Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Noiseman 433 - "Winter's Rose" (2004 mistreated/alOne)

this might be my personal fave of the mistreated series discs, this one by Noiseman433 was built upon his albums "Winter" and "Rrose Sélavy" as source.
perhaps the harshest in the series, though i suppose that is up for debate.

all tracks are untitled, typical for the mistreated series.


  1. i hope there is no offense to be taken here jon. its not as if the cafepress version was selling at all.

  2. oh hell no--no offense at all. Noise releases are labors of love, not money because none of us sure as hell are getting rich (or even breaking even) doing them! :P

    Feel free to take any of my other releases and remix them and distribute them this way if you want!

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