Wednesday, April 28, 2010

moralton eggtrade / rest in piss - "only a mother's love" (2010 self)

1. Moralton Eggtrade - baby jesus(holy shit)
2. Moralton Eggtrade - wtc7
3. Moralton Eggtrade - thong bongin'
4. Rest in Piss - pustulent idol
5. Rest in Piss - eighth wondwhore of the world
6. Rest in Piss - ready, (dis)able(d)
7. Rest in Piss - nausea lips
8. Rest in Piss - mind abrasions
9. Rest in Piss - lady gagreflex (ED: i love lady gaga mesef, but this is a great anti-anyway()

the words of moralton eggtrade: "My noise is and always will be FREE for internet download and hard copies will be sold at cost if and when they're created."
"My tracks sound like MIDI on crack while RxIxPx's tracks heavily incorporate the use of looped feedback and static."

...and that's fairly accurate, though i think that, after listening a few times, the actual split is better than described. rest in piss is pretty straight forward and to the point. moralton's wankery comes off better than you might expect from this sort of digital action.
its a good listen that passes the time MUCH quicker than you'd expect. plenty of changes going on through the duration, while still holding firmly to its digital noise roots.

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