Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Panic - "Living Conditions"

carrion black pit - "the three mothers"

3 tracks, each named after one of dario argento's 'mothers trilogy' films.

Cursed Aether - "Worship in the Garden of Selene" (2008 Central Dynamo Room)

2 HNW tracks

dead body collection - "untitled"

2 untitled tracks

RITUAL STANCE - "september 2011 tape trade"

2 tracks
ltd.ed. of 11

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi (volume 14)" (2011)

1.the blame game 2:48
2.just behind the kitchen wall 6:35
3.the best laid plans... 17:04
4.the commonality HOLDS 4:27
5.hideous loss 
(collapsed 4 years 4 months) 14:51
6.the shelf 3:16
7.left too long feeding 27:40
8.perhaps some other heart,
but not mine. 3:04


Vernon - "Vernon's Wonderland" (1993 EYE Q)

1 Vernon's Wonderland (Chapter One The Past) 4:43
2 Vernon's Wonderland (Chapter Two The Future) 11:26
3 Vernon's Wonderland (Instrumental Mix) 6:32
4 Vernon's Wonderland (Wake-Up Mix) 8:39

small cruel party - "before the dream" (1995 drone records)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol. XIII" (2010) *re-post

part 13 of the series
(originally created as a 13 part series on b&r records. only 1-5 were released on b&r before it seemingly stopped all activity. volume 14 and 15 should be posted by 2012 as this is now an ongoing series)

1. condign tableau
2. nothingcaneverberight
3. endless affliction inhabits
4. the adventist's hand
5. tedious task (VCLEDT)
6. ...death cut short...
7. accidental opening
8. as urgently as i feel the need
    (the language of mistakes II)
9. terrible, terrible (demons:words)
10. shifty dozens

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi volume XII"

photography by lyndi starr

12th part of the series (2005-????)

originally slated for release on b&r records ( 
its been years now since B&R released anything(Lyndi vol.V was in their last batch), so i'm assuming they're down for the time being.
so now for the first time, i'm posting the rest of this series on this blog.  i figured it was time to stop waiting & make it available

2.the guilt
4.the shame
5.the unhealing raw number
6.intractable realities
7.Lyndi (part 11) merely exist
9.the first night
10.mistaken for a vampire (and rejected)
12.stagnant pond (building muscle)


Dead Body Collection - "the process" (Sodoma Record 2010)

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol. XI"

11th part of the series (2005-????)

originally slated for release on b&r records ( 
its been years now since B&R released anything(Lyndi vol.V was in their last batch), so i'm assuming they're down for the time being.
so now for the first time, i'm posting the rest of this series on this blog.  i figured it was time to stop waiting & make it available

1. safehere (2:20 master)
2. she is not waiting outside my door (2007)
3. nothing said at all (clarity)
4. you don't know the nightmares i live with! (like a conjoined twin)
5. at night
6. two halves
7. sprouted along the spine
8. lyndi part 10
9. coming out of it (2005)
10. nothing said (obfuscation)
11. repeatedlytextingadisconnectednumber


Monday, November 14, 2011

lackthrow - "Lyndi vol.X" (2007 alOne)

(see tracklisting in above image)
the 10th part of the series (2005-       )

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kranivm - "insanitorivm" (1993 slaughter productions)

1. rex profanae
2. words of death
3. cryptic regions
4. insanitorivm I
5. insanitorivm II

kranivm - "I - The Blood" (1995 slaughter productions)

one of marco corbelli's many side projects.
rare and excellent cassette release of uniquely "marco" stuff.

1. la noche del terror ciego (theme)
2. metzengerstein
3. endless pain
4. endless pain part II
5. endless pain part III
6. la noche del terror ciego
7. rising from the past
8. the end of time

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Atrax Morgue - "her guts/Sinfonia Per Un Sadico" (2005 bloodlust!)

this is awesome. however, it doesn't sound like 'typical' atrax morgue. grab it, you won't be disappointed. great great record.

