Friday, November 9, 2012

various artists - "(a study in) dead audio tape" (2003 deadline recordings)

outstanding packaging, unique to each copy. interesting compilation, reflecting the concept of the theme.

Released in a 9"x6" envelope covered in spray paint, wire and electrical tape.(each copy different)

A1 Cheapmachines - Dubroviag
A2 Government Alpha - Reaping
A3 Viodre - Love Wrand+Abstrctmnchne
A4 Acumentice - Beginning Of Afterlife
A5 Torso Law - I Will Refuse To Be Fisted
A6 Eugenics Council, The* - Venus
A7 Concrete Violin - Skinless Sex Is A Fever
A8 Chin Xaou Ti Won - Pyo-Min Lao
A9 Metrocide - Moth Rant
A10 Praying Gods - Cornish Hill Poppinjoy
A11 Skin Crime - I Love You Like A Monday Morning
A12 Prurient - Untitled
A13 DCLXVI - Fiberglass Panties
B1 Bull Anus - Skag
B2 In The Land Of Archers - Warsaw
B3 A Pink Cloud w/ Xeton Venjist - Needles Taste Test
B4 Yung Lee - I'm Laughing
B5 Inhalant - Buried
B6 Tearing The Wings Off Flies - His Teeth Won'r Forget Me
B7 Frim Xa Duis - Fundamentals (Pt.2)
B8 Lackthrow - Martyr
B9 Chrysalis - Guinea Pig: Final Submission
B10 Priest In Shit - The New Testament
B11 Muzak - Untitled
B12 Rotten Piece - Untitled
B13 Ze'r0-Sum* - Lethe
B14 XV Parowek* - Untitled

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