Sunday, September 13, 2015

various artists - "overdose (to primal consciousness)" (2004 Phonetic Hex Records)

it may or may not surprise, but it will most definitely please noise fans.
another great, yet sadly forgotten noise compilation.

best to close your eyes, lay back, relax, and 
welcome the world you're about to enter...

1. Thought Guild - Angels In Empty Rooms
2. Mörkermännen - Shattered Angel
3. Archive - Mugwamp (Flatline)
4. Encomiast - The Near Edge
5. Survival Unit - Abstinence Agony
6. Maim - The Wheelchair Graveyard
7. Steel Hook Prostheses - Surgical Modification
8. Napalmed - Sound In Movemant
9. Mörkermännen - Playground
10. Aidan Baker - Breathe
11. Inhalant - Primal March
12. E Yard - Ripping And Tearing
13. Maim - The Tranformative Power Of Fear
14. NxFxTxEx - Crude Cabaret

Circuit Wound - "perceptual distortions" (2001 IBOL records)

this is one of Circuit Wound's very first releases, and if you bought it, traded for it or whatever.... i'm sure as fuck you can't listen to it now, even if you kept it stored safely in the best of conditions.
thank you very much you fucking sticker labels...
anyway, its harsh noise. simple titles which relate directly to the theme, no screwing around. check it out.

1 Laced2 Overdose3 Addiction