Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internal Empty - "PURIFIER" (1999 alOne)

a handful of the first copies came in heavy packaging/special artwork(see 'corn' above)
a final 20 or so had different collages (as seen above)
another edition of about 35 had charcoal based artwork, each unique, but messy.
a couple of the tracks are single sourced,  (per the original I.E. method) some synth, some digital, some a combination of feedback, vocal and digital effects.
sold through distros, traded, and sold directly through alOne productions (for a short time).
soft spot in me ol' heart for some of the tracks here.
it is 74 minutes long in total, because that was the length of most cdrs back then.
[click on any image for a much larger version (recommended)]

*click on artwork for tracklistings*

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Internal Empty - "bene vixit, bene qui latuit" (2005 alOne, 3", limited edition of 10)

"bene vixit, bene qui latuit" was rene descartes personal motto and roughly translates 'he lives well, who is well hidden" originally limited to 10 copies, with a second edition of 5, using the green insert.
psychedelic, dynamic harsh noise that is best when listened to with a good set of headphones and at a proper volume...or blasted on the surround sound system of the high school auditorium (i guess you'll have to trust me on this one)

i've always loved this little thing,  so here's another way to get it.

1. Bene Vixit, Bene Qui Latuit  (21:27)

lackthrow - "into slumber" (1999/2000 alOne)

"into slumber"  (appearing here in two parts) originally recorded under the twit/ch moniker as one 88 minute track.
it was later cut into two parts, edited (moreso on the re-release) for cassette and cd.
originally released in 1999, re-issued in 2000 with adjustments to a few tracks, most notably editing on track 1 and a complete remix of the last track.
i've included both versions of 'eternal slumber' in this download.

1. into slumber part 1
2. into slumber part 2
3. schlafen stille
4. brief awakening
5. eternal slumber

lackthrow-"lead balloon" (2008 alOne)

harsh noise with a little touch of vocals. sometimes wallish sometimes cut up, somewhere in that warm fuzzy space inbetween.

1. lead balloon 1
2. lead balloon 2
3. lead balloon 3
4. black balloon
5. lead balloon 4
6. lead balloon 5
7. blood balloon

lackthrow - "Regal Imprisonment" (2009 alOne)

source, track one=wood+tin
source, track two=wood

1. infested contaminant
2. wooden ovule


Thursday, February 16, 2012

the teleflood project - " " (1998 a.i. musick)

damned cd label stickers(quite popular for a while, but looking back....a HORRIBLE choice-^....if you bought this when it came out, unfortunately, it probably won't work in your cd player now.

1-teleflood                                                               18:30
2-dilation ring                                                         14:42
3-telecommunications detox, part 1: expurgate 29:06
4-telecommunications detox, part 2: detail                4:38

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Discarnated - "Deus Misereatur" (1993)

australian christian death metal from 1993. i came up listening to this sort of stuff so i am probably biased, still, its well worth a listen and nearly impossible to find.  keep in mind this was self released by the band in the days before cdr and mp3 and studio quality for the cost of a burrito in everyones basement.  somewhat surprisingly, vocalist Rowan Harm did go on to create the group Virgin Black after this band split and by now everyone knows, Virgin Black is crazy tasty.

1. Season of the Witch
2. Dancing Insane
3. Misery Guts
4. Gutted and Skinned
5. Black Cancer
5. Deus Misereatur
6. Violate the Grave


Friday, February 10, 2012

internal empty - "dysphoric" (2003 alOne productions)

1. obsessive oppression           8:20
2. oppressive obsession         15:53
3. my envy:::i am the beast      20:50
4. LOSER                                21:29
5. despondency                      12:16


internal empty - "dissasymbolization" (2008)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anaphylaxis - "digital" (1997 anaphylactic shock recordings)

funny enough, "digital" isn't digital. go figure. :)
now if i could get my hands on the one before this : Static

2.slither sleep (mix 1)
6.wash 2
8.line noise
9.slither (version)

11.ghost industry nightmare
12.harp, backwards and out
13.secondary digital transmission
14.tertiary digital transmission
16.miscalculations... waveforms
17.magical realism
18.high-speed dubbing (junk)

liner notes:
recorded oct. 97 at line noise
all tracks composed and performed by jason coffman
~digital is a failed experiment~

other included:



