Sunday, July 23, 2023

Spit + Smudge - "and the star was called wormwood"

Spit + Smudge was a project from Shawn Royal aka Moribund.
this is pretty old....early 00's i believe. (edit: unbelievably i found my cdr of this recently. i've been looking for it for YEARS (requested-originally posted in 2009) and assumed quite a while back it was lost in one of those random data harddrives tend to fail without warning here and there.

1.purity through war
2.ambient swill (martian revisited)
3.taking it apart (movement I)
4.techmaster (the video game)
5.make me sick
6.fear the wrath of the six bitches
7.riding on an air wave
8.repeat that to me please
9.squeel on THIS!
10.sing to me
11.t.olstoy's v.ision
12.maybe ethan really zipped buffy on wednesday
13.return to madness
14.taking it apart (movement II)
15.tape worm


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

various- "STILLBIRTH" (murder on ponce 2017)

"This Collaboration Is A Circlet Of All Things Unholy. It Stands For Nothing, Abides By Nothing. 8 Different Assaults, 8 Different Artists. 80 Minutes Of Pure Numbing Sadistic Harsh Noise Wall Worship. All Hail The Dark Arts Of Oblivion" Purchase Here: credits released February 14, 2017 ∂Ω¬

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

various artists - "An Anthology of Noise:volume 1" (2000 Fusion Audio Recordings)

while it lasted, FUSION AUDIO was a great label. *EDIT: apparently they're back!

This great compilation was released on FUSION AUDIO in a limited edition of 75 hand numbered copies,
which is a damned sick shame-- because this is soooo good.
mine is #73...whew!

cd 1:

1-01 Cornucopia -Vienen Por Nosotros (10:02)
1-02 Cornucopia -Seascape Tarnished (7:10)
1-03 Xterminal -Muslims For White Supremacy (6:07)
1-04 Xterminal .-..And So It Begins... (4:00)
1-05 Xterminal -Crushed By Water Pressure (2:23)
1-06 Converter -Corrosion (6:53)
1-07 Worldhate -Letter From A Friend (2:02)
1-08 Worldhate -Random Dance (Socio-Ritual) (4:35)
1-09 Worldhate -Ekstrimis (2:40)
1-10 Worldhate -Prophecy Of Bloodshed And Massacre (3:11)
1-11 Stolen Light vs. Goose -Here I Draw The Line (12:15)

cd 2:

2-01 Grimes -Cadre Of Fanatics (5:01)
2-02 Grimes -Abortions For All (4:52)
2-03 Grimes -Pain Is Not The Cleanser (4:56)
2-04 Lefthandeddecision -Disintegration Through Ambivalence (13:03)
2-05 Laced -Medical Grade Biguanide Enzyme (11:09)
2-06 The Joysticks Battle The Feedscan Relay To Your Skull -Society Of Motion Picure And Television Engineers (15:38)
2-07 Noumena -Weaving A Rope Of Sand (5:01)
2-08 Noumena -The Hateful Whiteness Of A Hospital, The Numbered Divisibility Of A Jail, And The General Appearance Of A Bordello (6:16)

*thanks to xterminal

Friday, March 24, 2023

globalWAVEsystem - "Dead=Live" *REUP 3-24-2023* (1992/1997 gws)

Limited edition CD-r; only fifty copies were made.
the cds themselves were spraypainted silver. (sparkly, shiny, pretty!)
surprisingly this still plays. what a lucky duck to get this one as i loved the first full length which was widely available.
i'm enjoying this disc again right now...

Liner Notes:
The tracks on this recording were completed in November 1992, anticipating live globalwavesystem performances that never happened. The mixed are all more in line with the band's intended sound for the full-length album Life Equals Death, which was recorded in a rush in August, 1992.

These versions of the songs represent some of the most interesting changes in the arrangements from the album. All are instrumental versions with no instruments excluded for live performances.

"Evaluate," from the original Will Not Play With Power 1.35, and the never-before released cover track, "The Hydrogen Bomb," have also been included.

"The (Hydrogen) Bomb" is an instrumental cover of the Lifesavers Underground song, "The Bomb."

