Saturday, January 30, 2021


update:  jan 15th 2021
at long last, it is out!  spectacular 2xcd with cool packaging on the terrific OXIDATION label.
there are 40 of these packages.  please pick one up.

massive thanks to g.a. and oxidation who made this happen.

*2 splits on 2x CDr's separated by metal grating (the CDr's are protected by a disc paper between the disc and the grating) Also includes an 8-page booklet with artwork by Lackthrow, and is sealed inside heat sealed plastic sheeting.*
update sep 2017: given some hope on release.  *fingers crossed*
has seen some long in progress splits and solo things come to completion(and many more still ignored)...well, kinda.

looking for label(s) to release things.  preferably not on tape.
been sitting on the completed government alpha/lackthrow split for more than half of a year. (for example)
  his work is impressive, as always. i hope someday it 'comes out'.

Sunday, January 24, 2021