1. her guts
2. symphony for the sadist

Saturday, November 5, 2011

various artists "KAUSING A KOMMOTION a tribute to madonna (2001 Nihilist)


easily in the top 5 tribute albums of all time.
the original cd had a mastering error by which several tracks were smashed together.  i have (painstakingly) corrected this incredibly frustrating flaw; each track in the playlist is represented on its own NOW, as it should be.
For your first time (at the least), a listening, in order, front to back, is encouraged.
the very cool (and HUGE) package of (hi-res) artwork is included below.

*side note: this compilation produced what might be my favorite masonna track.

1. experimenting
2. Venerealectric – Causing A Commotion
3. i think mtv...
4. Bl@klite – Material Girl
5. no comment...
6. Masonna – Like A Virgin
7. i chained myself...
8. Women Of Sodom – Lourdes Prayer
9. it's noise...
10. Kingdom Of Filth – Don't Stop
11. give me the drugs
12. Zipper Spy – Madam
13. madonna don't preach...
14. Sockeye – Papa Don't Preach
15. all i can say is...
16. Averse Sefira – Into The Groove
17. what if?
18. Garment Bladder – Secret
19. censorship
20. Haters, The – Who's That Girl?
21. in the spotlight
22. Goblins, The – Lucky Star
23. i love you people...
24. Hornswoggle – Live To Tell
25. well...
26. Sleep Chamber – Secret Garden
27. that's what happens...
28. Jak Shit – Crazy For You
29. omg
30. Panicsville – You'll See
31. F. Stein – Like A Prayer
32. worship



lackthrow - "abiding stream" (2006 alOne)

"*"too many little problems to fix" begins the disc with a short clipped out feedback and synth noise track fitting of its title.

"a toe in the water" comes next with digital static whir starting things off before introducing bass tones and crunchy percussive elements. high pitched tones jump and jag over the top, popping in and out as they please,
followed by noise loops which fall in on themselves before turning back to bass noise crunch and the introduction of quiet segments offset by manipulated vocal and synth repetitions. The track picks up the pace again with bassy thumps, leaving room for quiet moments here and there punctuated by frequent returns to the blender...

"hickory remix" is a short piece (1:27) derived from source material recorded during the "hickory" sessions in 2004/2005 consisting of feedback, screams, grunts and pitch shifted voice.

the sound of the first half of title track, "abiding stream" is anything but, with its out of the blue left turns, juttering stop/starts, delay and cut up bits of loud then quiet noise soup. The second half somehow wanders around and melts into a noisy ambient sludge which steps just a bit quicker than the drone it could have been if it had been drop kicked down several notes and minutes before switching into the feedback,reverb,echo,screaming sounds of lackthrow circa 2002.
"abiding stream" conceptually, as a noise 'stream of consciousness' type thing? sure.

there is definitely a digital handprint on this one, despite the many analogue sources, so if that turns you off, you've been warned.*"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


NEXT CALLER short film

david bowie video for little wonder

my dying bride concept video the thrash of naked limbs
Daughter (2002 Eduardo Rodriguez)
DAUGHTER (re-up)
only around 13 min...but better than MANY horror films period.

various -"Vidas Ilustres" (1996 tedium house publications)

1. John Seden And Fritz Welch – To The Left Of The Footprints 1:38
2. Starfuckers – Dear Prudence 4:43
3. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock and Schimpfluch-Gruppe – Aktion 910512 (Zürich) Und  Aktionen 050910, 960203 (Taipei) 7:54
4. The Vacuum Cleaners – Eis Aiona! 1:12
5. Pram – Slideshow 8:37
6. Aube – Shan-T 7:29
7. Reel Speed Artist – All Spent Beyond 5:18
8. Meringue – Day Of The Eagle 8:50
9. Omit – With The Aid Of An Automatic Weapon I Gun Down My Values 3:52
10. No-Neck Blues Band and Violent Onsen Geisha – Raise High The Roofbeams, Carpenters (Edit) 4:50
11. Smell & Quim – Loathsome Tonight 11:04
12. Irving Klaw Trio – Pammie's On A Bummer 7:44