Wednesday, April 14, 2021

sPecIMEn/inanition split ( I.Eternal records 2020)

*walls are everywhere, you're in between. credits released April 10, 2020 *

Saturday, March 6, 2021

pink triangles [THE WHITE VISITATION}

Saturday, January 30, 2021


update:  jan 15th 2021
at long last, it is out!  spectacular 2xcd with cool packaging on the terrific OXIDATION label.
there are 40 of these packages.  please pick one up.

massive thanks to g.a. and oxidation who made this happen.

*2 splits on 2x CDr's separated by metal grating (the CDr's are protected by a disc paper between the disc and the grating) Also includes an 8-page booklet with artwork by Lackthrow, and is sealed inside heat sealed plastic sheeting.*
update sep 2017: given some hope on release.  *fingers crossed*
has seen some long in progress splits and solo things come to completion(and many more still ignored)...well, kinda.

looking for label(s) to release things.  preferably not on tape.
been sitting on the completed government alpha/lackthrow split for more than half of a year. (for example)
  his work is impressive, as always. i hope someday it 'comes out'.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dream Into Dust - "The World We Have Lost" (1999 elfenblut) *re-up by request 12-2-20*

1. Maelstrom 3:53
2. Cross The Abyss 6:48
3. Mercury Falling 5:26
4. Nothing But Blood 4:50
5. Enemy At The Gates 5:28
6. Farewell To Eden 5:23
7. Eternal Inquisition 4:25
8. The World We Have Lost 8:52
9. Not Above But Apart 5:17

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Oscillating Innards & Moth Drakula ‎– "Grind Forever"(Swampland 2005)


every day life - demo + (1994)

this one had me excited to no end when i first heard it.

the first track '90's warfare' is still probably my fave e.d.l. track with its metal backing, rapcore delivery, use of samples and death metal vocal howls.  sadly, they didn't use much of most of these elements in their following full length albums.

'look' appeared on their debut full length cd, but in a quite different version.
'flow' seems out of place at first, a funky lo-fi hip hop number. its good to have, but easy to see why it was left off of the debut.
'hunger' ends the tape strong...distorted vocals over a steady groove.

1. 90's warfare
2. look
3. flow
4. hunger
Included as a bonus: the early and rare track from the 'noize compilation' unreleased elsewhere...
"the couch" 
8-8-20 just re-added "the couch" as a separate download*
*requested reap

mournful congregation | stone wings split (2007 Ostra Records)


anaphylaxis/d-503 split (2001 anaphylactic shock)

ltd.ed. of 30
awesome page of information about this release HERE

re-rip(320 kbps) and re-up

1. crumpled photo of
2. authorized personnel only
3. tcheu ear
4. dr. niebla theme
5. i quit my job

6. you broke my heart, and i have a record contract
7. nemesis
8. the information
9. you really, really broke my heart
10. all the saints and angels


Friday, July 10, 2020

final judgement - "desolating sacrilege" (1994 Anastasia Records) [re-re-re-re-post]

been waiting to post this for a long while now.
keep in mind this came out of the 1994 'christian' underground when evaluating its 'kickassness'.
the quality could be better, but it probably sounds a good solid bit better than my cassette rip does.
you can crank this fucker easily.
shout out to tempered steel radio for turning me on in the early 90's.
track 11 is a fast thrashy banger and the weird tribal drumming on track 3 are a treat.

1. Pre-life Vivisection
2. Covenant With Evil
3. I Do What I Do Not Want To Do
4. Habitual Sacrifice
5. Shortway to Hell
6. Past
7. Bloodshed
8. Carnal Conception
9. Via Doloros
10. Ssorcthgirpun4yhtrownu
11. Unworthy

also included:
"drastic dose of reality" demo tape


Final Judgement - "drastic dose of reality" (1993 self released)

thrash, thrash, death, grunt.

Released as Cassette demo single and 45 demo single, Limited to 500
hand-numbered copies.

i bought 'desolating sacrilege' album on cassette soon after the demo  tape, and then years later again on cd. 

"drastic.." was released as a pre-album demo/promo with different mixes.
sounds great & has 4 songs:

Side A:
1. Covenant with Evil
2. Habitual Sacrifice
Side B:
3. I Do What I Do Not Want to Do
4. Punishable by Death

Ω re-up request

Friday, May 22, 2020

inanition - 4xcd needle & knife 2016