6:16)
Agony Betrays (3:26)
Man Talks Too Much (4:42)
Lapsed Into Unconsciousness And Died (5:08)
Molesting The Inner Child (12:58)
So, You Think You Got Away With Rape (2:40)

Thursday, July 2, 2015


right now...enjoy this:

i've just ripped several tapes, one of which is Clay's early tape "MOVEMENT"
can't wait to post it for y'all(the couple of you left i expect)
great music....labeled hardcore at the time, but....a label that never fit for me.  the lyrics, vocals and chugga chugga took me swiftly away from hardcore.  you too hopefully