Friday, February 3, 2012

twit/ch - "experational beaten dymns" (1999 Ancient Invitation)

for track listing see image above:

invective - "the end of an era" (2003)

1. routine  0:29
2. minutia  4:59
3. with more spirit are things chased than enjoyed 12:09
4. like blood  4:52
5. end        1:25

Twitch - "anti-twitch: you have broken my spirit" (1998 a.i.musick)

some 8 years after my first cassette, back in '98, just as twitch was dying a painful death, this conceptual cd was released.
this was back when i still held some shameful positions...i was a christian, 'human logic and reason' were bad things (as opposed to faith and 'true knowledge'), and the use of computers in compositions were nowhere in sight...
it was all about cassettes and self righteous hand-me-down 'truth from above'...

oh yes and dorm rooms, many dorm rooms.

track 1 consists of experimental industrial sounds, rhythm, vocals, samples, beats, & noise...which still sounds really good to me, though quite dated.

track 2 consists of a series of mini-cassette recordings of philosophical debates/conversations layered over each other from 97 & 98.

originally drawn up for a cassette release, the actual release came in the form of a ltd.ed. of 5 cd-r with different artwork for each copy.

1.the pulse of a nation (corruptica)
2.the voice of human logic & reason

Thursday, February 2, 2012

internal empty - "philein" (2008 alOne)

a more gentle internal empty in 8 parts.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

various artists - "critical approaches to american music {first edition} (2001) *repost

*320kbps mp3 re-rip*
a very diverse set of remixes inspired by and using source from the anaphylaxis "american music" CD.
this is much in the vein of the remix compilations from aube (rewriting the book) and merzbow (Frog: Remixed & Revisited) and ulver (1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines)

styles range greatly from track to track and one has to wonder who the audience for this is as it is so broad, but its a fairly safe bet that those who dig on ambient,experimental, noise and other electronic forms will find a good bit to savor here.
an interesting album to check out, even if you don't have the original cd "american music" (but i'm going to post that here soon as well, as it is even more fun to check out both back to back)

many thanks to jason from Anaphylaxis for putting this whole thing together in the first place, let alone giving the world "Appendices", a collection of alternate and new mixes that didn't make the cd for time.
"appendices" is also included below.

1. Introduction: Of American Music (4:20)
Remix - Vok
2. Foreward: The First 100 Seconds (1:43)
Remix - Drekka
3.   American Tradition (4:51)
Remix - Xiphoid Dementia
4.   Slowly (Mix 44) (1:24)
Remix - Electronic God
5.   Drown Boy (3:18)
Remix - Lackthrow
6.   Mechanical Lovin' (2:27)
Remix - Nasakenai Donji
7.   Feedback Integration (Psycho Thriller Edit) (3:44)
Remix - Static:Soul
8.   Slowly (Remix) (3:40)
Remix - Therefore
9.   School Spirit (1:25)
Remix - MC Iedh
10.   Drowning (Third Time Down Mix) (4:49)
Remix - Porteur de l'Image
11.   School Spirit (1:06)
Remix - Disco Hump Sessions
12.   American Tradition (Epileptic Mix) (1:50)
Remix - Nothing Box
13.   Three Hundred Seconds
remix by Anaphylaxis (5:02)
14.   Morning Disintegration (4:48)
Remix - D-503
15.   Mechanical Chaos (1:52)
Remix - Zanrac
16.   Manipulate (5:02)
Remix - Mayfairgrin
17.   Hybrid Broadcast (db Bride Remix- Edit) (4:59)
Remix - Phroq
18.   Slowly (Seeing Me Mix) (2:49)
Remix - Remora (2)
19.   Vroom Of Doom (2:42)
Remix - Notphik
20.   Modified (4:29)
Remix - Andy Kisaragi
21.   The Last Thousand Seconds (4:45)
Remix - Joy Electric

Appendices (unused and/or alternate versions. archived by anaphylaxis):
1 "compound-complex (clean beat mix)" by Twitch
2 "compound-complex (remix)" by Spaztik
3 "drowned" by Lackthrow
4 "manipulate (original protest mix)" by Mayfairgrin
5 "hybrid broadcast (db bride remix)" by Phroq
6 "feedback integration (PsychoThrillerHeadTripHorrorMovie)" by static:soul