Tuesday, August 27, 2013

oubliette - "abhorrence " (2006 tanzprocesz)

fast, squealariffic, 

(mostly)relatively short noise churnage

Oubliette's Taint
Avari Darkness
Circumcision Clamp
Bone Wand
Far From Streets
Taint Id Again
Fat Rails
First Gear, Low
Hand Of Beren
Mole-Skin Adhesive
Hot Cherry
Oubliette As Fish
I Howl
Rusted Tractor Symbol

Saturday, August 24, 2013

new society - "in focus" (1993 roman recordings)

17 tracks
several years into their recording career, but still a bit old some standards, i still find it to be some of the best new society stuff posted thus far. and all around great experimental industrial pop metal new wave ambient rock fusion stuff.

Passafist - "Passafist" (1993 R.E.X. Music)

yessir, we've got a weird one here..yessir....


Friday, August 23, 2013

Oubliette - "Iron Sword & Silver Key" (2006 Audiobot)

1. Oonai Grey 2:19
2. Yrch 2:27
3. Dylath-Leen 1:42
4. Helm Hammer 1:06
5. Grey Vale 2:06
6. Meduselde 1:27
7. Kadath Doom 2:42
8. Morannon 1:37
9. Minas Ithil 1:02
10. Olympia 1:42
11. The Other Gods 1:53
12. Doom-Scawl Of Taran-Ish 3:10

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

lackthrow - "the principles of defeat 2009" (2009)

Remastered and remixed version of the live cd 'the principles of defeat' from the *vocal era* in 2003, edited & mixed in a different track order, now as just one long continuous track.
source=live performance 2003(10 track cd)-zoom-cd jumper-bc rich amp-bass-yamaha djx-sampler-rewired mixing board-keyboard-lead-windows 98 sound-fuzz-soundforge 4-grunge-distortion-vocal-found objects

also available at TERROR NOISE AUDIO
from T.N.A.:
One of the latest releases from our long time friend Lacthrow. The whole album is just one track which is an remastered and lightly remixed version of the live cd 'the principles of defeat' from the *vocal era* in 2003, edited & mixed in a different track order as just one long continuous track this time around. Lots of microphony so if you don't enjoy such things you best avoid this release. Overall it's quite good. It lasts for about an hour or so.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flat Affect vs. To-Bo - "Split Wars 060" (2010 industrial noise records)

1. To-Bo – Untitled # 049 0:14
2. To-Bo – Untitled # 050 0:40
3. Flat Affect – Procession 10:06
4. To-Bo – Salami I Like You 6:05


Oscillating Innards - "klinotaxis" (2003 Huff Raid Robot Records)

i believe it to be the first oscillating innards cd. came in diy package. harsh noise with plenty of dynamic elements, quite interesting. limited to 40 copies.  the bonus track is a really beautiful piece of contemplative ambience. very odd to find it here but no complaints. excellent.
1.the solipsist and ego-loss
2.mental illness is from space
3.i can't pronounce that
4.nie pirate reverb
5.ending a relationship...
6....over the internet


oscillating innards/the cherry point - "collaboration" (2006 Iatrogenesis Records)

limited edition of 70 copies.

A: brittle memory
B: adorable

oscillating innards - "path" (2005 dada drumming)


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sacrificial Totem - Nidstang (2003 The Ajna Offensive)

1. From the Fallen 13:02
2. Nidstang 08:19
3. Risen 09:39
4. Ixaxaar 13:02
5. Gorgon 14:33
6. Rites ov the Shadow Snake 15:58


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Agathodaimon – "Blacken The Angel" (1998 Nuclear Blast)


downlord - "grind trials" (2006 open grave)

sure, people have picked at the prod val, but whatever..sounds aces for your average listener.
also, can't help but notice the 1990's napalm death influence/sound.
great stuff. nice n tight hard and rough.
get it going.

1.   Loathe.Scorn.Detest.
2.   Groin Of God +++ Amen & Out +++
3.   Hate Brace
4.   Full Scale Hatred
5.   Old World Chaos
6.   Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
7.   Nailing You In

Wheatus - "wheatus" (2000 columbia)

every once in a while its worth looking beyond the 'one hit wonder' thing.
 i was VERY surprised as to how good it was after hearing the hit single and only the hit single for the last many years.
when i first heard "teenage dirtbag"  i thought..."my god, the rest of the album must sound like total shit...good thing they lucked out with a somewhat relatable single"....but i was wrong...
wheatus did it well
and they were wicked underrated (known)

1. truffles
2. sunshine
3. teenage dirtbag
4. a little respect
5. hump 'em n' dump 'em
6. leroy
7. hey mr. brown
8. love is a mutt from hell
9. punk ass bitch
10. wanna be gangstar