1.deathstroke to youth (deathmix II)'s only natural (natural dub for the club)
3.X (noisex) was born there
5.soul like ice (commitment start)
6.commitment (old start new end)
7.plug out (dallas)
9.yukionna (hot/cold)
10.2cinc! (rec mute mix)
12.evaluate (short)
13.the (hydrogen) bomb

Monday, January 2, 2023

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Blunt Force Head Trauma – A Chained Victim (Nihilistic Noise Propaganda2020)

harsh noise not to be confused with the AMAZING blunt force trauma. Ω

Thursday, September 22, 2022

TIMINGILA - "s/t" (limited edition 1995 oral gestation artefacts)

the cover looks like something that belongs on a proud parents refrigerator.
one of my more cherished cassettes from yesteryear...

 Timingila had this tape released and distributed by o.g.a. (oral gestation artefacts) in the mid 90's. credits: Electronics – John Wiese
the tape consists of some very interesting experimental recordings, some of which with more industrial leanings, strange but very enjoyable imho.
anyway, check it out...there is absolutely nothing to be found about this on the web thus far which is quite unfortunate. (at least as far as i can tell)
do please enjoy.

*all tracks are untitled or at least unlisted*

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Die Reitenden Leichen-“Pleazüre Endlösung“(2012 Monolithische Aktion)


ABFALL / THE END - "split" (late 90's/early 00's)[re-up 2022]

if you bought this, you probably loved it, and you probably have spent the last several years wishing that you could listen to it (thank you, once again, paper label cds).
anyway here it is:
abfall's track is harsh noise. good old fashioned analogue yum yums
the end's tracks are sample heavy speedy dirty experimental industrial...which is a great pairing with abfall.
be warned though...this shit will stick in your head long after you listen. hey...i warned you.

1. ∆߃∆11 - the littlest angel strangler

2.The ∑π∂  - asphyxiation
3. -guilty pervert
4. -thirst for blood
5. -perverse pleasures
6. -corpsefucker
7. -biological attack
8. -victim eyes
9. -graveyard addict

sleep column/inanition-split(monolithic discipline 2-27-2022)

one half=low end rumble, crunch, reliable HNW from master, sleep column. one half=experimental, piercing, fluttercrackle from inanition.

lilith's son - "self-induced taenia saginata" (2003 harsh noise)[re-up 2022]

01. My Own Victim 5:46
02. Coitus Interruptus 2:22
03. Non-Pulsating Errors 4:30
04. Surrender To Your Needs 6:17
05. Slow-Motion Assassin 4:31
06. Trip/Trap Trance 5:09
07. Vectors/Alpha 9 5:24
08. Vegetarian Extasis 4:47
09. What A Hit! 5:05
10. Absolute Negative 1:04
11. You Think You Need That 5:21
12. Are You OK? 6:33
13. I Also Remember That Day 6:50
14. It Hurts You Baby 5:36

harsh noise project by Gustavo Roberto Mateo. ls bandcamp: Ω

mikhail atom - "astroepos" (1996 self-released)[re-up 2022]

some great ambient stuff out of moscow here.
this cassette went on to be re-released in different formats over about the next 5 years.  
side a:
side b:

strongarm - "these times that try men's souls" (1994 First Street records)[re-up 2022]

this was pretty much the beginning for this band.

1. count the cost
2. trials
3. remaining
4. strengthened in faith

Monday, December 27, 2021

Cornucopia - "the ultimate perpetration of fraud" (1999? self released)

the original incarnation of cornucopia... this is loud, folks.
once again, another bit of the old harsh noise solo harsh noise of Jorge Castro as cornucopia.
this was, i believe, the first cornucopia i heard, certainly the first tape i got...this goes way back.
good for several listens if you're into old school analogue harsh noise pummelcrunch.
lasts only about 30 minutes.

1.the ultimate perpetration of fraud
3.days after the storm

192 kbps cass. rip

Sunday, December 26, 2021

DISMAL XLV (november 2010)

not quite dead...

DISMAL returns from the longest period of inactivity (by far) since its inception...

episode #45 - a continuous mix 

1.simon boswell - grave business (santa sangre OST)
2.drakh - the industrial estate
3.a hymn for her - three coats of silver on the eyelids, two trifles too much
4.consono - send your dreams
5.djinn - perversion
6.stratvm terror - unveiled is my skin
7.raison d'etre - the spirit will not share the guilt
8.the lullabye league - libro contrarium (excerpt)
9.mistress of the dead - the saddest autumn (edit)
10.lackthrow - at your feet (remix)
11.mischosen - into new horizons
12.svartsinn -  livredd (letum mix)
13.peter andersson - deep floating surface (excerpt)
14.körperwelten - my heart pumps piss for you (excerpt)