Sunday, July 23, 2023

Spit + Smudge - "and the star was called wormwood"

Spit + Smudge was a project from Shawn Royal aka Moribund.
this is pretty old....early 00's i believe. (edit: unbelievably i found my cdr of this recently. i've been looking for it for YEARS (requested-originally posted in 2009) and assumed quite a while back it was lost in one of those random data harddrives tend to fail without warning here and there.

1.purity through war
2.ambient swill (martian revisited)
3.taking it apart (movement I)
4.techmaster (the video game)
5.make me sick
6.fear the wrath of the six bitches
7.riding on an air wave
8.repeat that to me please
9.squeel on THIS!
10.sing to me
11.t.olstoy's v.ision
12.maybe ethan really zipped buffy on wednesday
13.return to madness
14.taking it apart (movement II)
15.tape worm


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  1. Is there any chance at all you could re-upload this?