Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Training For Utopia - "throwing a wrench into the american music machine" (1999 solidstate)

critically panned and typically found on fans "worst of" lists, this is, without a doubt, my favorite TFU release.

1. 50,000 Screaming TFU Fans Can't Be Wrong 5:40
2. White Boy's Burden 2:54
3. The State Of Wyoming Is Worthless 0:45
4. Burt Reynolds Vs. Godzilla 5:09
5. Tennessee Midget 4:07
6. Everything, Including The Stars, Is Falling (Baby) 4:13
7. New York City Is Overrated 5:29
8. Dead Signal 2000 (Appliance Mix-remixed by Appliance) 4:35
9. The Art Of Killing A Copy Machine 2:57
10. Seeing-Eye Fruit Bat 4:33


Training for Utopia - "Falling Cycle" (1997 toothandnail)

the beginning brilliance

2012 waxen wings se7en seconds in hea7en compilation


pedestrian deposit / armenia - "split" (dada drumming 2003)

ltd. ed. 200


Friday, October 26, 2012


flavor noise taste choice harsh gentle intermediate nothing invisible vapor


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halflings - "Halflings" (2006)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

various - "ACM journal:first anniversary" (1990 ACM indie)

of note here might be the blackhouse remix. i'm not sure where else (or if, doubtful) this appeared.
also of note is the uncharacteristically noisy track by L.S.U.
a heads up would be appreciated if anyone knows where i can find other volumes.

1. Dead Artist Syndrome- Dance With Me
2. Blue Trapeze- In Your Garden
3. L.S.U.- Industry, Inc.
4. Sincerely Paul- I Saw Sin
5. Blackhouse- We Will Fight Back (Re-Mix)
6. Uthanda- The Way You Are
7. Windy Lyre- Ave

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Isengard - "Høstmørke" (1995 Moonfog Prod.)

1. Neslepaks 5:32
2. Landet Og Havet 1:07
3. I Kamp Med Kvitekrist 4:57
4. I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Åsen 3:43
5. Over De Syngende Øde Moer 5:52
6. Thornspawn Chalice 8:10
7. Total Death 2:50


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

internal Empty - "Impurities"

Internal Empty - "interstice" (2009)

this one goes back to the harsh noise.

1. the disproportionate
 happiness will teach you
how staying warm is
only a comfort
for the living                        14:43

2. the shattered dream can't
compare to the wisdom
 by overwhelming loss          39:18


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

mörkermännen / steel hook prostheses - "inhuman torment" (2006 blunt object records)

even though i REALLY wish the exceptional mind behind maim/mörkermännen/black pope would return to making this incredible music,  i'm not holding my breath. he seems to be done with it all, for now anyway.
(from the horses mouth..........its official---he's retired from noise/power electronics...quite the sad report, but lets remain quite thankful for what we've been left  with)

ltd.ed. 200

1. Steel Hook Prostheses – Rusted Legbrace And The Scars Of Neglect 4:53
2. Steel Hook Prostheses – Sexual Violence 5:16
3. Steel Hook Prostheses – Implements Of Hell 4:16
4. Steel Hook Prostheses – Struggle Beneath The Pillow 4:05
5. Steel Hook Prostheses – Forcing The Atrocity 3:59
6. Steel Hook Prostheses – Hunting For Humans 7:00
7.   Mörkermännen – An Exercise In Ballistics 3:21
8.   Mörkermännen – Hollow Point 8:07
9.   Mörkermännen – Disaster Fetish 4:29
10. Mörkermännen – Learnt Disability 3:36
11. Mörkermännen – Sepsis 4:35
12. Mörkermännen – The Imploding Self 5:20

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mörkermännen - "The Process Of Decay" (2005 Amorf Sounds)

another very fine piece
superiour power electronics
industrial noise
from the man behind maim
                     and black pope.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mörkermännen is absolutely TOP NOTCH.

1. The Process Of Decay 5:05
2. Born A Wolf 5:10
3. Abattoir 4:22
4. Starkicker 5:41


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

moralton eggtrade -"lung butter" (2010)

*this is how the tracklist was sent to me*

1. bulimia
2. synthetic silence
4. garbage disposal #1
5. hide and seek
6. downer shindig
7. john albert gardner
8. lung butter
9. garbage disposal #2
10. 9V gasp


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

rabid eye movement - "spinal landscapes" (noisetapes)

tracklist in second image. click to enlarge.

rabid eye movement - "hateful"
"My first noise project, solo or otherwise, mainly created using computers and raw data files. Now defunct."-jonas lindberg

you all know and love him. (or you fucking SHOULD!)
from early on in the 00's.
(not the cover art)

1. there might be a pulse (but i don't feel it)
2. instant catharsis (version b)
3. redundant pacifier
4. denial
5. battle of the ants
6. instant catharsis (version c)
7. tissue plate
8. hateful
9. dopetrack
10. a small black wave
11. chemical burn
12. sport fucking

i am that i am / tourette - "split" (2003 dada drumming)

side a: i am that i am

-hypnotic eye

side b: tourette
-hot summer ashes breath

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Raegoul - "In My Mind, Where Ever It Was, I Rolled It Over" (2011)

raegoul the first

1. a terrible bottom 4_04
2. a look at raegoul 57_43
3. a stuffy beginning in scorn 18_04


Friday, October 5, 2012

maim - "permanent damage" (2005 seven sermones ad mortuos)

ltd.ed. of 50
prepare to take a beating

1.hell's gate

Monday, October 1, 2012

TIMINGILA - "s/t" (limited edition 1995 oral gestation artefacts)

the cover looks like something that belongs on a proud parents refrigerator.
one of my more cherished cassettes from yesteryear...

 Timingila had this tape released and distributed by o.g.a. (oral gestation artefacts) in the mid 90's.
the tape consists of some very interesting experimental recordings, some of which with more industrial leanings, strange but very enjoyable imho.
anyway, check it out...there is absolutely nothing to be found about this on the web thus far which is quite unfortunate. (at least as far as i can tell)
do please enjoy.

*all tracks are untitled or at least unlisted*

( has been updated with more (somewhat shocking) info since the original 2009 post)

various artists - "Arachnid Terror" (2002 Tarantula promotions)


Paradox - "Overcome (Victory in Christ)"
Paradox - "Burning Forever"
Soul Embraced - "Unborn"
Sanctifica - "Red Alert"
Sorrowstorm - "Chanting the Last Passages"
Tortured Conscience - "Internal Torment"
Frosthardr - "Unhuman Morbid Fantasy"
Ganglia - "Suddenly Destroyed"
Oblivion - "Sovereign God"
Bleakwail - "Passionate Peace"
Encryptor - "Rebrutalization"
Frost Like Ashes - "Adorers of Blood"
Inversion - "Independence"
Kekal - "Mean Attraction"
Pantokrator - "Divine Light"
Stronghold - "Tears"

training for utopia/zao - "split" (1998 solidstate)

you can't believe how fortunate you are

internal empty - "sorcery" (2003 alOne)

an older internal empty release (about 6 years into its life)
constructed using: guitars, the classic "scree" machine (scree box), spoken-word, found sounds,  zoom pedal,  answering machine, mini-cassette recorder, custom mixing board, delay, soundforge and embarassing vocals.

1. a spell to bind
2. caught between a rock and a scissorbomb
3. the constant aching
4. getting back to what i'm good at
5. where did we go wrong?