Thursday, March 8, 2018

la pastilla - "that naive noise / that pretty feedback" (late 90's, self released)

the work of a man looking for 'beautiful noise' in the late 90's...i wonder if he ever found what he was looking for...
it didn't have a label when i got it, but i think it may have been released on churn tapes at some point.
been meaning to post this since i started this blog, glad i've finally gotten around to it.
side a:
that naive noise
side b:
that pretty feedback


  1. This was the 2nd or 3rd release on churn tapes. Thanks for posting!

  2. my pleasure, this is, for a reason i can't be sure of, one of those releases that made an impression and still sounds just as good to me.

  3. Hi! Jero here, from La Pastilla, I made that tape, glad to hear you enjoyed it, and glad to read Teo again! Truth be told I never found that beautiful noise I was looking for in the 90s, though many things that have come since, from Dubstep to the Fuck Buttons, confirm the intuition I had back then that noise had a future as an expressive musical element. (Ween's Mouring Glory, of all things was the song that got me started on that path.) BTW I made a second tape, if you're interested

  4. wow.... and yes, of course i'm interested... all of these years later i prize this cassette highly.

  5. still very interested :) hit me up on my bandcamp page :)

  6. hello, any chance of this being re uploaded? thank you for your blog -Neo

  7. hey, any chance of this being reuploaded? thank you -Neo