Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunn O))) - "Monoliths & Dimensions" (2009 DAYMARE)

crush you dreamer
1.  aghartha
2.  alice
3.  big church
4.  hunting & gathering (cydonia)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

internal empty - "the tragedy of march 20th 2007" (2007)

cdr in paper sleeve w/plastic window + blood smears.
                 *o.o.p.   though it was ever sold because of the concept/content of the composition

one hour, nineteen minutes and twenty-eight seconds
unlike many i.e. recordings (esp. 2008-2010) this never gets anywhere near harsh noise or wall noise

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sudden Infant - "Invocation of The Aural Slave" (2005 blossoming noise)

1 Noise Relaxation 4:15

2 Sonic Claustrophobia 3:15
3 Angelic Agony 4:32
4 Nag Nag Nag 2:265 Ecstatic Ectoplasmic Eruption 4:19
6 The Serpent And The Rainbow 2:32
7 Monks Of Venus 3:14
8 In The Palm Of Darkness 1:25
9 Putrefied Puppet Master 6:45
10 Tandoori Chicken Scooter II 3:00
11 In Every Dream Home A Heartache 6:10

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mental Destruction - "when madness strikes" (1992 Cold Meat Industry, Functional Organisation)

i was extremely lucky to be able to purchase a copy of 'when madness strikes' on cd with the matte black embossed slipcover and wax paper (and bonus tracks) edition of the re-issue of the classic 1989 cassette...
i searched high and low through every row in many stores over a few states looking for this and then

Brion Gysin / William Seward Burroughs / Genesis Breyer P.Orridge - "Interviews + Readings" (1989 cold spring)

lackthrow - "bettie rumble" (2008)

part one of the Bettie Rumble trilogy
side a
side b

lackthrow - "the revenge of bettie rumble" (2008)

part II of the Bettie Rumble trilogy

1. mowermother
2. the revenge of bettie rumble

lackthrow - "the bride of bettie rumble" (2008)*repost

part III in the bettie rumble trilogy

1. the bride of bettie rumble

Monday, February 15, 2010

sanctum - "clarify" (2001)

(i lightened up the image so you could more easily see..)
included here is clarify (This was a limited release done for Sanctum's appearance at Cornerstone Festival, 2001. Their were approx. 56 copies. The CD's are hand stamped with the band's name and disc title, and comes in a matte black, cardstock folder printed with glossy black ink.*very nice n pretty* It contains three tracks previously available on their 10" picture disc, and one song ("Stone") that appeared on Endtime Records' 'In the Shadow of Death' compilation. All other songs are only available on this disc.)
clarify 2.0(w/different track 2004)
the answer to his riddle (1998 cold meat industry ltd.ed. 1000)
close behind (from the compilation Elektroanschlag Vol.3)

nova sphere - "solar energy" (1998 Velvet Empire / Flaming Fish Music)


various artists - "digital assimilation" (1998 velvet empire)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

ThirdOrgan - "HeavyMetalBattleFighter" (1996 Less Than Zero)


side a:
side b:

Lackthrow - "CONFISCATION" (2007 alOne cdr ltd.ed.) *REup*

1. revisiting the scene of the crime
2. torn apart from the inside (re-examined)
3. lasttimeeyes
4. confiscation



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

torn skin - "mislead" (1999 blacklight)

1 Mislead 3:48
2 Mislead (Remix By Fatal Blast Whip) 3:44
3 Mislead (Club Remix By Pivot Clowj) 4:50
4 Mislead (Remix By 16 Volt) 5:11
5 Mislead (Dub Machine Remix By Culture Whore) 4:55
6 Mislead (Remix By Colossal Spin) 4:28
7 Mislead (Remix By Sanctum) 5:38
8 Mislead (Lifted Remix By Fish Tank # 9) 5:13
9 Addiction 3:53 
10 Shame 6:54

Skin Crime - "Monster" (1997 self abuse records)

3 untitled tracks.
part of the case history series

GM Electronics - "Trashwalker" (2003 i.n.k. recordings/2004 cyber-blast)

you won't be sorry

1   Snusmumriken

2   Cilest Overdose

3   Beauty Through Destruction

4   Flesh on Fire

5   Chimera Lickout

6   Trashwalker

Fukte - "Ukjent" (2009 witte dood records)

1 . Ukjent 11:06

Fukte / Ezcaton - "morbus / beautiful in chaos" (2009 toxic industries)


Monday, February 8, 2010

Are The Volancanoes Still Active? - "Know Your Equal" (2006 Truculent Recordings)

are the volcanoes still active? is Melanie Riehle & Richard Ramirez
ltd.ed. of 100 
side a:
just to watch you go
side b:
when its over

masonna - "like a vagina TV" (1994 vanilla records)

 VHS rip.

about 37 min. yeah, yeah, yeah, i know...the quality and format are a bit suck.   whatever...its maso!


lefthandeddecision - "surgical precision: early deconstruction volume 1" c-30

lefthandeddecision was phil blankenship.
3.he who owns all
4.the sound of roland
5.mixed operation
6.systematic choices
9.spectra overlap
11.optical speech
14.ethical disposal